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My Surprise Birthday Orgy

My Surprise Birthday Orgy
By: Friskee_cpl (

It was on her fifth drink that she muttered the words that changed our marriage forever.

We were sitting in the Hopetoun Hotel in Bourke St Surry Hills washing down the last of our Mexican dishes with a few Corona and the odd Tequila. In the public bar, an acoustic duo massacred a few Neil Young tunes.

Neither of us are particularly big Mexican food fans and Lisa's decision to bring us here for my 40th birthday had me thinking something was up.

The entire night had been a surprise. I arrived home from work at 5.30 to find that the k**s were already at her mum and dad's, Lisa was all dressed and she had our bags packed for the night.

She told me very little about what we were up to for the night and even after we checked into the five star accommodation, she still didn't let on about what she had planned.

The view from the apartment was spectacular. The room was so huge that it had two queen sized beds in it.

Lisa was wearing my favourite dress. A simple short black number with a plunging neckline that was nicely emphasised by the Celtic symbol she had d****d off a chunky silver chain.

At 36 years young, Lisa had spent the past six months working on reversing as much of the damage that having three c***dren could do. She had become a gym junkie and was even rising at 5.30 to go for a 10 kilometre run. With that and a visit to a Weight Watcher's class every week, she'd lost countless kilograms and apart from some stretched skin around her belly, you'd barely know she'd had any k**s at all. Our c***dren were now 13, 10 and 7, and for tonight they were safely in the care of her parents.

"You remember how all those years ago," she said, "back before we started having k**s?"

I nodded and snapped the head off a disturbingly soft prawn.

"How we used to, you know, party with Andy and Leanne."

I nodded again, this time with a wide grin and let the prawn juice dribble down my chin. "How can I forget." I recalled all those weeks we spent fucking each other before they went overseas.

"Well, I'm kinda thinking that we should," she reached over and grabbed my prawn-free hand, "start doing it again."

I was gob-smacked. I didn't think this was coming.

"But aren't they separated now?" I asked, "Andy and Leanne."

"On again, off again," she said. "Now back on."

I smiled at her. Images of her sucking Andy's cock as she bounced on mine and Leanne licking my balls flicked in my mind's eye. "Are they coming here?"

"No they're going to meet us at the club."

"What club?"

"The Couple's Club."

"I take it that they don't have a room full of pokies at this club."

Lisa laughed. "Maybe a different kind of pokies."

I had to laugh too.

I sat back in the chair, breaking the physical contact with her.

"I suppose so." I said. "We don't really have to do anything if we don't want to do we?"

"Of course not," she smiled at me, "It's couples only as well."

"What time are we meeting them?"


"Where is it?"

"Just around the corner apparently," she pulled an address from her handbag. "Leanne was a bit confused about the address but it's just over the road."

I looked at Lisa's scrawled address that read 414 Bourke St, Surry Hills.

"Well, we have another hour to get fortified." I said holding up the beer.

"I bought something else as well," Lisa said.


"Leanne is still baking those special brownies."

"You're k**ding me."

She fished a small foil square out of her bag. "Yep, these are those brownies that we remember."

"I'm not having too much." I said recalling how badly they wiped me out 15 years ago.

"Fair enough,"

We surreptitiously nibbled on the enhanced chocolate slice and I soon noticed that it was all gone, and I'd barely had any at all.

"Just in case you get shy," Lisa said, "You might like to take this."

She handed me the familiar blue diamond of a Viagra.

"Where did you get this?" I asked, although I half knew the answer.


"Thought so." I washed it down with another swig of Corona.

"Hash, booze and Viagra." I said, "Now that's a combination."

We adjourned out into the public bar where the duo were now desecrating a Radiohead tune. The eyes of the young men all took in my sexy wife. As we sat feeling the effects of our substance abuse take effect, Lisa's phone flashed a message. "It's mum. The k**'s are all good," she said. "They are going to a movie."

We sat and endured the duo until 8.30 before we grabbed our gear and stood up. Standing up probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. The brownies had begun to kick in and that familiar calm wooziness descended upon me. I looked at Lisa and that stoned, glazed look was beginning to appear.

"I'm as stoned as a Christian," I said.

"I'm OK," Lisa said smiling.

The club was, as Lisa said, just across the road.

The world had slowed down as we waited for the lights to change, and the dim red light above the door of the club let us know our destination.

The brass doorbell made no sound as I pressed it but it was only seconds before a tall middle aged lady, dressed in a short black dress, suspenders and a singlet top, opened the door.

"Hi guys," she said, "Welcome."

We just stood their smiling like loons.

"It's $120 for a couple, including drinks."

"Oh yeah," Lisa finally spoke, "Of course." She slid an envelope out of her bag and handed it over. The lady checked it out, smiled and ushered us up the stairs.

When we got to the top, directly in front of us was a small bar where three men, all with towels wrapped around their waists, stood drinking. Another two men were talking to a youngish topless girl at one of the tables and in another room there were about five men and another middle aged lady having a chat.

"Andy and Leanne must be late," I said.

Lisa looked up at me and just smiled.

"I'll show you your locker," the lady said as she grabbed Lisa on the elbow.

All the men in the building were now staring at Lisa as we sauntered down the corridor.

"You can both have number 38," she said pulling the door open. "Just ask for the key at the bar."

"I'll ring Leanne," Lisa said as she pulled her phone out of the bag.

"Sorry love," the lady said as she put a hand over the phone, "No mobiles allowed but you can call from the bar."

"Oh shit, sorry," she said as she tucked it back into the bag.

"Did you bring something to wear?" the lady asked Lisa.

"Umm, no," Lisa just smiled again but this time the stoned glazed look was clearly obvious. "I'll just wear my panties."

I figured I had to wear the towel so we stripped off and both of us stood in the corridor.

"I thought they said it was couples only," I asked her.

"That's what Leanne said," Lisa said, "Lets go have a drink and wait for them."

As we entered the bar a couple of guys made space at one of the tables and waved us over.

"Hi," one of them said, "First time here?"

"Yeah," I said, "some friends told us about it."

"Cool," another said, "Would you like a quick tour?"

"That'd be nice," Lisa said.

Lisa looked extremely hot as she confidently stood amongst all these men in nothing but a pair of black lace knickers.

I grabbed two beers and went back to the table.

"Ok," one bloke said, "I'm Bill and I'll show you around if you like."

"That'd be nice," Lisa said, her stoned face smiling at everyone.

"Obviously this is the bar," he waved his hand around before pointing into the next room, "in there is the lounge and spa." Two black leather lounges sat opposite a large spa with large mirrors against the wall. A coffin shaped coffee table sat in the middle of the room.

"In a few hours there'll be a few more people here," Bill said. "Which means if you want to make use of this room in here," he tapped on the door before opening it, "which is the private room. You may want to get in there early." The bed in the room was a massive wooden creation with 'Sin Sity' carved into the side. On the bed was a stunning short-haired brunette bouncing up and down on some bloke beneath her. Of course I thought 'How unfortunate to misspell something when you are carving.'

I saw out of the corner of my eye a smaller alcove with a leather swing on the left, a wooden rack on the right and some shackles hanging from the wall.

"This looks interesting," Lisa said as she pushed the swing.

'It's very popular," Bill said. "But not nearly as popular as what happens upstairs."

Lisa turned towards me and grabbed my dick through the towel. I was already half hard just by being there.

We went back into the lounge and I noticed another two blokes coming in and checking Lisa out as we turned to walk up the stairs.

Bill went first and when we got to the top he swung around and gestured like a flight attendant.

"To our left we have the sauna, and to be honest I've never seen anyone use it."

"Whoa." Lisa said.

"As you can see," he placed his hand on the small of her back, "here we have the group sex lounge."

The room had a few, sheet covered, foam mattresses on the floor and a leather lounge along the right hand side wall. A flat screen TV to our left bathed the room in its pornographic hue.

"Crazy," Lisa said.

I'm not sure but I could swear that her nipples suddenly hardened.

Bill and I turned to go back down the stairs but Lisa stood transfixed in the room watching the reflected image of the TV bouncing off one of the mirrors. A black woman was being gangbanged by five white men. A nice change to the usual formula.

Suddenly though I felt a churning in my stomach, and it wasn't butterflies. Something from the Mexican restaurant wasn't agreeing with me.

As we went to return to the lounge another two blokes were climbing the stairs.

"Sorry guys but we're just taking a tour," Bill said.

"Bugger," one said.

"Maybe later," Lisa said with a smile at me. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear.

We went back into the lounge where another few blokes had arrived and now it seemed as though about 12 men were there and only the three ladies, excluding the hostess.

I grabbed another three beers and as I stood at the bar a few more men turned up. When I looked back towards Lisa she was swaying to the music and watching the same gangbang scene on the screen above my head. One of the other guys came up behind her and put his hands on her hips and began doing the dirty dancing routine. I was already half hard and watching her being so aroused was certainly causing a diversion of my normal bl**d flow.

I went back in and the bloke slowly moved away. Lisa however didn't miss a beat as she took the beer from me and had another swig.

"No sign of Leanne and Andy," I said.

Lisa just shrugged.

"Lets have a spa," I said knowing she loved them.

"Sounds good."

She winked at a few of the lads and they all smiled back.

"You're loving this," I said as she slowly pulled her knickers down.

"And by the look of that," she pointed to my swelling cock, "so do you."

She dropped her lace knickers on the coffin coffee table and shook her arse at the crowd.

Again my stomach rolled and I remembered the toilets back near the lockers.

"Something's doing some damage," I said patting my stomach.

"Not now," Lisa said.

I eased myself into the hot water, "Should be alright."

Lisa lay back and cared little that her long curly black hair was getting wet.

One of the other blokes came over to the spa and asked if he could join. I nodded and he dropped his towel revealing a cock that made John Holmes look inadequate.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph," Lisa said.

The jets and hot water played merry hell with my guts and I knew that soon I'd have to evacuate the spa.

"That's a big dick," she said. "May I?" she asked both me and the guy. We both nodded.

She reached up and pulled on its massive width.

She was sitting opposite me and I felt her legs part slightly as she tugged on his cock.

Her hand looked tiny as it glided along its length.

Awkwardly I could feel the pressing need to evacuate something other than the spa.

"Sorry mate," I said to her as I stood up. "Dodgy prawn fajita." My cock waved in her face as I moved to exit the spa and she grabbed it as well. With two cocks in her hands she looked incredibly hot.

I left my towel where it was and hurried to the loo. I saw big boy slide down into the spa as I turned the corner.

I was grateful that the toilet was not only empty, but had a bl**dy good exhaust fan.

What would usually only take a few minutes just wouldn't stop, so to spare you the details dear reader, it was at least 10 to 15 minutes before I felt comfortable enough to exit the khazi.

I left the light and the fan on and with the towel wrapped around my waist I returned to the lounge to find the spa was now occupied by the other lady and three men.

Lisa's black knickers were still on the coffee table and one of the men on the lounge nodded down towards the alcove.

I turned to see the backs of three naked men all noticeably jerking their cocks as Lisa was being fucked on the leather swing by 'big boy'. Behind her was Bill squeezing her tits and swinging her onto the mammoth cock that was stretching her hairy pussy in all directions.

"This is one hot bitch," one of them said to me as I sidled up.

"It would appear so," I said. Saying this caught Lisa's attention and she smiled through the alcohol, dope and sexual haze she was floating through. She looked up to me after a moment as if to check if I was OK but before I could answer I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and grab onto my near erect, Viagra enhanced, cock.

I looked back and there was the youngish girl that had previously been sitting in the bar.

"Well hello," I said and I noticed that as I did so, Lisa lay back and grabbed one of the spare cocks by her side. One of the other men moved over to the other side of the swing and Lisa now had a cock in each hand, one in her pussy and when she slid down and Bill shoved his cock in her mouth, she was almost totally full of cock.

The girl, who I later found out was called Amy, pulled me by the cock over next to Lisa, who now had spit running down her face and was making a mmmfhhssll type noise, and sunk to her knees.

My cock sprung up like a suspension leaf from a F100.

Amy began giving me the best head I've ever had and her technique, I have to say, was better than Lisa's. She spat all over my cock and really used her tongue to exquisite effect. It was sloppy, noisy and bl**dy excellent. Big Boy was still pumping hard and Lisa's pussy was running the risk of dehydrating her. Amy reached over and began massaging Big Boys balls and sure enough, within a minute or two, he pulled his cock out of her distended pussy and sprayed a knee-trembling amount of cum up and over Lisa's sweating torso.

"Oh fuck yeah," my slut wife said, "Cum all over me."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Big boy said as Amy continued to squeeze his balls.

Big boy spun around and Amy grabbed a hold of his shimmering cock and sucked it into her mouth. I looked down at Lisa's gaping cunt and her cum splattered torso and thought 'What the hell.' My cock slid into her cunt like a hot knife into butter and she didn't even look up to see who it was. The other two guys were now near her head and they were just jerking her head from one to another as the three cocks fucked her face.

"Cum all over the slut," Amy said from her kneeling position on the floor, "Cream all over her face."

I watched some of Big Boy's cum settle into her slightly wrinkly belly button and began to rub her swollen clit as I ploughed into her. Her arse lifted off the swing a fraction and I reached under and slid a finger into her arse. My God did she go off.

"Oh fuck yes," she called out before they stuffed their cocks back into her mouth.

"Fuck this slut good," Amy said as she squeezed my balls. I tried as hard as possible to restrain from dropping my nut sack into her snatch but when Amy stood up and began to lap up the cum on Lisa's body it was all too much for me and two of the guys fucking her face, because almost at once the three of us began loading her up with sperm. Lisa's body began shaking with, and she told me later how many she had, her first orgasm of the night.

I don't know why I felt I needed to cum in her, she'd had her tubes tied after the third born arrived, but I did. I think I was trying to repel any other blokes from sliding in after me. Waste of time really. Load after load was pumped into her hole as Lisa turned towards the two guys and began capturing some of the cum being showered down.

Great orbs of jism were drooping off my wife's chin and cheeks and her tongue was darting out trying to catch as much as possible. Honestly I'd never seen her as slutty as she was acting now. Our other group activities, 15 or so years ago, were tame compared to this.

Bill was still able to withhold the urge to cum and he backed away from Lisa as Amy and her began kissing and swapping the cum.

I slid my stiff cock out of her pussy and rubbed her swollen clit and watched as her twitching cunt f***ed my jism out of her hole. An opalescent stream oozed out of her pussy down onto her arsehole. The two blokes who had shot their loads onto her face moved out of the alcove and re-wrapped a towel around themselves. Bill moved around next to me and we both watched as Lisa lay there with her legs splayed open, my cum running out of her hole, and Amy licking up the cream of the two men.

"That is one hot babe you brought here," Bill said.

I just nodded wondering what else the night had coming.

"She looks like she's up for anything," he continued.

"It would appear so."

"Do you know her well?" I was surprised by this question.

"Umm," I said, "I thought I did. She is my wife after all."

"Fair dinkum?" he said, "This is your missus?"

Once again my stomach began to misbehave and those familiar rumblings returned.

"Yeah," I said "We were meant to meet some other friends here tonight but they haven't shown up."

"So are you OK with all this?'

"Well we've already started but we might just have a break for a while and re-evaluate the situation."

"Fair enough," Bill said.

Lisa sat up in the swing with a look of wanton lust and sexual hunger on her face. Her long dark curly hair was matted with cum and her face was glistening with spit and jizz.

"That was fucking wild," she said, "Am I a fucking mess?"

"You sure are slut," Amy said as she slid a hand down onto Lisa's cunt. "I'll clean you up if you like?"

Lisa looked up at me at the same moment that I knew I'd have to go back to the toilet for another session.

"I'm good for that," Lisa said as she once again opened her legs.

Amy ducked down and began lapping at Lisa's pussy like she was a cat in a dairy. Lisa held the back of head and began moaning in delight.

"Mmm lick my hubby's cum up, eat his cum," she said while smiling up at me.

The slopping sound and the lesbian action caught the attention of a few of the lads who meandered over for a look.

"With all these cocks around," one of them said, 'we have two lezzoe's having a lick."

"We're not dykes," Lisa said, "We love dick more."

"You two can come with me," Amy said abandoning her cunt licking. She grabbed them by the dick and went into the private room. "Let's see if you have anything worth bragging about."

Lisa hopped off the swing and rested up against me. I gingerly moved my hands through her sticky, cum streaked hair.

"Are we OK?" she asked.

"I think we'll be fine," I said, "but we really should go."

"I'll go ring Leanne and see what's happening," she said.

As she walked ahead of me back into the bar, I noticed with a chuckle the check pattern the swing had left on her back.

"What's so funny," she asked.

"Your back looks like a chess board."

She looked over her back into the mirror and had a chuckle.

Once again my stomach was behaving like gravity was ten times stronger in my arsehole than in the rest of the world.

The bar at least now had a few other women in it and one, a chubby middle aged woman, was giving two guys a hand job.

The remaining horde of men all ogled Lisa like she was the first prize in a raffle.

I patted her on the arse and said, "I've really got to go to the loo again."

"Are you that crook?"

"It's not a good look."

Bill came back over to the bar with Lisa's knickers and said, "Its getting crowded in here."

Lisa took the undies and placed them on the bar and asked the hostess for the phone.

I took my leave and, before realising what I was doing, kissed my wife on her wet open lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I sucked in her spittle and inner warmth.

"Hurry back," she said smiling.

This session was almost as bad as the first and was accompanied by searing stomach pains. I sat there with my head in my hands and the hum of the exhaust in my ears for what seemed an eternity. I somehow knew that the night was not yet finished and that our little adventure was going to continue into the night. Despite that I was however, quite surprised to witness what was happening when I returned to the lounge.

On the coffin shaped coffee table lay a heavily tattooed man I will call Tatts. On Tatts, with her back to him and his cock in her pussy, was Lisa. On Lisa, with his cock in her pussy as well, was another man from the crowd. Around Lisa's head stood another four men, all either wanking their cocks, pulling her nipples, or both.

Amy was bending over her and calling out all manner of obscenity.

"Yeah, show her how it feels," Amy said, "Fuck her dirty cunt, fuck it, fuck it."

Another bloke was reaming into Amy from behind and in the mirrors reflection I could see the other lady, who I shall call Sheryl because she looked a bit like Sheryl Crow, was being fucked in the spa.

Bill was watching the show nearby and he shook his head and wandered over to me.

"What happened," I asked. "I disappear for a few minutes and she's taking two cocks in her pussy."

"She just began talking to these two blokes and then began sucking them off at the bar," he said, "then she dragged them over to here and well, this happened."

I shook my head in disbelief. The pain in my stomach was still intense but it seemed that, at least for now, the urge to purge was gone.

Of course the Viagra was doing its job on my Percy and like most of the men in the room watching the scenes unfold in front of me I had 3/4 of a mongrel.

After 15 years of c***d rearing and abstinence from any group sex, it seemed that Lisa was making up for lost time.

The chubby lady in the bar was now completely naked and was stroking the cocks of two men as one of them fingered fucked her shaven twat. She soon went up the stairs followed by about four men leaving a bar table and some stools vacant.

"I suppose I may as well wait until she's satisfied," I said to Bill, "Wanna beer?"

"Yeah why not," he said, "She looks pretty busy right now."

At the bar was the brunette from the private room, she was well into her 40's but had a smoking hot body.

"Hi Kath," Bill said to her, "How's things?"

"Good mate," she looked at me and put out her hand, "I'm Kath, welcome."

I shook her hand and tried to guess her age. She was fairly tall and had short jet black hair. She wore nothing more than a black bra and a mini skirt and her physique was one of someone who worked out regularly but didn't overdo it.

"I'm Mick," I said, "and before you ask, that's my wife Lisa over there."

"Ahh, Amy's little plaything," she said.

"What do you mean," I asked.

"Amy always grabs the new arrivals and puts them through their paces," she said, "But your wife seems more than willing."

I then told them both about our past group adventures and it was when I got to the part about tonight that the puzzle fell in place.

"And Lisa said that this was a couples only club," was what I said.

"The Couples Club?" Bill asked. He just looked at me with a look of disbelief.

"Yeah," I said concerned, "Isn't this it?"

They both laughed.

"No way," said Kath, "This is Sin Sity and tonight is one of their special gangbang nights."

"Oh for fuck's sake," I hung my head in exasperation and just had to laugh.

"The Couples Club is a few blocks away," Bill laughed. "Looks like someone got the wrong address."

"Oh well, you live and learn I suppose," I said as a grabbed a glass of water.

"You seem like a nice enough guy," Kath said, "What are you going to do now?"

"I dunno," I sat watching the guy on top empty his balls over my wife's stomach and Amy rush in to lick it up.

"She's pretty plastered," I said, "I might just give her some space, fuck her one more time and then we'll go back to the hotel for a spa." I tried to sound casual and cool but I certainly didn't feel it.

"Sounds like a plan," Kath said as she grabbed my dick through the towel, "Shall we get it under way?"

"What did you have in mind?" Bill asked her before I could ask the same question.

She snapped her bra off and two wondrous breasts popped out. "Why should his wife have all the fun?"

She slid off the stool and squatted down in front of Bill and I grabbing our cocks as she did so. Kath was a seasoned performer and I thought about getting her to give Lisa some lessons, although looking at Lisa catching a mouthful of cum from a bloke on the side, showed she'd improved somewhat. Amy had moved onto the lounge and all I could see of her was her arse bouncing up and down on a fat cock.

Kath loved the quick exchanges of cock in her mouth and really loved it when a third bloke stood next to me and she could have one in each hand as she sucked away. Long tendrils of spit hung down from her chin as cock after cock were swapped.

I continued to watch the action in the lounge but for most of the time Lisa was obscured by a wall of ugly bums and cock whacking arms.

Sheryl hopped out of the spa and took off up the stairs with another three guys to the group lounge. My wife had no such concerns for that protocol. She was so popular that two guys were standing on the leather lounge to get a better view.

Kath stood up and unclipped her skirt revealing a nicely trimmed pussy that glistened in the light. I slid my hand down over her mound and felt her wet slit open up.

"Let's go upstairs," she said, "Boys," she summoned another three guys off a stool. Suddenly the bar was nearly empty except for two Asian men chatting away and displaying little interest in the evenings activities.

Kath didn't walk, she strutted like a cat walk model. I wasn't actually sure I wanted to leave Lisa alone and surrounded by eight men. So as Kath and five men walked up to the group room I hung downstairs.

"You coming up?" Bill asked.

"No thanks mate," I said, "I might hang here for a while."

Once again on hearing my voice she seemed to snap out of the zone she was immersed in. She moved the skinny young guy who was pumping into her double stuffed cunt and tried to sit up. Tatts also took advantage of her renewed consciousness and pushed her up, making her have to stand unsteadily amidst the crowd. Her face and torso was covered with the contents of the nut sacks of numerous men. She was squinting out of one eye so I grabbed a towel off the floor and dipped it into the spa. Two of the guys moved over to Amy and she readily began sucking on their cocks.

"What's got into you?" I said as I passed her the damp towel.

"I don't know," she said "I've never cum so many times." She wiped the cum from her eyes and towelled down her chest. Her eyes were red from the hooch and, no doubt, the semen.

"You need to get cleaned up," I said, "Go grab a shower."

"Let's have a spa." She grabbed my hand and we went over to the empty spa. Amy was in full f***e as we slid into the hot water. "Harder, harder, harder," she yelled into back of the lounge.

One of the guys hopped off the lounge and gave a bottle of lube a few pumps into his hand.

"So you want it hard bitch," he said, "I'll give you fucking hard."

He pushed her down and the guy pumping her cunt stopped for a minute while he readied himself.

"Now shut the fuck up and enjoy this."

He pushed his lubed cock against her anus and as she squealed in delight he slid his cock into her tight hole.

"Oh yes that's it," she called out, "Yeah fuck my cunt, fuck my arse."

We both sat next to each other in the spa and watched in awe as Amy was made airtight by the three cocks assaulting her body.

"Guess what?" I said. She shrugged, transfixed by what was happening in front of us.

"This isn't The Couples Club."

She looked up at me, "Where the fuck are we then?"

"At a place called Sin Sity," I wrapped my arm around her and watched as another two guys moved in next to Amy. "And tonight is the gangbang night."

Rather than reacting in horror, she held her breath, slid down into the bath and rinsed her hair off. When she came up her long curly hair d****d seductively over her face. She didn't sit back next to me but slid up onto me and sat with her back to me with my cock resting nicely on her pussy. I grabbed her nipples and pulled them as she moaned.

"You are loving this though aren't you?" I said and slid my right hand down to her pussy. She instinctively opened her legs and I felt her hot pussy open up to the cleansing water and my probing fingers.

"You're loving being a slut for all these men," I rubbed her clit, "Having all these cocks fucking you, and you sucking up all the cum."

My cock was responding to my own words and her sensual gyrations.

The guy fucking Amy's arse pulled his cock out and sprayed his seed all over her arse cheeks and down into her hole. He was replaced by another guy who had also lubed up his cock.

Lisa lifted her arse off me and reached under herself to grab my hard cock. She pointed it at her wet pussy and slid it in. My God it felt good. She was so open and used my cock just slipped easily into her. She leant forward and I watched as my cock stretched her labia as she moved back and forth. I fingered her arsehole as she pushed back down on me.

One of the other guys waiting for Amy came over to the spa and stood stroking his shaved cock and balls.

Lisa grabbed a hold of the shaven cock and pumped its silky, lubricated length. I reached around and rubbed her clit as she jumped up and down on my swollen member. Lisa put his knob into her mouth and I could see that her tongue was rolling around his cockhead. She dipped her hand into the water and went back to wanking him as it seemed as though the lube was starting to dry up.

"Cum in my mouth," she said to him as she rubbed her thumb under his knob and flicked her index finger over his helmet. "Cum in my dirty mouth."

Flicking her tongue over his piss hole and dragging out a thin line of precum was all too much for him, and he grabbed control back of his own pulsing cock and unloaded a steady stream of goo into her open and willing mouth. Some of it shot out over her shoulder and dribbled down her back and I could feel her pussy gripping my dick as yet another orgasm flowed through her body.

This guy really had been saving it up and by the time he'd finished loading up Lisa's face with his cream she had globules of his pearl protein hanging off her chin. He held the back of her head and smeared his cock's outflow over her face.

"This is just such a slut," he said, "Fuck she's good, how much cum can she take?"

I wondered about this as he continued to coax orbs of jism out onto her tongue. There were about seven guys in the room all looking for action.

"Let's find out shall we," I said, "Hop out." I slapped her on the arse and pushed her off my cock.

Lisa stumbled out of the bath as the crowd of men gathered around her wet, ready to be fucked, body.

I lifted a pillow off the lounge and lay it on the coffin table. Lisa was being groped, and was groping, the mass of men that surrounded her. Hard cocks prodded her body as she stroked them one after the other.

"Over here Lisa," I called out, "Let's finish this."

She obligingly moved over to me, and with cum still on her face, she lay down on her back.

I grabbed her legs and spread them right back like I was trussing a chicken. Her pussy opened up nicely as she took the first cock offered to her into her mouth.

"You love all this cock don't you babe," I said.

"She is a cool slut,' someone said.

"Let's all fuck her and cum all over her," another said.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Lisa said between sucking the two cocks that were now offered to her.

I slid my cock back into her and Lisa grabbed a hold of another two cocks as I began pounding into her.

Her muffled groans were drawing the attention of people in the bar and soon she was the centre of attention.

Amy had even stopped being double plugged as she was drawn over to the gangbang of the night.

"Someone cum over her face," she said.

"Give it to me," Lisa said, "Oh fuck, give it to me."

I could feel my balls swelling as the urge to shoot my voluminous load of cum all over her increased.

But I wasn't going to waste it on my wife. I can cum on her any day so I pulled my cock out and let another cock slide into her. One of the guys shot a load over her tits and another dribbled his load into her mouth. Lisa was a spitter and she let it drool back out and down the side of her face.

"Fuck yeah, slut," Amy said. "Take all that cum."

Lisa was well in the zone and cock after cock made use of her body. Guys were mauling her boobs and Amy was sucking cum off her face as the scene became more and more debauched. Amy was now also taking a cock in her pussy as she leant over Lisa's face.

Lisa had almost stopped sucking a cock until one was slid into her horny mouth.

I headed upstairs and was pleased to see that the action was still in full swing.

Bill was standing on the leather lounge shoving his cock into Kath's face as she bounced up and down on a fat cock in her cunt.

The room stunk of cum and sweat.

The chunky lady was on the mattress surrounded by about six men and she was wild.

"Oh yeah fuck my dirty arse," she called out, "Fuck it, fuck it."

I went over for a look and one guy was holding her shoe and rubbing his cock all over it. Bizarre.

She had a pillow tucked under her bum and she was rubbing her pussy as another cock slid into her back passage.

My stomach was still sending reminders of my ill cooked meal and I resisted the temptation to let one rip.

One guy leant over, spat in her pussy and then proceeded to slide three fingers into her.

"Oh fuck, I feel so good right now," she said. "make me cum all over your fingers, make me cum over your cock."

She rested her head back and the guy fucking her arse pulled his cock out and sent a rope of man jam up over her stomach and onto her chin and boobs.

"Yeah cream the bitch," someone said.

She couldn't reply because she was now sucking on two cocks that were taking turns on her mouth.

There was no way I could join in as she was pretty much surrounded, Sheryl was sitting against the wall stroking two cocks and calmly watching the action around her.

Bill summoned me over and hopped off the lounge.

"Where's the missus?" he asked.

"Downstairs getting fucked senseless."

Kath stood up and left the old guy she was fucking sitting there looking a bit pissed off.

"I've got to see this new piece of meat," she said.

As we stumbled down the stairs I noticed that the guy with the shoe was now cumming over the top of it.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

Down in the bar most of the men were now having a drink with a nude Amy. Lisa however was sitting on the leather lounge watching one of the Asian guys shooting a load into his hand. He held his hand up to her and she licked at the pool of cum that dribbled out between his fingers. Her hair was twisted and matted and the two guys lay next to her and had only just finished emptying their cocks over her face and boobs. She was in heaven and was rubbing her swollen red pussy lips and clit.

"Look at that dirty cunt," Kath said.

She went over to Lisa, grabbed the hand of the Asian man and emptied his cum onto Lisa's face, and knelt down before her.

"Time to clean you up," she said before she began licking the jism of untold men out of her folds.

"Mind if I join in?" Bill asked.

I shrugged and looked down at Kath's firm arse sticking up at me.

I kicked the cushion off the coffee table and knelt down behind her. I had a great view of Lisa being gently licked by Kath and when I slid into Kath's warm, wet hole this increased the pressure on Lisa.

Bill soon hopped up and Lisa obligingly took his cock into her mouth. The four of us sat there for quite a while slowly and calmly letting the nights activities play back in our minds. When Lisa began to massage Bill's balls the urge became too much for him and he sent forth a stream of soft pearls into her mouth. She just pushed it out and down onto her boobs and smiled at me as she did so.

Bill's arse contracted as he continued to spasm into and onto her face.

I could feel my second load of the night make its way northward and I pulled out of Kath's hole just before the inevitable.

I stood up on my shaking legs and moved around to Kath's face and Lisa's pussy and finally let go with a fine load down over Kath's chin and onto the matted hair of Lisa's snatch.

Lisa sat up and grabbed my cock and slapped it onto Kath's face.

Those post-orgasmic shakes were almost cramping my body up and I knew another visit to the latrine was due.

"Had enough?" Lisa asked.

I raised an eyebrow in mock surprise, "You're the one that's insatiable."

"Well I have now," she said, "maybe we should go soon."

"Ok," I said. "I'll just make one more visit to the loo and you can have a shower if you like."

"Well I can't go out looking like this," she rubbed herself down.

Kath stood up. "Bill and I may get going as well," she said.

I looked at them both.

"Are you two..." I said pointing to them both.

"Together?" Bill said. "Yes we are."

"Fancy that," Lisa said. "Another couple." She kissed Kath before they both sauntered off into the shower. I made merry with the bowl again for only a few minutes and went back out to the bar to find that Kath, Lisa and Bill were all dressed and ready to go.

"Come on mate," Bill said with a laugh, "Get dressed, the cab will be here soon."

I hurriedly threw all my gear on before I went out to the bar.

Lisa was casually stroking some guy's cock as she watched the scene on the TV.

"Do you mind if Bill and Kath come with us?" she said.

"Umm not at all," I looked at my watch. It was nearly 10.00. "The night is still young."

Later that night as I pulled my cock out of Kath's arse and watched the cum dribble down into her pussy before being licked up by Lisa who lay underneath, I saw Lisa's mobile blinking in the corner. Bill was fucking Lisa's pussy for all it was worth and was sliding it into Kath's mouth in turn.

The message was from Lisa's mother. 'All in bed at last, tomorrow going to the beach,' it read. 'See you on Sunday afternoon.'

Sunday afternoon? That was another day away. I scrolled through her inbox and found a few other from Leanne that had been unread from earlier in the night. 'Where the hell ru?' One read. 'Do you want to go on Sat night?' another read.

'Hell Yeah,' I replied.

How good is my life?


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based on a visit I made alone to Sin Sity many years ago to check it out as a possible venue for the two of us. I, the male friskee, went alone to see if was suitable. Unfortunately it wasn't and we never went back. Recently however I read a review of the venue where a couple mistakenly went there instead of the Couple's Club. This inspired this fictional tale where diseases don't exist and women don't fall pregnant. I hope you enjoyed it for what is is....a stroke story for those that like group sex and gangbangs.

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