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After numerous flutes of wine Kathy Lee was becoming very vocal despite Hoda's vain attempts to silence her proved to be. The only think that silenced her was when she was sucking my cock. She held it in her hands and then cast glance over at Hoda and a mischievious smile smile across her face.
"Reminds of that visit to the farm," she said. "Remember, Hoda. The stables?"
Hoda's face tightened and reddened and she gave Kathy Lee a solid punch on the arm and pushed her head downward and filled her mouth with my engorged prick. She cast a nervous glance over at me, which I responded with an understanding smile.
But other secrets were being spilled that morning. Most interestingly about the "pussy parties" held by Katie Couric and the tidbit that she was endowed with one of largest clitoris' Kathy Lee had ever seen.
"It looks like a tiny prick, " she said as she downed another glass of wine and opening another from a well stocked mini fridge.
Hoda made a number of attempts to shush her but the vein seemed to be open and Kathy felt comfortable telling me these things which I assumed could get her in a world of trouble with all the Hollywood "power lesbians" who attended these gatherings every few months.
The most mind blowing confession came with mysterious and masked woman whom it was no secret to an inner circle that it Hilary Clinton with whom Katie Couric had been seeing for a number of years now.
"Kotb is too chickenshit to go," said Kathy Lee momentarily withdrawing my cock from her busy mouth and rubbing her jaw.
"I just don't care for my face to be buried in a lot of strange pussies," Hoda said.
"Just my sweet pussy," said Kathy Lee twisting her back so that her cunt was poised towards Hoda. She chuckled at her own vulgarity and fetched another glass of wine for herself.
Hoda seized this opportunity now and mounted my cock which was slick with Kathy Lee's saliva. She sank slowly down over it. Kathy Lee watched and sipped her wine and fingered her own pussy.
"Ride him, cowgirl!" Kathy Lee called out loudly, holding his glass a loft in a toast.
"She can be a real fucking bitch sometimes," Hoda whispered into my ear.
"It's all right. When we get more comfortable I'd like to hear the stable story."
Hoda blushed and smiled and resumed riding my cock. Since my cock actually broadens towards the hilt she could only get about three quarters in before I felt her withdrew slightly.
"That'll iron out the deepest wrinkles," said Kathy Lee.

All these thoughts spun wildly in my head as I headed down to my limo and the strange Asian driver who proptly opened the door for me and flashed crooked smile.
As I sunk into the back seat I notice the driver had slipped in after me and closed the door. I was still unsure if this person was male or female and I sat there quietly to see where this was heading.
"I am a big fan of your movies," said the driver. "Especially this one."
From an inner jacket pocket the driver pulled out a small blue-colored DVD jewel case. For a brief moment I was afraid it was going to be a gun or knife that I see and I gave a quiet sigh of relief. The disc the driver slipped into the DVD player, turned on the small television and on the screen came an early porn film that I did and assumed no copies existed. It won a few award at the Adult Film Award ceremony for Most Original Concept.
It was called More Than a Woman and starred a beautiful Asian shemale named YumYum. When he face appeared on screen I drew a deep inward breath. I had not seen this in many years and wished that I had owned a personal copy but my searches came up emptyhanded and I just forgot about it.
"She's very beautiful," said the driver, who had removed the bulky black blazer and tossed it aside.
"Yes, she was," I answered with more than a note of sadness in my voice.
YumYum made a few movies after mine but than fell into a bad and destructive crowd. It all came to a sad end. Her real name I discovered later was Lucy Curry, adopted and a runaway from a Connecticut suburb.
As I watched YumYum getting fucked on screen I caught out the corner of my eye the driver was nearly nude. I quick glimpse and I noticed the small round breasts sitting proudly on her chest, the nipples were dark (almost black) and very hard.
She was smiling over at ne.
The final article of clothing to be removed were her panties and I gazed at the tiny thin penis that was virtually lost in the nest of wiry black hair. She reached down and tugged affectionately on it.
We both turned momentarily and watched as YumYum mounted her lover. We had a nightmare trying to get her hair which reached the small of her back from spilling wildly around and obscuring the action of the scene. Anyone watching the scene will notice a lot of cuts. We should have just tied her hair back or braided it. There is a moment during the scene where there is a bit of a continuity issue and the actor's cock gets suddenly larger. This happened when the actor ejaculated too soon and I stepped in as a "stunt cock" and finished the scene and damn near finihed YumYum. Her asshole was so stretched out that we had wrap it up until she recovered. My excitement and enthusiasm had gotten the better of me that day.
I quickly opened my pants and unleashed my swollen cock, crawling over to where the driver was seated, legs now thrown up around her ears and behind her head. The dexterity was amazing.
"There some lube in my bag,' she said, nodding her head in the direction of a small black bag on the car floor.
I quickly located the lube and applied a very healthy amount onto the tips of my fingers and worked into the drivers asshole, inserting a single finger, then two more. I felt the rectal muscles clench and then relax. I performed this little massage for several minutes before poising my cock at the beautful orifice.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"Akira," she said.
I located her cock and stroked it into an erection as I eased my own cock slowly up her ass. She grunted and shifted her tiny body beneath me. I was mindful of the expressions on her face and could clearly see the pain that I was inflicting on her and partially withdrew my cock. Her face softened and I suckled on the breasts and nibbled the black nipples. Her cock throbbed gently in my hands and suddenlt I felt the thick viscus fluid of her come oozing over my hand. I withdrew my oxn cock and pumped it to an orgasm, shooting my come over her belly and tits, matting down the thick black pubic hair.
We cleaned ourselves up as best we could and she drove me to my apartment. I had a flight to catch later in the afternoon out to Hollywood. We exchanged numbers and she gave me a copy of the DVD as a parting gift.
We kissed sweety goodbye.
Anne will not believe the shit that has happened to me today.

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