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My favorite time with a man as a Tgirl

I was in the dance clubs with my friends and we were very sexy dressed in heels and low tops and I was in high heels and a mini dress that was flowers all around it. My ass looked so big and round in that dress. It was low on my big boobs and very tight so my boobs looked like they have coming out. I was told by my friends I looked hot and like a real girl.

I felltd like a real girl. Very girly and my hair was long wavy and reach just above my butt. I was sitting down drinking with my girl friends. A man ask me to dance and we dance close and all night. He really like me alot. I was drinking a lot but stop and we kiss a lot too sitting down. I ask him to go with a party my friends invited to after the club and he went and in the car we kiss and I touch his dick. He really liked my dress :)

At the house party we dance more and we kiss sitting down and he drive me to his house because I said I want to be Alone. I was feeling very horny for him. I like his house and he tells me he is horny too.

In his room we are kissing stand up a lot and he is grab my ass so good. I put my hands around his neck and he grab me and throws me on the bed. My pantys are tight because Im so hard. I kiss him more and we roll in bed and sideways and he grabs my tittys and I pull them out my dress.

He sucks my nipples and I moan loud and girly. He is touching my body and I rub my small cock in my pantys and he sees and tells me he is more horny. I take off my dress and strip for him. I tell him Fuck me papi. That means daddy. And he grab my ass and put is dick inside my tight tranny ass.

We have such hot sex after I strip. He cums hard inside me. He likes to call me sometimes.

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