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Mum joins in the webcam fun

It was a saturday afternoon and i was at home on the laptop chatting to a guy id meet called pete, he was 56 married and from somewhere up north. Im not gay of had any thoughts like that, we had just got chatting and had cammed together showing each other our cocks and wanking infront of cam. This afternoon i knew i was alone for a while as mum was out food shopping. Me and pete were typing away to each other whilst our cams were on, my cam was lowered facing towards my cock area and petes was the same. I was sitting in my room on my bed with my shorts down, i stopped wanking for a second as i thought i heard the key in the door. I quickly pulled up my shorts and poked my head down the stairs, Hello mum i called out, hi dave you ok, fine thanks. Mum was back, gutted, i was browsing porn and enjoying my wanking session with pete.

Whats up, pete said, i wrote back and explainned mum was home and that i had shit my self, didnt expect her to be home so soon. I could still carry on and chat and wank, but just have to be careful. Pete didnt mind. Pete then asked about mum, how old is she?, 53, is she nice?, not bad for her age, married?, yep 24 years, Pete was firing questions at me about her, which i didnt mind as he wasnt aware that ive had a fair few fanasty over her. Like i said shes not bad for her age, shes 53 a size 12 and nice 34dd, not over weight abit of puppy fat. Petes next question shocked me, i love panties and bras, do you ever look in her draws? I replied back i have done, she hasnt many sexy undies a few thongs but thats about how sexy they get. Mmmmmm lovely he said, would love to see her.

I have an idea, pete said. I was all ears, why dont you take your laptop down into the room shes in and face in on towards her, she'll never know just downclick the box that were chatting and camming. I sat there for a second a thought, that sounds horny but should i do that? I'd never done anything like this but thought, why not, to be fair i was pretty horny now we was on the topic of mum. So just then i took my laptop down to the kitchen, still camming with pete. I sat at the kitchen table and had the laptop facing me, mum was in the same room packing the shopping away, What do you want for dinner son? mum said to me, i replied back and we was having small talk whilst i was looking at pete typing away , come on show us, turn the laptop round, and just then i turned it round facing the back of mum. I left if he about 20 seconds and turned in back onto me, Wow shes lovely pete said, great figure aswell. Pete liked what he saw game me a thumbs up. He then went on to say, im wanking under the table here. I laughed to myself. I was finding this horny.

Do it again pete said, ok, ready, i swung the laptop round facing mum again. She was wearing denim jeans and a white jumper. Still had her back turned, i was dead horny, We was talking and mum turned round still putting the shopping away when she said, what the hell is that, what the hell is what i replied, That she said pointing at the laptop. I moved round the table and looked, i hadnt downclicked mine and petes chat box she called see him and herself. bl**dy pop ups i said calmly, mum didnt have a clue about computers so i got away with it, What is it she said, I went along with it and said for some reason this keeps happening to my laptop. Can he see us? yeah, wave hell probably wave back, so just then mum stared at the laptop and waved, petes face was a picture, he froze but then waved back. Mum laughed and i was surpised by the reaction, technologily these days she said and turned back round and carried on putting the shopping away.

I was so horny, pete had seen her and shed seen him, i turned the laptop back to me and typed to pete, bl**dy hell i cant believe that, he wrote back thats amazing she saw me. I explained that i forgot to downclick the screen. Wow shes lovely im so horny he went on to saying.

I went back up stairs to my room as i thought thats all i could get away with, carried on chatting to pete, lowered my cam and starting wanking. Just then i called hear mum coming up so i put my cock away and raised cam again. Pete knew, So how does all that work? mum said I went on to explain who he was and what camming was about, she seemed relaxed and was quite surpised in the way she could and how we could see each other. She then said are you still talking to him, straight away i lied and said know, didnt know what to say, didnt want her to think i was weird talking to these strangers, oh thats ashame she said. I didnt know what she ment, i can get him back up i replied. Yeah ok i want to see how this works.

So i quickly typed to pete what was going on and that she was interested. He was quite good and went along with it. Just then mum sat on the edge of the bed. So can he see me now she said. I laughed, no this webcam has to be facing you as i pointed to it, turning the laptop onto her. Pete waved, what is he saying she said, so i read out what he wrote, hi you look nice, she laughed and blushed, cant he hear us? not unless he has a mic aswell and if its turned on, ask him she said. Mum was enjoying this. I certainly was i was so horny still had a semi hard cock, tucked into the waist band of my shorts. I typed to pete do you have a mic? Then all off a sudden we heard hi guys, Mum moved back and laughed, said wow thats crazy, what is pete replied, sorry i have no knowledge on these computers, shocked in what they can do. Pete laughed, no problems im and old fart and ive just started to learn. Same here im old to, no idea, mum said. No your not you look lovely for your age and im guessing early 40's. I knew his game, mum laughed and said what a darling im 53. The two of them went on to talking whilst i just sat there dead horny, no doubt pete was too.

Well nice to meet you, take care mum said. Oh your going, pete replied, need to get on with the house work mum smiled back, House work in them tight jeans, pete replied. I kinda knew what was coming and i was so nervous in what he was going to say. I wear my joggers around the house and a t shirt for that. Love to see you in that pete said backing smiling, Oh you are a charmer. Well maybe you might, mum said back. I was shocked she was flirting back. When im alone and its warm i do the house work in my underwear, mum said laughing. Oh dont tell me that, youll turn a old man on. Pete said. I looked at mum and said dont be cruel he'd love to see that. Stop teasing him we all laughed.

I really would love to see that pete said back. Mum looked at me and winked. What did that wink mean? i thought to myself. So well you give me a quick flash. Mum laughed, how about if you guess the colour of my underwear ill show you. Wow i was shocked, mum was liking this too. Just then i remembered i told pete that she was wearing black bra and and black thong, i saw her walk past my room earlier. I kept quiet, Ohhh this is a tough one pete, said pretending to think. Let me guess black bra, Mums mouth opened, your right, What does that mean she then said, Well you have to show him now, i jumped in and said. Oh bl**dy hell i always lose these bets. To my surpise mu lifted her top up and showed her bra. Petes face, wow he said. Mum pulled her top back down. Oh take your top of better viewing pete cheekly said. Mum looked at me and said shall i, i replied, up to you. Just then mum took her top off and sat there in her jeans and bra, I couldnt believe it on webcam with a guy i meet a couple of days ago and mum sitting there in her bra.

Wow, sorry to say this but your lovely, your boobs look so big. Pete said. I could fill my cock titching i was so horny. Just then mum cupped them with her hands, all real she said. You could see petes shoulder moving slowly, i bet full well he was stroking out of site.

What about seeing your boobs, pete said smiling. Mums mouth opened you cant ask that she giggled, mum looked at me and said what should i do. Just then pete butted in, dont worry his already seen your boobs, mum looked back at me and said how does he no that. I thought i was going to get into trouble here.

Well were quite open in this house she repiled. I have also seen dave naked, she said. Mum dont embarrase me i said back. So have i pete said. What do you mean mum said back shocked. I could of died at this point. Well we have shown each others cocks to one another. Really mum said turning to me. I didnt know what to say, luckily pete stepped in. Yeah earlier, before you came back. I couldnt believe this i really thought she was going to go mad but she just smiled, laughed. Maybe she was getting horny like me and pete was. His a big boy your dave, pete said. I kinda went red, mum said back yeah his not small, Mum, leave it out i said, trying to act like i wasnt horny and didnt want this to happen. Well you are. How bout you pete are you big, mum said. within seconds pete lowered his webcam to his cock, just as i thought, sitting there hard as anything with his shorts down. Mum burst out laughing she couldnt stop laughing. It was nervs as pete wasnt small either, rather large 7 inchs hard and quite thick. Wow pete your blessed to. She said back still laughing. Petes cam stayed lowered onto his cock.

Well dave you showing yours again, pete called out, i cant do that infront of mum, i said. Sure shes seen it before. Mum turned to me yeah why not. Go on show us, I couldnt believe what ive heard. But i was so horny i didnt need to be asked again. Right i can see dave, pete called out. So just then i pulled my shorts down and boxer shorts and let my hard cock pop out. Wow, mum said looking at it, see its huge dave called out. Its hard mum said falling back on the bed laughing. I was so horny i stepped out my shorts and sat on the bed. Mum laughing still, i cant believe your both hard, this is so funny and un real, mum said.

Well, do we get to see you, pete said. And what is it you want to see? everything pete called back. Mum was laying back on the bed next to me. I was sitting there now naked hard cock, yet hadnt touched it, dave was sitting on his computer chair, shorts down hard cock out too, mum sat back, raised her bum and undown her jeans and slipped them off, still earing her black thong. Thats lovely dave called out, bra off. Mum hadnt even replied she undone her bra and chucked in on the floor let her big 34dds hang out as she layed back. As soon as that happened you could heard dave moaning he was now wanking, Go on baby wank that big hard cock mum said. I was so horny and so shocked that this was going on. Oh no im going to cum dave called out, just then we both saw pete cum all up his chest. Mum sat up and watched, wow thats loads she said nervously giggling. Fucking hell that was horny pete called out. I just sat back yet still having not wanked.

Your boobs and lovely dave called out, Come on point a show on for me pete said. What shall i do pete? mum replied. I could help it any more, i started wanking slowly. Someones enjoying this pete called out. Mum turned to me and smiled. I didnt no where to look couldnt believe i wa swanking next to her and she was in a thong and topless. No one said anything mum all ove a sudden took her thong off. Maybe just as shocked as pete was she was bald and you could see a glow on her pussy where she was wet. Again she just flung her panties on the floor. Fuck yes dave called out. Rub your tits, and just like that mum rubbed her tits. I didnt have to look at her, i was looking into the laptop had it enlarge and was so horny seeing our box me and her laying there both naked me wanking and mum rubbing her tits, whilst a stranger, pete was watching.

Would you ever suck his cock pete called out, Wow that didnt sound right, i was thinking, Mum looked at me and said back to pete, sorry darling no i wouldnt. I understand pete said. How about a little handjob he replied back cheekily.

Mum looked at me again, what do you say to that? um um um i couldnt get the words out. yeah sure ok. And just then mum moved her hand over to my cock, she opened her hand and wrapped in my big hard cock. Wow i as horny, she slowly moved her hand up and down wanking my cock looking into the webcam at pete. I was bursting to cum, even more so she used her other hand to rub her pussy. Oh yes this is nice mum moaned with her eyes shut, go on, pete called called out.
Rub her tits dave, he said, i looked at mum she lifted she didnt say anything. I turned over and started rubbing her tits, Fuck it felt nice, still getting slowly wanked off.

I can see your both loving this pete called out, but please sarah can you bend over on all fours and show me your pussy from that angle, with no time to think mum got up and move into that position. Fucking yes pete said, i carried on wanking. I get off the bed now and was half out of view of the cam, mainly left it so mum could give us both a show. The view pete had was mum laying on her back tits out pussy out rubbing it and me standing next to her wanking my cock. I was so close to cumming, i had to say something. Guys problem here in a mintue, i called out. What, they both said, im going to cum. pete laughed. Cum on your mums face he said laughing. Mum laughed too, no way she replied. On my boobs you can she looked up at me and said. Fuck i could of cummed then.

So i carried on wanking looking down at mum fingering herself, i reached out and rub her boob again just for 5 seconds i let go, moved in close and shot my huge load of cum on her tits, fucking hell yes yes yes, pete was saying. Mum was just laying there, wow that was loads she said looking down, fuck i said hold my cock flicking the last bits on her tits which where alreayd covered.

Im nearly there too, mum said, i was shocked and said nearly where, she was fingering her wet bald pussy fast and she said back to cumming, im moved out of view of the webcam and watched as she layed there covered in cum on her boobs, eyes shut fingering herself. Go on cum pete said. Just then she moaned out oh yes yes yessssss, mum was cumming. She layed back and said wow that was great. Thanks pete im off to do the housework and just got up and went away.


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