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The house is rocking Part 3

The weekend was upon us. Lana had promised to talk to Traci but she hadn't been able to catch up with her. It was awkward seeing her around the house, she had seen me fucking, my hard cock shooting cum, but we didn't talk about it, it was weird.

Finally on Friday night I heard Lana and Traci talking out in the f****y room area. I gave them time, and after about a half hour I went out. They got quiet, so I asked if I should leave. Lana said no, that they were talking about me anyway, so I might as well stay. I sat down next to Lana on the couch and put my arm around her.

I was wearing a pair of work out shorts and a t-shirt. My shorts were kind of loose and I knew that Traci could probably see my cock up the legs of my shorts. The thought of that turned me on.
"So what were you saying about me?" I asked innocently
"What a great fuck you are." said Lana in her straight forward way.
I looked over at Traci and she blushed, but smiled.
"Do you need a good fuck Traci?" I asked.
Traci looked at me and said, "I do so bad. I haven't gotten laid in forever, and seeing how we are all friends, I think it could be perfect."
"So Lana explained the rules right, its only sex, no relationship. We are free to see other people without jealousy and if you get into a relationship with someone else you simply tell us and we stop."
Traci looked from me to Lana, "Us? I thought we were talking about you."
"Well, we are, but Lana thinks that sex with a girl might be fun. What do you think about that?"
Traci put her head down, and I saw her shaking her head, I thought she might be crying, but she was laughing.
"I think that is a great idea. I have been with a couple of girls before and it was always fun, so why not?"
"Excellent" was Lana's reply.
She went over and sat next to Traci on the love seat and they started to kiss. Lana's hands started exploring Traci's body and lifting her shirt. I said that we should move to one of the rooms, and they decided on mine because I had a bigger bed.
When we got to the room Lana stripped naked and lay down on the bed. Traci took her top off and crawled up next to Lana. I just sat at my desk chair and watched. Traci put her hand between Lana's legs and began feeling her pussy. Lana reached down and peeling Traci's shorts down. She found that Traci had shaved and was almost as smooth as she was. Lana explored her pussy and inserted a finger or two. She worked on Traci's clit with her thumb. Soon Traci had her first orgasm of the night. She got on top of Lana in a 69 position and lowered her mouth to Lana's wet pussy. She put her entire mouth over her and worked her lips and tongue over her. Lana's pleasure was so intense that she could not think to lick Traci in return.

I got off the chair and took off my shorts. I got on the bed and stood behind Traci and over Lana's face. I squatted down and slid my rock hard cock into Traci's pussy. She was very wet and I went in easily. I one long continuous stroke I went in until I hit her ass with my pelvis. I stayed that way for a while before I started to withdraw. Slowly I built up speed and Traci responded by moving back into me on every in stroke.

Lana seemed to recover some and started to use her tongue on my balls and Traci's clit when she could. Every once an a while I would stop and Lana would really dig in while I was still balls deep. On one of those stops Traci started having a really big orgasm and needed a rest. I looked down at Lana and said "Well I guess its your turn."

Lana lay on her side and I was behind her as I entered her. Traci was laying with her head down so she had a real view. As we fucked Traci slowly stroked her pussy. I asked Traci if she would like to fuck Lana too. Traci moaned and stroked a little harder. I got up and went to the closet and found Lana's box of toys she kept in my room. She had a dildo in there. I then got one of my old jocks. I cut an X on the front and inserted the dildo through. Then I cut the straps up and across the back.

I gave it to Traci and she put the dildo over her pussy. I then tied the straps at her back. A makeshift strap-on, "Should be good enough for now, we can pick up a real one later. Traci got behind Lana in doggy position. She reached and got a bunch of Lana's pussy juice on her hand and smeared it on the dildo. She then lined it up and inserted it. After a couple of minutes she got a rhythm going. The elastic was really not letting things happen quite right, but she just put her hand down and it worked better. Traci fucked Lana to several orgasms, then told me it was my turn. I said, "No, its our turn."

Lana and I had discussed anal, but we hadn't done it yet. I laid down and Lana laid down on top of me. My cock was rock hard thinking of fucking her ass. Traci reached down and got my cock nice and lubed up. She then lined up my dick with Lana's asshole and I slowly inserted into her tight ass. I took a while before Lana could deal with the size, but soon I was in all the way. Traci then inserted her dildo into Lana. I laid still and let Traci do the work. It felt so good with the dildo separated by only a thin layer of flesh. Lana was almost beside herself with pleasure and was actually screaming out for Traci to fuck her harder.

After a few moments she was going through a series of orgasms that ripped through her. Finally she begged for mercy, and said she needed a rest. I still hadn't cum, but I was close. The two girls laid next to each other and I stroked my cock over them for a few seconds and soon I was blasting my load onto their chests and faces. They then turned and licked each other clean.

At this point we were all in need of rest so we curled up together and slept. It was an epic night, but it was to be outdone, but that would be Part 4.

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