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My first male threesome

I was sitting on the couch next to an frind of my wifes and myself that happenend to be gay, his name is Joe and he is very discreet, that's why I chose him for my first time. He was tall and slim and only wearing a pair of baggy silky shorts and judging from the tent in those shorts was very excited about playing with me. I slid my hand up his leg and found a very hard cut cock, I had to taste it so I got down on my knees and took him in my mouth, I couldn't believe how good it felt, I bobbed my head up and down moaning with pleasure. He pulled my head away and said let's go into the bedroom, I almost ran in. I asked about his roommate and he said not to worry that he was around but wouldn't tell anyone. We got naked and into a heated 69 and I was concintrating on his cock so hard that I didn't notice his roomate/boyfriend until I felt the bed sag from his weight.He started by rubbing my ass, and I managed to get on my elbows and knees without losing that hard cock in my mouth. He lubed up his cock and my ass and slowly pushed into my waiting ass, I groaned and pushed back against him until he was balls deep. I couldn't believe what I was doing here I was sucking one cock, while he was sucking mine and had one in my ass at the same time and loving it. It wasn't long until I felt that tingling in my balls and filled that warm mouth with my cum, I sucked on him as fast as I could and soon he shot three heavy streams of cum down my throat. I was overwhelmed with passion and fucked back at the one in my ass, soon I heard in you or on you? I said please I want you to cum deep inside me, he slammed into my ass hard a few times and then pulled me back against his cock and blew his load deep in my ass, I could feel squirt after squirt of hot cum being pumped in, we all collapsed in a pile till we caught our breath. We meet once a month now for a "poker" night and there is now five of us. I have turned into quite a cum slut and have been told I give the best blowjobs ever, and I always swallow

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