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Almost caught getting head

I was dating a very sexy blonde. I would go to her house everyday just to fuck our brains out. She always loved to film us going at in every room of the house and she loved sucking my cock. I was living in high heaven with this chick. One night we were in her living room having a bit of fun when we heard someone walking down the stairs. We paniced and put on our clothes with not a moment to spare. I stood up with a raging hard on right as her dad walked around the corner. I said "Hey Mr. B, Katie is going to walk me to my car" he said "bye" and I managed to make it 5' down the stairs before she started begging for my cock. I somehow managed to make it to the door and as soon as I opened it, she grabbed me, pushed me against the wall right next to the window and instantly grabbed my cock, got on her knees and was giving me THE BEST bj. Right as I was about to blow my load down her throat her dad turned on the porch light and was looking out the window I was next to. She didn't even stop and I couildn't hold it back anymore, I exploded in her mouth with her dad at the window. As soon as I finished he turned the light off and walked away. I don't believe he saw me... At least I hope he didn't see me cum all over his daughter!

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