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Muscle encounters 6 Mistress Treasure

Muscle Encounters 6 - Mistress Treasure
By lilguy
Treasure escape from prison and meets her penpal

Tony was a black man who was single and lived in a small little house, on a
small little street. He went on a dating site to help out with a shy lonely
life and found a site called Prison mates. Where girls and guys could match up
with people in prison and become pen pals. Tony always been a bit submissive,
so certain lady caught his eye.

She was a Black Girl name Treasure. She had an athletic body and nice biceps,
and sexy muscle bound legs that could crush a man but she was beautiful. Her
lips were nice and thick and she had a smooth curvy body. Her hair was short
and black and her ass nice and thick. She ends from running a protection
racket, multiple counts of **** and assault. She liked to use strap-on on her
victims, assault of the police officer, Breaking and entry, arm robbery, and
running a prostitution racket. She actually sold men that she beat up into
prostitution and ran brothels with some girls that were friends with her.
Treasure and him had been talking for a few months. They had to watch what
they say because the letters were always being read. But through their talks
on phone and mail she got out some phone sex with him. It was fantasies of how
she would dominate him. There were wild. He could be as wild as he wants
because so far it was just fantasy. Tony also talked about himself. He sent
pages and page talking about his feelings and life.

One day the fantasy became real. He went to the video store to get something.
Little did he know, that that a Day ago Treasure broke out of Jail. She had
seduced the guard to come into her room and have sex. While he was making out
with her, she wrapped her legs around her and broke his ribs. She took his
weapon and broke out, putting 4 more guards in the hospital. Tony got into his
car and drove. He was startled when he saw someone pop up in the back seat.

"Knew you would show up at this store. If I waited long enough." Treasure

She had on tight wife beater shirt and no bra, and pair of jeans. She manages
to steal those clothes from her a clothes rack. She had a Duffel bag that
belongs to her. It had her toys and some money to escape. She had it in a
storage locker she had hidden somewhere. She went into it and put on a Blond
wig and some shade.

"How you get in here" He gulped

"Broke in ... Drive. Where getting out of state"

"I can't be a party to breaking you out"

She pulled out a gun. Something she stole off a guard while escaping.

"Wasn't a Request bitch ... In fact parked the car"

He did as told. She held the gun on him and got into the passenger side

"Drive and don't say a word" She said

They drove miles and miles

"You got a Phone bitch, give it to me" Treasure said

"But I ... "


"Bitch gives me the Phone and keeps driving." She said

She spoke on the phone

"Yea is at the hotel I talked about. Laying Low. Yea got that little bitch who
had a crush on me. Little Fairy almost pissed his pants when he saw me. Little
bitch hard right now looking at my breast" She said

Her nipples were poking through. She slapped him

"Eyes on the road, don't want us pulled over by the cops"

She unzipped his pants and started stroking him.

"Yea going to lay low. Milk this guy for some money, have some fun with him.
Need a little bitch like him to go out, get me food and items I need" Treasure
said "Yea, We meet up with some guys when it safe. Yea that BURLY mother
fucker. Cant wait to have a real man."

She began stroking him faster and faster. She licked her hands and massage his
cock. He was like puddy in her hands. In seconds he came.

"Clean it off ... NOW"

She stuck out her hand and had him lick her hand

"Take Exit 12"

They drove out of state to a musty hotel on the side of the road. They brought
a room and went inside. Her fist slammed into his gut sending him to the
ground. She grabbed him up and she started slapping him senseless. He tried to
fight back but she was to fast and strong. And Left hook slammed into his
face, and then a right making him sees darkness. She stripped him naked and
wrapped his legs around his ribs. Treasure slapped him awake and squeezed

He screamed in pain. She started to laugh.

"Why, are you doing this?"

"Got to trained you bitch. Got to show your ass who boss? Want you to know if
you try anything funny, this happens."


He was shaking in fear. She flexed her arms and squeezed his ribs with her
killer legs.

"Ahhhh Yes ... fight it, Want you to know how helpless you are" She said

She took off his shirt showing off her dark nipples. She had smooth six pack
abs the glisten with sweat. He could see some pussy hair peaking from her low
cut jeans. She smiled and started licking her dark nipples. The nipples seem
hard. Despite the pain he was rock hard

"Please would never try anything, I ... I love you"

She laughed harder. She squeezed her legs again

"You WUV me Ahhhhhhhhhh What cute wittle baby." Treasure said

Tears were running down his eyes.

"Well first rule. I am in charge 1. Second you don't do ANYTHING, go anywhere
without my say so. Third Rule Your old life is OVER"

"Yes what ever ... just stop"

"That sounded like an ORDER!!!"

"Please stop"

"Beg" Treasure said

A smug smile cross her beautiful lips

"Better make it good and quick, look like one of your ribs about to snap." She

"Please Do anything ... Please, I'm your bitch, Please ... stop"

"But I though you LIKED pain" Treasure

She licked his chest and started sucking his nipples. Pain was mixed with
pleasure. She held his arms down and nibbled his neck next. Her moaned

"Think you will crack a rib" He cried

"You mean this one"


She got up.

"Consider that my MARK." She said

She got up and told him to crawl over.

"Take off my shoes" She said

He did as told.

"Kiss my feet" She said while taking off her pants.

He pecked at her feet. She laughed and took her pants off. Her pussy was
dripping wet. She took a seat and pointed to her pussy. He crawled over and
grabbed his head. She wrapped her legs around and gave him a squeezed.

"Right there, Keep Licking. Suck it ... left to the left ... shit right there.
Shit boy you give some good head. Going to be a good owner when I pimp your
ass out, after we get to Mexico"

She laid back and squeezed his legs hard when she thought she wasn't doing a
good enough job. He slurped up her wet pussy as she bucked his face. She
grabbed his hair.

"Shit cumming" Treasure said

Her body shook

"Keep licking right there, want a multiple. Keep Licking. Damm, Going to sale
your ass real good bitch. Your going to be on every street corner I can find.
Pussy licking a perfect Job for small dick bustas like you. Cumming again"

"Your taste so good..mis ... "

"Did I say you could talk? Does it Look like I here for chit chat"

He shook his head.

"Then shut your fucking mouth and keep licking" Treasure said

And Hour Passed. She pushed him off and grabbed some cigar from her bag. She
lit it up and took a puff.

"Get your as dress and get me some Beer and new smokes"

She hopped on the bed. She grabbed her gun.

"If you aint back soon, I coming for you." She said "Get some ice too"

He did as told. He came back 10 minutes later with some beer and smokes.
Treasure was in the Bathroom.

"Put it on the table and get undress"

James didn't have to be asking twice. He franticly got undress and jumped in
the bed. Out of the Bathroom came Treasure. But this time she had on a 16 inch
strap on.

"Surprise slut"

She was lubing it up and walking slowly toward him. Her dildo glistens as she
slapped him across the face. Treasure bent him over and teased his asshole
with it. She let it hold on the tip of his asshole and watch it pucker. Then
she drove it in deeply. The rubber balls slammed his ass like sticks to drums.
She grabbed his hair making him screamed. The pain was intense but his cock
was rock hard. He felt it hit his prostate.

"Your little ass love it doesn't it, Look how it swallowing up. You little
wimpy sissy" Treasure said "Piece of shit"

She drove him home making him cry. A full length mirror was close to the bed
so they could see themselves. She flexed her muscles and licked her lips. The
site looked amazing to him. 5 minutes passed then she stops

" ... ... you little shit ... came" Treasure said

She pulled his face down to the cum stain.

"Lick it up whore" She said

James hesitates but she grabbed his hair harder.


He did as told tasting his own cum. His knees were shaking as she continued to
slam him as she licked.

"Fuck" Treasure screamed out as she came.

She pulled out and made him lick the dildo clean.

2 Weeks Later


Treasure was sitting out in the sun drinking and ice Tear. She was on a front
porch of her new Brothel. James came out in a G string and blond wig, Belly
shirt and blond wig. He dropped a stack of 100's on her.

She counted it

"Little light bitch" She said getting up

"Please I did my best"


She brought him to his knees.

"Get your ass back on the street and don't come back till you have a stack of
cash twice this big" Treasure said

"Yes mistress"

She lay back in her chair and drank her tea as he left.

"Freedom is good" She said to herself

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