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My very first experience with my classmate (episod

He was amused by the sight...of me in lingerie..standing on the porch,it was obvious he was in a shock (or state of extacy?) and couldn't take his sparkling blue eyes off my firm body inside the dress...he closed the door behind,like he was worrying if someone could see us ..I don't know why but i felt the tears running down my cheeks as a result of this emotional discharge and hugged him,saying ''I was scared to death..of losing you...I thought you would never talk to me again''...Maybe i was being hysterical but i really wasn't thinking healthy at that moment..a typical girl:) I started to kiss him on the neck,nibbling his ears and tears were still running down...Then we sat,his head was between my hands...He was still in shock ''Why haven't you told me about it before?'' I answered ''How could i? You kept telling me about your girlfriend all the time''.. '' You know i am straight'' ..he started...That was the last thing i wanted to hear...''Do you really think someone lacking a vagina can't be female?..I have never been a boy...Look at me'' I yelled..showing my curvy booty and body in dress ''Do you think do i look like a boy?''...He was silent...No answer..but i understood he got my point..

He said ''Well you are really pretty and beautiful,you look amazing..I really don't know what to say..But you know how people are..Our schoolmates...How could we explain that to them? They would make fun of us''..I'm afraid he was right..I was emotional and he was logical..''They don't have to know'' i said..I was desperately trying to find excuses to change his mind .. '' And (the name of his girlfriend) ..I feel so bad..feel like cheating her..If i was single..I can't do that to her.'' he said..I was going to say ''Come on..that selfish bitch even doesn't suck your dick,she doesn't deserve you.'' with anger but i stopped myself..It would make everything worse..We agreed to become ''indoor lovers''...Keep it as a secret...between only 3 of us; me, him and God.

As we were both hormone-fueled teens,we were so thirsty of sex ..Making love to eachother almost daily after school...He was so passionate and wild like an a****l on heat..I was milking his cock several times a day by using my mouth skills and swallowing his loads..Giving him lipstick blowjobs..ending with a painted penis:)..Over 6-7 months passed since i became his ''mistress''..But i was still ''technically'' virgin..He was fingering my ass sometimes whilst i was giving him head,but that's it..My young cherry was too tight ..even for 2 fingers..I know how much he wanted to take my virginity and slide his cock into my pink smooth butthole but the pain was unbearable..I really wanted to give him what he wanted..Because i also wanted to feel him inside me,becoming his woman but how?..I was going to give him a ''birthday present'', my anal virginity....I searched on internet ''HOW TO DO ANAL WITHOUT PAIN'' ,some articles..I was trying to strech my anus by myself when i was in the bathroom,using gels and creams,sometimes vaseline and baby oil..After a few fingers,i even managed to stick a plastic deodorant tube in my ass..I think my hole was finally ready for engulfing his fat cock..It was a rainy afternoon,he was horny as usual..We were playing in my bed,both clothed..He was kissing from my neck and teasing my nipples under my dress..I could feel his hard bulge..I went down on my knees and unzipped his fly ,his zipper by using my teeth..I think he got really excited some his breathing became intense and heavy..Once i unzipped him,his throbbing big erection popped out of his boxers...I teased his cockhead by using my tongue as usual,swirling my tongue around his fat cock,kissing and licking his balls,burying my nose in his pubes to feel his beautiful boyish smell...I was kinda worshipping his genitals and it was making me feel like a full woman,his 'wife'..

I was tickling the sensitive area between his scrotum and anus..then i started to kiss his belly ,his belly button and his nipples..I was literally eating his body,every inch..

I told him to close his eyes...I ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of strawberry jam ..I was smearing jam on his fat pulsing cock..I was licking his cock like there was no tomorrow..Once i cleaned his cock by licking after a sloppy blowjob, his cock was wet and sticky enough...I already moisturized by rectal cavity with baby oil..I was wearing black lingerie with fishnet socks..I thought it would be hornier if i let them stay;partially clothed sex...

He had no idea when he saw me fingering my anus..I said ''Sssh surprise!''...I showed him the bottle of baby oil...He was like OMG:) I said ''Yes cowboy,today is the day...ready for a wild rodeo?''

I was on my four,and him behind me...

I continued '' And once the head is inside..stay like that for a minute or so..don't move..stay stable..This time is required for my anus to get muscles relax''

My ass was trained from masturbation sessions (Thanx to deodorant tube),so i was ready for his fat cock..

He pushed it slowly and i started to moan with a mixture of pain and joy ''Oh yeah,now i am officially your woman!''

Now he was balls deep in my ass...I could hear his balls slapping against my butt cheeks...It was very verbal and local...His moans,mine and the sound of his balls were echoing on my bedroom walls..The moment was so intense...I knew he wouldn't gonna hold it longer..

He was kissing from my neck and biting my ears gently whilst screwing me from the behind *doggy style* up in my ass..His breathing became heavy again,i felt he was about to explode..

He whispered to my ear ''Do you want me to cum in your ass baby? Do you want my seeds?''

I was shouting with joy ''Yes hell..yes yes...Please fill me up aaaah''

I felt his penis pulsing around my anus ring with each thrust..He was moaning like an a****l in pain..I could feel the warmth of his fluids filling me slowly..Then he collapsed on me,still breathing heavy..His body was sweaty and his heart was beating like crazy...He was still inside me..He did stay inside..He did not pull it out...He stayed inside me until his cock got soft..


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