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Muscle encounters 6 Lynn mcrgossin pecpanther

I was my apartment room looking out the window. That was when I saw her. It
was Lynn Mgrossin, famous female bodybuilder and model. It was staying there
for a convention. I stop and caught myself. I slipped out some binocular and
took a peak.

Lynn had long black hair and was currently dress in a tight belly shirt that
showed off her abs and Belly button. She wore tight denim shorts to show off
her ass. Her feature was very Greek and her body nice and tan. Her biceps were
huge and glisten with sweat from a work out she was doing. Her body was short
but very defines her nails long. I made a close up and could she was she doing
leg presses. Her big breast would bounce up and down as she flexed her muscle.
Her legs muscles popped as she pushed the heavy weight, it was maybe 300

Lynn smiled seeming to like the work and pressed harder. I imagine being
between those legs as she worked out faster and faster. I grabbed myself,
jerking my cock up and down. I imagine how it likes to have her stroke me with
those biceps. Lynn got up and admired her muscle in the mirror. They bounce as
she flexed them. She removed her shirt. I couldn't believe it. Her nipples
were nice and dark. Her back muscle was like solid steal.

She looked at the mirror for a second. She looked closely. The mirror could
spot my window. She turn quickie. I was startled. I dropped my binoculars and
turn off the lights.

I rested in my bed and hope see didn't see. 20 minutes later there was a loud
knock on the door. I ignore it. It got louder and louder. Maybe it wasn't her.
I snuck over and look through the keyhole. It was her, wearing the same outfit
as before and was holding a big bag.

"I know you're in there. Can hear you breathing. Open up" She said

I open the door. She walked in and dragged me by the ear. She tossed me on the
bed. Lynn put her bag down. She looked bigger in person. Her muscles dwarf
mind. I was looking at an Amazon. I was about say something but she shhh me.
She turns off the lights and locked the door

"Take off your clothes" She said


"What you seen me naked but I can't see you. Take off you clothes"

I did as told. I was black, slim and weak. It didn't have a hot fitness body
but didn't have a beer gut either. She gave a little whistler and applauds as
I strip. She then proceeds to make Cat calls. It stood there naked with an
erect penis.

She bent me over and gave me a slapped on the ass then followed by another and

"So you like peaking don't you" She said

"I am sorry"

She grabbed my cock and gave it a rubbed. I wanted to explode right there as
she rubbed it up and down. She squeezed my balls hard to show that was a bad
idea. She grabbed my hair.

"Is this what you stroked when you watch me?"

"Please sorry Lynn"

"How you know my name" She said

"I ... I ... watch your website"

"Oh you little pervert. Tell me do you jerk off to me"


She laughed. She pulled my hair back hard and gave me another few hard slaps.
She squeezes my taints making my chirp. Her hand started to squeeze my balls.

"Tell you what slut, going to not call the cops if you do everything I say"

She grabbed my neck and squeeze

"Yes anything"

She sat on the chair.

"Take off my boots" She said "You may touch my legs if you want"

I did as Told. I rubbed my hand across her legs as I took off her boots.

"Socks" She said

I took off her shocks and was seen perfect feet with perfect toes.

"Massage and kisses them slut"

I rubbed her feet as laid back and relax; I kissed them like a little pet. She
shoved a toe in my mouth and made me gag on it.

"You like my smelly feet, been working out all day, so it has a strong smell
boy. Take a whiff, yea put your toe in it" She said

I licked between her toes I massage her legs. She flexed her biceps as she
looked down on me. They were like conalopes.

"I could break you in half. I may do that. Could put you over my knee and
spank you before breaking your back over it. Can make you disappeared boy. I
could crush you with my bare hand and it not anything you can do about it"

I trembled. My hands were shaking as I massage her feet. She seems to like
that. She looked straight into my eyes.

"Yes may do just that. So If I were you, I do a good job on my feet. Mmmmmmm
shit. Look at my biceps wimp. Look how strong they are. Yea that feels good.
Nice that I always get to run into wimps like you"

I looked up at her and sucked her feet. Her other foot smoosh my nose making
me smell it. I kissed under the plan of her feet and massage the toes. I so
badly wanted to touch myself then and there. She knew it and kept up the
teasing. She stopped me and pushed me back

She pulled off her short showing and dripping wet pussy. She grabbed my hair

"Lick it, want you to dive in there, lick the center of the clit and under it,
go where I tell you boy"

She stuffs my face in and had trouble breathing but I dare not stop. I sucked
on her tender clit giving it kisses. It was and big and could get my lips
around. It tasted so good. I licked back and fourth. I loved it.

"Yea higher, mmm lower right there..shit. Eat it baby"

I began sucking harder. She lifted my face up and down smashing me into her
clit. I love the smell of it.

"Righter there ... shiiiiiiiiiit"

She came and began fucking my face until she came again. My jaw was sore as I
shoved my tongue in like a cock, and twisted it around deep inside her back
and fourth. My head bobbed up and down on her. She grabbed my hair

"Faster, you not done let. Ohhh shit Yessssss"

Juices filled my mouth as I licked her clit.. Her muscles legs squeezed around
me. My arms went limps and my legs went weak. I lay their sucking like a rag
doll. Lynn came as she drove her clit in She laughed and went into her bag and
lit up a cigar as she watch me worked. She went into her bag and pulled out a
glass of wine

"Get me some Ice, and don't even think about asking to put some clothes on, or
to wipe my cum off your face"

I walk meekly trying to cover myself, running like my life depended on it. I
got her bucket of ice. A door open and I heard a gasp. I bolted into the room.
I place it on the table. She poured herself some ice. She pushed me down and
got up grabbing me by the hair. She blew some smoke in my face.

"By the time I finish smoking this, I want to cum 3 times. GOT IT"

"Yes Lynn"

She sat down and places my head between her thighs and poured herself a drink.
She smiled wrapping the cigar around her mouth and licking it. She was teasing
me with it.

"This could have been you if you weren't just a perve" She tease "And just ask
me out. But between my legs a good place as any"

Hour later

I was drench in her Juice and totally weak. She grabbed my broken body and
tossed me on the bed. She rode me hard and fucked me against the wall. I
scream with pleasure as I wrapped my arms around her strong body. She thrust
and let my cock head her clit as she came on me. She kept me hard my going
back and slows then fast. When I came, it was like and explosion. Minutes seem
like hours, lost track of how long I was being fucked.

I came two times clasping into her. She kissed me deeply and grabbed my ass

"Don't think I can take anymore" I whimper

She smiled and dragged me to the balcony. She bent me over it. She went into
her bag and pulled out a 12 inches strap on.

"Don't worry, your cock doesn't work but MIND does"

She fucked me against the balcony as I screamed into the night.

That morning

I lay unable to move into the room. She got dressed after eating a bit of
breakfast. The room service then notices me knocked out. She ate her meal and
smiled down on me. She bent down and slapped me across the face.

"Guess your eyes were bigger then your head" She laughs got all your
information, Number, where you live. We will meet again slave. When you're
able to walk again, you will still aches, will hurt when you sit down. And
when every time someone notice you have a limp, make sure they know the
Pecpanther did it to you"

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