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Sex with strangers in public bathroom

I always had a sexual fantasy of dressing up as a chunky sexy slut tranny and visiting a known public mens bathroom close to my house and giving oral sex and what ever they wanted me to do for them sexually.Well I finally got up the courage to do it and before I go into my true first time experience,I must say it was everything I imagine it would be and more.I realized after my first time it was like crossing an invisible line that I did not and could not return back.Well it was about a year ago around 8 at night.I got all dress up and wearing a black tight silk mini skirt that showed all my phatt ass.I was wearing red netted nylons covering my legs and some black high heel sandals.I had full on drag queen make up style on with large fake eye lashes.I had a black large afro style wig on. BY then it was just after 8pm and I got into my van and drove to this public beach public bathroom about a mile from my house in makaha oahu where I live.I parked my van as close as I could to the entrance of the mens bathroom.This public bathroom is known for strangers meeting and having sex with each other inside.Anyway I got out of my van and walked into the mens public bathroom.No one was inside yet so I got into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door.There was large holes on both sides of the stall i was in.Like gloryholes they have in a porn video adult shop only thing these holes were much larger,like six inches around.I started to get really excited and horny as i started playing with myself.IT was about ten minutes later when I could hear someone entering the bathroom.He could see my high heels from the opening under the toilet stall I was in.He then walked into one of the stalls next to me and closed his door and sat down on the toilet seat in the stall next to me.He could see me through the large hole in the wall that seperated us.At that moment he said hello and I said hello right that moment he took off his shorts and just had his tang top on.He was a local hawaiian mix with black i think.He was dark skin with curly hair.He was around in his early fithys with a lot of gray hair.Anyway he turned and showed his cock towards me and quietly said is this what you wanted.I did not say a word,but shook my head up and down meaning yes.He then entered my stall and closed the door.I then started jerking off and massaging his black shaft up and down.And then I started closing in on his black shaft,by then he had a full erection after about two minutes of jerking him off. I must say it was a beautiful black hard cock with all the viens showing its self.i must say I got so HUNGRY and horny for it.and Right then and there I took all of his 8inch black stud cock in my mouth and just started sucking it and doing what I do best.deep throats the whole nine yards.I look right in his eyes while working his black stud shaft in my mouth.He was smiling and telling yeah babe ooooh babe you fucking slut you,he started getting a bit rough but i DID not mind it.He started grabbing both of my ears holding my head tightly as he started fucking my mouth with his big black shaft.In and out in and out real hard oooh i could feel his strong thrust as he fucked my mouth with his black shaft.I started gaging because he kept on going so hard and non stop.He started saying yeah u bitch suck it harder and the same time he grabbed my ass cheeks and groaping my phatt ass all over.he shoved his fingers inside my tight hole and started finger banging with his fingers at the same time fucking my mouth at the same time.He knew imeadiately when he put his fingers inside of me that I had not gotten fucked .He told me that oooh your so tight behing there,He said also that yeah babe it must be his lucky day.I told him that I had a crossdressing partner I was seing but his cock was only five inches long.He then pulled his cock out of my mouth grabbed me and turn me around and bent me down doggys style and waisted no time shoving his black 8inch cock inside of me and just started fucking real hard non first it was nothing but pain and I started telling him that it hurts.He didnt say anything but kept on fucking me so so hard and deep inside of me.after about ten minutes later I started to feel numb and the pain went away and i STARTED TO FEEL NOTHING BUT SEXUAL PLEASURE AND ECSTASY AS HIS BIG BLACK COCK THRUST HARD IN AND OUT OF ME.He was in great physical shape for a man pass his fithys with gray hair.I started moaning and making sounds because it felt so so good.thirthy minutes went by and he started grunting and groaning and said I am going to bust my black nutt anytime now and I told him please shoot and film me with his cum.And he did as I asked him too.HE SHOT ME WITH ALL HIS CUM DEEP INSIDE OF MY TIGHT PHATT BUTT CHEEK HOLE.IT was a huge load because i could feel his thick warm cum entering me behind like a water hose going full blast inside of me.He grunted and groan like a wild cave man.after it was all over he put his shorts back on.By then I was totally exhausted by his.I was never ever fucked so good so hard and passionate like he did.BEFORE HE LEFT HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND I GAVE HIM MINES.He is now my black sugar daddy.I STILL VISIT THAT PUBLIC BATHROOM TILL THIS DAY.

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