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My Hot Co - Worker

I woke up in the morning like I normally did, with a rock hard cock forming a nice tent in my boxers. I decided to just lie in bed until it went back down, when it did, I got up, grabbed my work clothes, and went over to the mirror.

I stared at my body, my even tan; slightly defined abs; strong, broad shoulders; dark, curly hair and tall, muscular frame. Most people would call me hot, even at school I had girls running to talk to me. They didn't interest me though, I had a few girlfriends over the years, but now I'm looking for a guy. When I came out to my friends all of them were fairly accepting, but, unfortunately, were straight. Off limits. Or so I thought.

When I had finished checking myself out, I got dressed in the same old work clothes, black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black apron (I'm a waiter by the way). When I got to work, I did the morning routine, checked stock, emptied the safe, but one difference, was the new guy. He got introduced to us yesterday, his name was Zeph, and I almost fell over just from seeing him. He had brown, wavy hair; defined abs; a great tan, he was smart, and had a smile that sent a shiver down my spine.

He walked into the room and said, "Boss told me that I have to follow you today, do whatever you need today. Is that cool with you?"
His voice was deep and made him even hotter. "Yeah thats all good." I replied.

Me and Zeph had a fairly normal day, not too busy, and when we were done with our shifts, Zeph asked if he could come over to my place for a bit to chill after work. I, of course, said yes.

Zeph seemed to like my place, he certainly liked my pool and asked if he could borrow some boardies to go for a swim, we both got changed and jumped in. We spent an hour or two in the pool, messing around and just chilling. I couldn't keep my eyes off of his body. He had me captivated.

We got out just before it was getting dark, and we got changed into some jeans but no shirts because it was just too hot. We hung out drinking and played some poker when, I suggested strip poker. I can't believe I asked. This guy, who I've known for a day, comes over and I suggest strip poker!

Luckily, without flinching, he was all good with it, as long as we put some shirts on, just to keep the game going longer. I was fairly good at poker, but he seemed to match me, and so we were both down to our underwear after about half an hour. He wore a pair of black boxers, and I wore some green briefs. When he saw them he said, "You're colourful aren't you?" with a grin on his face.

I was lost for words, so I just smiled back.

He said it was getting late, but he didn't want to leave yet. So I suggested he stay the night. He agreed so I led him to the bedroom. He took a seat on the bed, I asked, "Need anything else? Or you good?"
His only reply was, "You."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to him, he kissed me. His warm hands rubbed my back and slowly moved down my sides towards my still soft dick. He started to slowly push my back onto the bed when he got on top of me and started to kiss my neck. In seconds he was moving further down, kissing my hard nipples, my hard chest and abs, then he pulled my green briefs off. He started to rub my cock as he kissed me, I felt his warm tongue inside my mouth, and I started to moan when my cock hit its full 8".

"Getting excited are we?" he said, smirking.
"Can't blame me, I've got the hottest guy I've ever seen in my bed." was my smooth reply.

My heart skipped a beat as he quickly moved his face down to my cock. I could feel his hot breath on me, as he started to suck my balls, by now I was almost crazy with lust and moaned as my hand rubbed the back of his head. He moved his mouth up to the tip of my cock, licking it the entire way. Then he put his mouth over it, going the whole way down until his nose rubbed my abs. I nearly came right there. I knew I wasn't going to last long, so while his warm mouth, and tongue, worked my dick, I grabbed a condom from my desk next to us.

He saw it and stopped working my dick, put my legs up, and started rimming my hole. His tongue working it way around, then into my ass, forcing a quiet, passion-filled moan from my lips. I told him I was ready, so he put the condom on his throbbing 9" dick, put my legs on his shoulders, and slid it slowly into my ass.

I let out a small cry of pain, but it soon turned into intense pleasure, and I started to moan, "Faster... Fuck me harder..." and he did, beads of sweat were rolling off both of us when he pulled out and said to get on my stomach. I did as I was asked and he thrust his pulsing dick into my tight ass, he held my hips as he pulled me towards him. Suddenly, he nearly screamed, "I'm about to come!"

I pulled off him, took of the condom, pushed him onto the bed and started to suck all 9" of his dick. His pre-cum tasted sweet and salty, and without warning, he shot a huge load of salty cum into my mouth, I kept sucking and managed to swallow every last drop. When I stopped he pulled me up to him and kissed me, swapping his cum between our mouths.

"I want you to fuck me. So fucking much." Zeph whispered into my ear.
So I started licking his ass, and slowly sliding my tongue into his ass. Then when reaching for another condom, he stopped me and said "I want you bare."
Who am I to complain?

I slowly pushed all 8, throbbing inches, into his warm ass. It was the best feeling I had ever had. His tight ass felt so good around my dick. I nearly came just from that. He started to moan and told me to go faster. I started to pound his tight ass, we were both moaning so loud, I though someone would yell for us to stop. I told him I was about to cum, and almost pulled us when he said "I want your load inside me."

So with a loud moan from us both I shot my load into his ass. It felt like the biggest load I had ever shot. I collapsed onto him, pulled out and started to suck my cum from his ass. He moaned and said "I want some of that too you know?" I kept sucking until there was nothing left to get, and went up and kissed him, sharing my load between our mouths.

I fell asl**p with my head resting on his chest and my arms wrapped around his warm body. When we woke up in the morning we dedicated almost 3 hours to just lying in bed holding each other, before we decided to clean up.

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