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A husbands dream fulfilled

I had always secretly wanted to watch my wife with another man and finally the other evening I got my wish. Although she doesn’t know I saw her.

We were on holiday in Hawaii and staying in a beach front hotel. Our room had a fantastic view of the pool and beach. We had come back to our room after spending the day by the pool sipping cocktails and getting some sun. My wife, Sue, said she wanted to go for a walk on the beach before dinner. I’d had too much sun so wasn’t up for a walk but said she should go anyway. Sue was still wearing her white bikini which shows off her peachy arse and perfect firm boobs. At 45 she still turns heads with her svelte figure. She put on a light summer dress over her bikini and headed out the door.

I headed to the window and saw her walk past the pool and on to the beach. As I watched her start down the beach I saw a guy get up from his lounger by the pool and start following her. I’d seen him by the pool earlier eyeing Sue from behind his sun glasses. He was about 30 and seemed to keep himself in shape. I saw him catch up with Sue and start talking to her. I decided to head down and follow to make sure Sue would be okay. By the time I got down to the beach I just managed to catch a glimpse of them heading over the sand dunes behind some bushes. As I got close to the bushes I could hear them talking. Keeping out of sight I managed to find a spot where I could see them but they couldn’t see me. As I peered through the bushes I got the surprise of my life. There in front of me was my wife letting some stranger feel her up. She was enjoying it and returning the compliment by rubbing his cock through his swimming trunks. I’d never felt so aroused in my life.

Suddenly the clothes started coming off. Sue was down to just her bikini bottoms. She pushed him back on the sand and pulled his trunks completely off and gasped. Even I had to stifle my gasp so I didn’t give my presence away. His cock was about 7", but he was very thick, as thick as my wrist. But the head of his cock was even wider than the shaft. She began sucking his cock and making loud slurping noises. He was moaning and believe me I know what he was feeling because my wife can suck cock very well. She was working his cock over the best she could but she was having a hard time getting him in her mouth. He pulled her from his cock and rolled her over, pulled her bikini off, and slowly licked up and down her wet slit. My wife was going crazy trying not to cum on his face. I could see she was waiting for his cock. Never having had c***dren Sue’s pussy is still very tight and I wondered if she would be able to take his cock in her. I heard her say to him “Please let me feel you inside of me”. My cock was dripping pre cum just watching the show in front of me. He quickly obliged. He slowly moved between her legs. I could see his cock form where I was sitting. I could see just how thick he was, she was moaning and he hadn't even slid it in yet. She whimpered with surprise and delight when the head slipped in. Her eyes opened wide and I heard her say, “Oh fuck, give it to me”, and he did. He gave it to her slow and deep over and over. I could see her pussy stretched around his fat cock and saw her look down between her legs trying to see how stretched her pussy was. This really turned her on.

She kept telling him how full she was and how good he felt inside of her. I was stroking my own cock now while watching this stranger fuck my wife. He was moaning, my wife was moaning and I was trying not to moan. Sue decided she wanted to ride his cock so he rolled over and she climbed on top and slowly slid down his big cock. I could tell she wasn't going last long when she sat down fully on his cock and began slowly rocking back and forth. I heard her say she could feel the head so deep in her pussy and instantly came on his cock, screaming with delight she did. He rolled her over, put her legs over his shoulders and really gave her a good fucking. Over and over he pounded her pussy. She pulled at his ass trying to get him deeper. My cock throbbed in my hand as I listened and watched my wife take this pounding that he was giving her. I heard him say he was going to cum. To my surprise she said “Yes, fill my pussy with your hot spunk”. With a loud moan he came inside my wife. I could see his cum oozing out of her stretched pussy and running down her arse. Sue gave a contented purr. Afterwards they lay there trying to calm down a little.

I was the only one who hadn't cum and at the sight of my wife lying there with her pussy full of a strangers cum I shot my load into the bushes. As I was recovering I saw Sue get up and start putting her bikini back on. I took the opportunity to slip away back to our hotel room so I could be there when she got back. When she got back she looked exhausted but with a contented grin on her face. I said “How was your walk”? She was heading for the shower and said over her shoulder “Fantastic, think I’ll do it again tomorrow”.

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