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My friend's little s****r

My friend's little s****r stays at our house all the time,she just recently turned 18 yrs old.
I have always wanted to fuck her since she was 16.
I woke up at 3:12am the other morning and I was horny as fuck,
She was asl**p on the couch in some booty shorts and a tank top, when I walked by the couch I noticed her breast was hanging out of the side of her tank top.

I could not resist I walked over and placed my hand gently on her breast careful not to wake her,I pull out my cock and started stroking it with my other hand.
I touched her and myself till I was ready to cum but before I could draw my hand back,I blasted a load of cum all over her face and some on her breast.
I freaked out at that point and jumped behind the couch,but she didn't wake up
so I relaxed cleaned myself up then her touched her breast a little longer and then went back to bed.The next morning my GF sucked my cock and the whole time I was thinking about what I did the night before.My GF said that was the most and hardest I have ever blown a load in her mouth.

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