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My REAL life as an amateur cd superstar-see profil

Earlier,I wrote about what real cd sex was like.What I'm gonna say now isn't fiction.See my galleries.The turning point for me was my 1st 3some.I met Gloria and she came with a professional makeover.She turned me on to a salon in Staten isl called fairplay that catered exclusively to cd's.I'll never forget when I saw myself for the 1st time when my makeover was done.see my 1st pic in motherload gallery.I was hot!Really hot!When I posted pics from that gettogether with gloria and 2 other gurls my profiles on alt and aff quickly became #1 in the ts/cd category.Over the next years I hosted probably 30 or so motel orgies.Always safe sex and,as you can see from pics,only fem cd's.5 or 6 parties had 10 or more cd's,2 with a couple real girls,and 3 with a memorable cd husband-wife couple.Usually held at a residence inn,my halloween parties are lengendary.Oh the fun we had.These parties developed a reputation for safe sex and laughs all night.Soon,every party would include 3,4,5 repeat cds who would almost instantly make new girls comfortable.We'de start around 7pm and go till 12 or 1am.most times new girls would show up as others had to leave.fresh cock and cum.I would say that 75% of the girls were married and thier wives had no idea,except for that memorable couple.Sorry,no pics of them.I promised them.Anyway,every party was like a porn flic.If you wanted to do something you did it.Especially me,as the host.Newbies would join in at thier pace.My regulars and I would always be doing something and inevitably they would join in.I felt like a sex symbol.And I was a total slut who loved to document these parties with pics,as you can see.So,I write this for all you guys who wonder what it would be like.I've posted pics from my parties.As someone who loves shemale porn I do especially like real cd vids and pics and i've seen them all.I'm confident that my cd pics are the HOTTEST you've seen.I wish they were vids but you can't have everything.Where would you put it?

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