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Muscle encounters 1 Dawn Whtiman

Muscle encounters- Dawn Whitman
By lilguy
A happy fan meets Dawn Whitman, smut happens.

I had met Dawn Whitman at a Muscle Expo. She had been my favorite body
builder. She was a great mixture of muscle and sexuality. She was strong let
she had sexy curves. Her biceps were huge and her legs look like they could
crush a Buick.

She had a punk girl look. Her hair was spiky blond. She had a nose ring and
tattoos all over her arms and back. Her breast was huge and barely was held in
by the outfit she wore that day. She went out in outfit like a leather biker,
a Cowgirl, and cop. She did poses and strutted her stuff for the camera.

I went to get up for the autograph. I was black 5.8 and wore jeans and button

"Thanks" I said "I love your bodybuilder and of course your other stuff"

"What other stuff" She ask

She was in her cop outfit. I got a view of her cleavage and tried to hide my
erection. I was shaking.

"You know the ... .other stuff. Like movies"

"You mean my posing ones" She said with a smile

"No the sex one" I whisper

"Oh the fethishing hardcore sex that what you watch" She said loudly

I got nervous. She grab my hand. Her hand was soft let strong. She licked her
lip and wrote down an autograph and the hotel number.

"Be that in 2 hours" She whispered

Security sent me out of line so people could go up. I was shaking. Did she
just do what I thought she did? That night I drove to the apartment and walked
in. This had to be a Joke. I couldn't be this lucky.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in" She said

I walked in and she was sitting there was a glass of wine and punk robe. It
look like she just took a shower and her hair was still wet. Droplets of water
were coming down her breast. She smiled and took a sip of wine. She looked at
me like a piece of meat.

"Take of your clothes" She said "Now"

She spoke in a commanding voice. I remove my clothes nearly ripping them
apart. I stood there naked with a raging hard on.

"Nice" She said

She got up and circled around me. Dawn grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a
tight squeeze.

"You ever fucked a girl like me before. You ever give your cock milked dry by
a tight muscled pussy like mind. Every have you dick squeezed dry between a
girls biceps sweaty

"No ... But want to"

She laughs and gave me a pinch on the ass. She opens her robe. I can tell she
was naked underneath it. It could feel her sharp nipples against me. She had
those pierces. It could feel her pierced clit against my ass as she felt and
squeeze my nipples.

"Don't turn around, Keep your hands down" She said "And what ever you do don't

She started stroking me while rubbing against me. She kissed my neck as her
pussy hit my ass. She had a big juicy clit and I could feel it against me
slamming. Dawn moans were loud. I moaned as she took me in those muscled arms.
It felt so good. I wanted to explode then and there but she knew how to
squeeze to keep me from climaxing but at the edge.

She dragged me over the mirror while jerking me off. She grabbed my hair and
had I looked at it. She looked gorgeous. She flexed her bicep was she stroked
me with her other hand. She kissed her muscles.

She dropped her robe down so I could get a good look.

"You're a Goddess" I moan

She smiled

"And you my servant. Like it when I stroke this cock do you" She said


She rubbed against me faster and faster.

"Feel my muscle baby"

I felt her biceps as she went harder and faster rubbing against me. Her
muscles were like still and now drench in sweat. She came moaning loudly. She
kissed me and I started to cum. She made me lick her hand.

"That it every drop" She said

She kissed me some more. Dawn spun my around. I hung in her arms.

"Every time you cum ... I cum 3 times boy. Not counting me cumming this time
sense I did the work" She said

She grabbed me and tossed me against the bed. She jumped on me and put her
clit in my face. She held me down and was humping my face.

"Lick my clit boy ... that it ... back and fourth..faster..faster ... ohhhhhhh
yesss ... suck it a bit yesss"

Her pussy was dripping wet and I started to suck

"Higher baby..right there ... right there ... .fuuuuuuuuuuuuck ... I am
cumming ... shit ... ... 2 more times baby ... " She said

She drenches my face. I sucked and lick like a wild a****l and gagged. She
slammed me into the bed. She would smother me until I was near passing out and
then lift her cunt up just enough to breath before slamming it down. She came
2 more time. Each one bigger then the next before stroking my cock. She glided
her hand down making me shoot my load

ŗ more time honey"

My tongue was sore

She put her ass It my face and spread her cheeks showing a deep hole.

"Lick ... Yesss like that. Eat, your nasty slut" Dawn said "Snack time, nice
milky chocolate for you"

She took my cock and start sucking it getting it real wet. She took me all the
way in I moan against her ass and she seem to like it. She took my cock
between her tits and started to tit fuck me. I moaned and slammed my fist into
the bed as she smothered me with her ass. Dawn slowly sucked her finger and
started finger fucking my ass as she titfucked me.

"Yea deep in that tight little black ass" She said

I couldn't take it. I shot my load all over her tits.

"Tsk Tsk. You owe me six now. Finger my clit boy"

She smiled enjoying the ass rimming and rubbing against. She soon came as her
pussy drench on my finger. My legs went limp,

"Keep licking the ass boy" She said

Hour passed

"Well seven mores time I came. But you came twice. You 3 times again ... tsk
tsk" She laughed

I laid there and she took me inside her. Her pussy gripped me milking me as
she had me fill her tits. She loved getting her nipples squeezed and squeezes
my neck. She rode me up and down flexing my muscle. Could last longer because
I came so many times.

"Ohhh yesssssss" She said

She plunge her pussy on my cock up and down as I became hard as steal.

"I am CUMMING" She said "Shit squirt all over your cock"

She saw me about to cum. She gripped my neck choking me. I tried to budge her
finger but was weak. The orgasm was intense as my arms went lip

"Extra 3 times babe"

The night she fucked me senseless as we both came and came.


I woke up in the bed weak. Dawn was all ready dress for her show. She had on
tight wife beater that said "Muscle erotica" and tight jeans and boots.

"Don't go anywhere babe. Not that you can move now anyway" She laughed

She stood over there.

"Cause you still owns me orgasms. You never go to be even with me. Your now in
inditerted servitude to my pussy" She laughed

Dawn walked out the door giving me a view of her butt. I laid there unable to
move thinking of what next

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