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My Fire Down Below!

I have been cursed!!!!

I have always had a huge reserve of cum do to my large balls, ever since i was a k** i have needed to masturbate 4 to 5 sometimes six times a day. I have had many D Rs. tell me they have never seen balls as big and always take extra time to examine my balls in wonderment. No woman, and I have to give my girl credit here, has ever, in my life, been able to take care of the constant pressure I feel from cum building up through out the day. Some, at this point would say your lucky man!, but In a way its a pain in the ass really. We have to plan our day according to my need to be milked, no really!
I wake every morning, since puberty at 600am do to what I call a dull pain in my balls, its kind of like a throbbing,or a steady pulsing feeling in both balls. If i wait they will actually swell and turn color to a scarlet color. At first when we just started fucking, I had to really convince my girl i wasn’t making this up. That I was indeed in pain unless I or she milked it out of me. She didn’t believe me right off but when she woke to find me relieving myself at the same time every morning for several months she figured it out. She calls me her "Cum Gun " because when I do cum I shoot a 3 to 4 feet "stream" of opalescent jizz and if were in a public place we have to take this into account. If you like what you see here on our site please leave a comment or if you have request please tell us. Speaking of that pressure again we are going to take care of it now....Dam... I have to cum again?

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