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My first lesbian experience

Ok know let me explain something to you before we start this off I am not a lesbian (even though there is nothing wrong with being one) but i am bi curious and you guys are the first to ever hear about this story soo well be nice :P

Okay so me and my friend Christine having a sl**p over like usual but me and her are really horny and me and her tell each other everything so I look at christine and im like man if you weren't here id defitanly be fingering myself right know. She then looks at me and says well I'm really horny too and well you know since we both don't have boyfriends or anything maybe we each other ? I then look at her in complete and utter shock not believing the words coming out of her mouth, I know I have always been curious but never thought on acting on it but who better then my best friend to try it out with right? So i look at christine and say lets go for it so we both completely strip naked. Well I'm 5'3', tanned, blonde hair, blue eyes, average body, a nice ass, and DD tits and shaven pussy. Christine is 5'5' tanned, brown hair, blue eyes, okay body, nice ass, and D tits and trimmed pussy. so me and her look at each other naked know we have both seen each other naked before but not like this i then realize damn shes hot i cant wait to get my mouth on that pussy and lick it till its dry. she then comes across the bed and starts sucking on my boob i start moaning in pleasure and start playing with her clit. i then get very horny push her down and starting eating her pussy out she then ends up cumming all over my face. she then pulls me so my ass and pussy are in her face. so we are know in 69 and were eating each others pussy fingering each other both of us cumming multiple times it was amazing. after we both came about 3-4 times we roll over and say we gotta have more sl**p over like that.

Its two years later and we both have boyfriends but every once in a while when we need girl time together we have a replay of our first lesbian experience together :)

hope you guys liked it. that was a true story btw :P

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