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Real Encounter in brief

This is the true encounter I had with a cpl a 18 months ago.

The couples were 45+, husband was a true gentleman and the wife was a real stunner of a lady. Husband was very friendly and we use to chat on yahoo everyday. They use to invite me to their home town to meet and have fun but due to time constrain I use to postpone it .One fine day I got a official work near their town and I decided to give them a surprise. I finished my work and called the husband saying that iam in their home town. He was very happy and came to pick me up from railway station. When I reached home I looked for the wife .She was on a week end trip and he told me that she will be back by night. We 2 had long conversations abt our life style,work,and other things. Finally the door bell rang and he went and received the wife.I was sitting in their guest room and she entered the guest room so happily calling my chat name (it was a name which they gave me apart from my real name).I wished her and gosh she was looking more sexy in real. We shook hands and she asked me to relax while she will get freshen up. Then I went in to their living room which had their desktop and we 2 started looking at the possibilities of having our fun recorded in their comp by their webcam. Every thing got arranged and we had dinner . She was wearing a sleeveless black mighty which I always use to admire.Then the husband asked me if iam comfortable with them . I said iam more comfortable than them and I asked how can we start. Then he asked me to give her a body massage so that she can get used to my touches before going for the ultimatum. I was more happy to give her what they asked and asked her to lay on their bed. Wow she was so hot and my dick was already hard. I started to give massage to her toes, few times while massaging her toes I did kissed them for which she moaned loudly which gave me license do some more acts. Now I have started to work on her ankles,thighs and entire legs including the milky white fleshy thighs. They were amazing and I was enjoying the massage that I was rendering to my lady .While I was doing this husband was recording our act and was feeling horny and he started stripping himself and asked me to strip her too. I did that slowly by removing her black nighty and now she is in only bar and panty.WOW I cant take off my eyes. The boobs and so big than the one I saw in cam and my hands were only reaching there. Now I have massaged her all over the front portion and the body including her big ass. By now she is totally naked and I was giving her a nice fingering while my mouth was playing with her tits and her lips . I was kissing her passionately and playing with her clit. She was moaning loudly and husband was offering his big hardon to her which she was licking and sucking. This went for a while and I was able to c the juices coming out of the love hole and I asked her if I can lick it to dry. She agreed and I started it and licked it to dry while she was pushing my head against her hot pink pussy. When I was doing this husband was mouth fucking her and I was tongue fucking her. The atmosphere was very hot and we 3 were enjoying our act to the core. Then I asked what’s next. WOW she asked me to tit fuck her. Before doing that she soaked my dick with her saliva and gave me the blowjob of my life while doing this the hubby was licking her pussy and I was moving my dick between her big boobs and while doing this she was kissing my dick head whenever it was going near her lips. Wowowowowow I was so hot that I wanted to eat her completely then I put on the condom and her hubby was without them and we 2 started fucking her hard for minimum 20 mins one by one she was moaning loud and we 3 were enjoying. Finally we 2 cum one after other and we 3 slept on the same bed totally naked for 3 hours steamed out and half satisfied.

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