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Her mom dont know she is a slut

there is this girl name well lets just call her amy incase she ever finds out a bout me puting this up here she is a friend of mine and she lives a street over from me a bit on the chubby side thats ok iam big aswell and like all girls well last night after i got off of here to lay down for bed a round 2am this morring i just could not sl**p so i said i think i will talk a walk to gas stayion to get some pepsi to drink and maybe a few slim jims well amy was siting on her steps as i went down her street to come back home i did not see her as i walked down it to get my stuff but did comeing back when i saw her i said hay girl what u doing up and out so late she said icould ask same thing i said i could not sl**p and wanted a snack she said me just not sl**py she ask me if i wanted to sit for a few minutes and talk i said ya amy is 19 years out cute a bout 5 foot 5 as tall as me brown hair green eyes her hair was in poinetales braded wereing a pair of white booty shorts and a pink shrit with the words wild kisses in black letters on it she said u know my mom is gone for a few days she at my aunt home helping her with her new baby and iam all a lone i said ok she said listen mom dont know this but i lost it at 15 i said u mean your cherry she said ya to a friends b*****r i said ok y tell me this she said well this guy i was talking to now has a gf and wont talk to me said we was fwbs and now we noing that was last year and i been horny every since but with mom allways home now since she quit her job because of her ass hole boss i cant do noing with no 1 and mom always ask me where iam going if i leave and when i be back and checks on me like ever hour if iam gone just to see if iam were i said i would be i cant take it with her doing that i cant go get fucked by no 1 i have two friends i have sex with on phone and on line late at night when mom is a sl**p but not in real life iam so sick of playing with my pussy all the time i need a real dick in me not a toy or my fingers i said damm why tell me this she said because u r kind of cute and iam horny ass hell mo left yesterday and now is my chance to get some do u want to come in and fuck i could not beleave my ears i said what if some 1 finds out and tells your mom tina she said no 1 will i said i got a condom but idk she said hell with condom i like it bearback i said r u on any kind of brith at all she said no i can get peg i said i dont want to get u peg she said u wont i suck u off after we fuck and swallow it i said idk she said lets go in house i said ok we walked in sat on the couch she started rubing me dick we kissed ac little soon she was rubing her tits and pussy said pull it out i said ok but iam small she said i dont care i pulled it out she said damm nice and fat and started to suck me i ate her after and we fucked she was on me cowgril faceing me as i sucked her tits 44dd they big i said omg amy iam going to cum u need to get off and swallow like u said she yelled hell no in my pussy i said u get peg she said i will go get the morrong after pill from cvs i cumed in her we spent the next few hours just fucking i cum in her all togeter like 8 times she said when ever her mom is goone we can fuck and wants us to do phone sex and send pics i said cool now i got a fwbs any if u read this u r good baby what a tight pussy u got the end

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