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First time fun

Been dressing for about ten years, started with few items now got full wardrober. Gone the extra mile by shaving all over and shedding some serious pounds to look good. Found a great site in US who sell made to measue mens CD TV Clothing so know I look good. Anyway, on a few websites and cam wanked a few times, but a while ahgo something caught my eys, or should I say someone!!!
Get loads of messages on AFF from loads of guys but its the CD ones that attracts me until had one from a guy who said was shaved ALL over. I adore shaved, I hate hairs, I wont 'play' with anyone in hair at all.
We exchanged messages, pictures, my god he was gorgeous, toned, toned slim and a lovely cut black cock (sorry did I say he was black??!!).
The only problem was he was in York and I was in London.
This changed when work sent me there for few days....
So I packed up the car and drove and checked into a nice hotel.....
I then started e mailing him again and told him where I was staying and that I had brought everything with me and did he want to come over. I had one stipulation though....He had to shave himself on cam so i could see he was smooth and that he did brilliantly !!!
So the follwoing day was the day and I was going to be fully prepared,
Got up had a nice hot bath and shaved myself all over and moisturised.
Painted my nails pillarbox red.
Now what do i wear,um,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shall i wear red 6 inch heels or black,,,,,decision, decisons...So i went for:
6 Inch Red Patent Heels
Black Stockings with red seam and red welt.
Satin 6 strap suspender belt
Black lace crotchless panties
Black Satin Skirt
Black Satin Blouse
Black Satin jacket
Black bob wig
Pillarbox red lipstick
Oh and I lubed up big time too....................
Cant believe how sexy I felt, the skirt was so tight that you could hear the sheere of the nylons rub as I walked, I even tried to bend over, not a chance with that skirt so that might need tbe pulled up later......
Knock Knock, god I was shaking.
I opened the door, he just looked me up and down, smiled and wlaked straight past me, I turned and he grabbed me and started to kiss me, one hand on my ass then other on my head.
Instanty I could feel him and I was not going to waste a chance, I knelt down while pulling that skirt up and unbiottned his trousers reached in and pulled out his cock, ummm the smell of it. I licked the tip and then just went mad on it sucking, licking I could not get enough. It was so big and so hard.................................

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