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Gloryhole visit to remember...pt2

Now the visit to remember continues...the youngster with the perfect tool is moaning lightly as I slowly work my way down his rock hard cock. The deeper I go the louder his moans become until finally I've managed to get his entire member down my throat. I bury my face on his turgid member keeping it buried to the hilt I can feel his cock begin to swell as it reaches maximum preorgasm girth. I feel him begin to tense up and his body starts shiver and when this happens it isn't long before he begins to pump thick clumps of milky white gizm into my mouth one long thick stream after another until he is totally spent and my mouth is filled beyond capacity. As the overflow sperm starts to leak out of my mouth I quickly place my hand under my chin so that I don't lose even a drop of his wonderful fluid. His cock finally begins to go limp and he pulls it out of my mouth and I hear him flop down hard on the seat in his booth. Quickly I find my cum filed condom untie it and carefully (so as not to lose any of the precious giz)go through the process of putting all of his giz into my condom for future enjoyment. After all of the cum is in the condom I hold it up to get a good look at my prize and I'm amazed at how much cum I have acquired the condom is nearly half full stoked I once again tie it off and put in my pocket. At this time I am feeling saturated in cum the taste and aroma of sperm permeate my being so I decide it's probably time to put my cock away and try to make my way out to my car and head home. (when I finally got it together enough to open the door to the booth and stagger out into the room it becomes immediately apparent that I have just put on quite a show because there are at least 9 or 10 guys standing just outside the door of my booth and they are all looking straight at me.) One guy catches my eye and motions with his hand at his chin after a beat I understand what he is trying to tell me as wipe a long string of cum that his hanging off my chin away. Grateful, I nod and mutter a quick thanks and weave my way like a d***k out of the video room and reenter the main part of the porn store. I took a couple of steps into the brightly lite store before I decided I probably should head for the bathroom and get a look at myself before I walk into my house and am greeted by my loving wife.

In the bathroom I am totally taken aback when I get a good look at myself. I am a disaster, there is cum in my hair and on the front of my shirt and my slacks are a mess the knees are black with grime and there is a mixture of cum and grime pressed into my entire backside. I stood there for a few seconds trying to figure out what to do when I finally said to myself, fuck it it was totally worth it and turned on my heel and proudly exited the store and headed for my car. As I was walking toward my car off to my right there were 3 large built black guys heading into the store. They didn't appear to be together or anything . I watched longingly as they disappeared into the porn store. I started driving home taking a back way so I wouldn't draw any unwanted attention to myself. I had untied and placed my cum filled condom on the seat beside me and as I drove I couldn't help but keep glancing down at my prize. After a few miles I couldn't stand it anymore and pulled off the road into the parking lot of a Vons store. I parked as far away from the entrance as I could and almost before the engine had died I had the condom tilted up over my eagerly open mouth and emptied the entire contents in the back of my throat. Sitting there watching as customers came and went from and to the store I started gargling the cum and in the process created some amazing large cum bubbles. At this point I started thinking about the 3 black studs I saw entering the porn shop as I was leaving and after a few minutes the decision was made I spit the cum back into the condom tied it off. I fished around my glove box until I found my cell phone and high as a kite on cum I proceeded to call my wife to let her know I would be late getting home and headed back to the porn shop in hopes that my black muscle men were still there and available for filthy sex.

When I came within sight of the store I became really excited I could feel my cock hardening in my pants. I still had a lot of cum in my mouth because the left over giz after I spit the majority into the condom had by now mixed with my own saliva creating a sloppy gizzy mess in my mouth. So as not to have it run down my chin I said fuck it and swallowed the entire mess which for whatever reason caused me to burp and I laughed as I realized I had just experience my first cum burp and it was awesome. With the taste of the burp filling my head I reentered the store and made a beeline toward the gloryhole booths. It was amazing because basically the same group of guys plus a few more were still there and as I approached it was like the parting of the Red Sea as they made way for me to get back into the action. The booths were all occupied but to my amazement one of the guys banged on the door of one of the booths and when the occupant opened the door he gently removed him and held the door open and motioned for me to enter, which of course I did.

This time I wasn't so overwhelmed by the whole thing and got off the seat removed my slacks folded them and set them aside took off my shirt and sat there naked on the seat slowly stroking my cock. Now I was ready to not only catch but to do some pitching of my own. Right away I saw a cock appear through the hole to my left when I saw it I had to do a double take because it was the smallest cock I had ever seen it looked like the cock of a 8 or 9 year old boy (of course it wasn't it was attached to a huge middle aged fat guy) I thought to myself I'll bet nobody gives this guy any love and he is desperately hoping that I am a big enough slut to suck off all cumers big and small) Well he was in luck I felt like a social worker doing good works as I knelt down a proceeded to lick and suck his tiny little penis. I swear it was only maybe 2 minutes until this buy began to grunt and moan so loud it startled me and I pulled back off his dick and he squirted the most powerful stream of cum I'd ever seen straight into my face it was as if his giz was under great pressure or something the second stream hit me in the shoulder and the third went zooming over my other shoulder landing somewhere on the other side of the booth. Every time I thought this torrent was over the big guy would shudder and somehow send another stream of thick white sperm at me the next two or three landing on my forearms and the last one splattered itself all over my rock hard cock which I was mindlessly stoking as all this was taking place. Big boy quickly zips up and exits leaving me kneeling naked with his cum splattered all over my body, I mean it was everywhere I could feel and big glob hanging from my right eyebrow, it was all over my shoulders and chest and best of all a pretty good quantity was all over my cock making for some really excellent lube as steadily stroked my cock. Looking down at my cum covered cock was almost more than I could handle as I began to feel myself heading towards losing control and cumming which I was certainly not ready to do so sadly I had to let go of my cock and return my concentration to the two glory holes at my disposal.

At this point for whatever reason there was a lull in the action so I once again started stroking my cum covered cock. This slow down lasted about 5 minutes when after no action at all now there was the longest semi hard black cock (probably the longest one in the entire world I mean this thing was at least 13 or 14 inches and wasn't even hard)it was hanging through the hole limply pointing down at the floor at first I didn't really think it looked human I thought to myself how on earth did some one manage to get a small horse in here. I, of course, came back to reality real quick and began to gently finger and toy with this magnificent member. Gradually this behemoth began to get harder and harder until I had the urge to share my cum lube so I stood up and placed my cock next to his and began to jack both cocks off rubbing them together until both were covered with fat guy giz and rock hard. As I knelt down and began sucking this huge black cock a plan started to formulate in the back of my head, somehow I had to find a to get this once in a lifetime black cock into my ass. There was no way I could pass an opportunity like this up I sucked and swallowed this guys cock with all of the gusto I could muster in hopes that I could get him so turned on that he would not be able to resist fucking me up my ass and depositing his load in me and thus giving me my very first cum high. After 10 minutes or so he pulled his cock out of my mouth and back into his side disappointed I looked down at the hole only to see his open mouth filling the glory hole. Instantly I placed my cum covered rock hard cock into the hole and my new fuck buddy began to suck and swallow my cock with a vigor that made me feel pretty sure that it wouldn't be long before I was getting drilled up the ass. I let him suck me for as long as he wanted trying desperately not to spill my load. (and I tell you it wasn't easy somehow the thought of him sucking up all of the sticky goo left there by fat guy with tiny dick was really turning me on) thankfully he let me have my cock back just before I blew my load into his mouth. At this point I am so turned on that I am kind of grunting and panting having no control over the noises coming out of me. I knew it was now or never so knelt down by the hole and whispered to him I really want to feel your cock deep in my virgin ass. He didn't miss a beat saying in return put it where I can hit it and you will get your wish. I backed my ass up to he hole and now began the most incredible experience of my life glancing down at my wristwatch I noticed that the time was now 9:39pm without realizing it I had been sucking cock and swallowing cum for over 5 hours.

As he slowly slide his giant cock into my awaiting rectum my knees began to shake, just a little at first but as his member went deeper and deeper the shaking increased until he was all the way in and started to slowly pull his cock in and out of my willing ass my knees were no longer my own they were shaking out of my control. My cock was so hard it felt like it might explode at any minute and I wondered how this experience could get any better. It didn't take long for that question to get answered as my black paramour was now really getting in to fucking my asshole. His pace and increased exponentially for now he wasn't being Mr. nice guy anymore he had begun slamming his 13 inch rod harder and deeper into my bowels. My cock was bouncing up and down with every thrust until finally he reached my prostate just the right way and my balls exploded and without touching it my cock started spewing sperm all over the floor and opposite side wall. I had never had an orgasm that was even anywhere close to what I was experiencing with his huge rock hard dick pounding away I just kept cumming and cumming until I felt my black spartan go rigid every muscle in his body seemed to turn to steel all at once as he made one last thrust and dumped his giz deep into my bowels. Almost at once I could taste the white hot cum that was emptying into me so finally I knew what people meant when they would say you haven't lived until you have experienced a really strong "cum high". I could not only taste his cum I could smell it as well it seemed to fill up all of senses, oh my god what a fantastic feeling!

Once he had finished dumping his load into me he kind of roughly pulled out and just like everyone else in a split second zipped up and was gone like a ghost. As I sank down to me knees I noticed that once again there was someone watching the whole thing through the opposite glory hole. I fell over on my side and with my body trembling all over laid down naked in the accumulated cum and filth on the floor. I was completely spent it took me 10 minutes before I could get up the strength to hoist myself up into the chair. Once in the chair I sat there slump shouldered and covered in cum for at least another 10 minutes before I slowly started to rejoin the living. As became more and more aware I realized that the guy in the booth to my left was looking at me all fucked and covered in cum and really getting off on it he was furiously whacking his rock hard cock until as I leaned against the wall watching he shoved his cock through the hole and started cumming all over my knees. I just sat there and watched I didn't have the energy to even try to get out of the way I just sat still and let him cum all over my lap and legs it was a really strange feeling, not bad just strange. So covered in cum (the latest batch fresh) I finally was able to stand up and put on my pants and shirt get everything zipped and buttoned up and stagger out of the booth and head home. I know this story might sound sketchy like maybe I'm making it up as a lot people do but just this once I can totally assure you that every word of this story is true, if anything I've probably left stuff out that I don't remember.

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