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Meeting Grey DeLisle

It had been many months since I had interviewed and then fucked voice actress Tara Strong, and jipping into her panties wasn't as satisfactory as it used to be.

Then I found out that there was convention happening in the next town, so I headed down one day. Free entry.

While I was there, I enjoyed talking to the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, before I ran into Tara.

“Oh,'s, it's nice to see you again,” she smiled nervously.

“Um, yeah, it sure is,” I said.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh yeah, there's someone I wanted to introduce you to...” She beckoned for me to follow her and I did.

We rounded a corner and we saw another well-known voice actress, Grey Delisle, sitting alone on a bench.

“This is Grey, I'm sure you've heard of her,” Tara introduced me.

“Grey, this is the girl I was, telling you about,” Tara smiled and Grey looked over at me with a warm smile spread across her face.

“Grey, I'm sure you'd love to get to know her better,” Tara continued. “Why don't you two go, eh, off somewhere together?” Tara winked at Grey, who smiled back and nodded.

“As long as your up for it?” Grey asked me. “Um, yeah, sure, of course.”

Grey and I just sort of walked around, getting to know each other, and just like Tara, she was a very lovely lady. Then, she said that she was going to the toilet.

I took no notice and said that I would just wait there, but she shook her head. “Y'know, Tara didn't really leave any details out...I know all about you...” Grey purred and looked at me slyly.

Oh god, I realised. She wanted to have sex with me. Even though I had a great time boning Tara, and Grey is a very attractive woman, this was in public. She wanted to fuck me in the bathroom.

“Look, Grey, I don't know...” I looked away.

“It's OK, don't be nervous...” Grey took my hand and led my away, over to the public toilets.

The Caution: Wet Floor sign was outside of the men's. “C'mon, come in here,” she beckoned me.

“But, Grey, that's the men's!” Grey shook her head. “I told you, don't worry.”

She opened the door and slipped inside. I sighed and reluctantly followed.

Grey opened a cubicle door and wasted no time in taking her clothes off. The first thing I noticed was that she had not shaved her pubic hair, but her tits were larger than Tara's. But I had no problem with the unshaved twat.

“C'mon then, get your clothes off,” Grey urged, smiling.

Not wanting to dissapoint her, I quickly got naked and walked over into the cubicle.

“I, like Tara, am a very sexually adventurous person, and I'd like to try everything that I possibly can. Though I did fuck a shemale once, it was pretty basic; she fucked me in my pussy, but I've never had a shemale fuck me in the ass.”

She turned her back to me and stuck her lovely butt out at me. I walked up to her and grabbed her by her ass. I stretched open her butthole with my hands, and then slid my 5 inch cock up into her anus.

I then began to slide it in and out, thrust against her. I reached around in front of her and stuck my fingers into her hairy snatch.

“Oh god yes, fuck me, oh fuck yeah...” Grey moaned as I pumped in and out of her butthole.

After a while, she stopped, and between pants, told me to pull out. I did so, and she got down onto her knees and began to lick my penis.

Then, she started to suck on my weiner, sliding it in and out of her beautiful mouth. I began to moan with pleasure as she sucked, at the same time, Grey was virgorously rubbing her own pussy, getting more and more moist.

“Oh my god, grey, I think, I think I'm going to cum...” I gasped as I felt myself nearing an orgasm.

Grey slid my cock out of her mouth and jerked on it for several seconds, all the while encouraging me to cum.

“Are you going to cum? Are going to cum real spunk? Will you come all over me?” She smiled as she yanked on my cock.

Finally, I burst all over her beautiful face, covering her in my glistening white cum. She stuck her tongue out and I rubbed the last of my ejaculate all over it.

“Wait, we're not done yet,” I said, urging Grey to stand up.

She sat on the toilet and spread her legs as I instructed her. I plunged my cock into her moist bush and began to plough in and out of her.

“I'm gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, jesus, I'm gonna cum...” Grey moaned.

I fucked her for about another thirty seconds before pulling out, just as she let a series of screams of pleasure while she orgasmed. She was squirted; a shower of juices unleashed from her pussy. I opened my mouth as her cum splashed all over my mouth, face and tits.

Grey spread her legs and pissed into the bowel, while I exited the cubicle to pee into the urinal. Grey went to the sink to wash my cum off of her face; so I decided 'fuck the urinal' and climbed up onto the sinks and pissed all over Grey's face. She opened her mouth and swallowed what she could.

We both got dressed and then kissed before carefully slipping out of the toilets, making sure nobody saw us.

I ran into Tara again. “Listen, there's going to be another convention here in two months. I'd like you to come. There's somebody I'd like you to meet.”

Then she smiled.

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