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Muscle Encounters 2- Goddess Heather

Musclee encounters 2- Goddess Heather
By lilguy
Man trapped and abuse by the real life Goddess Heather

A man lay in dungeons. He was shivering with fear and pain. His ass was bruise
like two g****s. His penis stretches out from hours with a penis pump each
day. Whips market covered his body and a tattoo that said "Goddess Heather"
was on his ass. Tears ran down the young black man eyes as he dangled in the
air. The were a drain under him that watch away any fluids. His cock rocked
hard and body shaking also with lust from the goddess before him

Goddess Heather stood there naked accept for her boots and silk gloves. She
wore shades and had her hair cut short. Her blond hair now looked spiky. Every
muscle seems to glisten with power and she started at him and seems to start
right through him. She cracked a whip across the floor. The sound made a loud

Her huge breast stuck out with pride and defied gravity. Her nipples rock hard
like two knives. She looked like she could snap him like a twig.

She walked up to him and grabbed his hair so he could face him.

"Silly Slave. For years you talk to me on the net and talked about this was
your fantasy and the moment I give you just a little pain you cry like a baby"
She said

"I so..


"Did I say you could talk"



"Did I say you could talk?"

He shook his head

"Good as I was saying. The moment that I give a little pain you cry like a
little baby. Then you also told me on the net on how you with fuck me with big
black cock of yours but then you screaming for your mommy after I squeezed
every last drop from you. You lucky I still had my strap on to keep myself
busy. And you scream against that. I think some wittle little slave didn't no
his limit did he"

She squeezed his ass and patted his head.

"Did he my wittle slave" She said

He nodded

She slapped him again

"That cause there are no limits slave. I DECIDE when to stop"

She spun him around and laughs.

"Around he goes, where he stop nobody knows"

She had him from behind. Heather squeezed his ass giving it hard squeezed. Her
finger played with his asshole. He could feel her tits against his back and
her moaning. She nibbles his ear slowly kissing his neck leaving hickies. Her
nails scratch his back before coming down cupping his ass.

"Nice little ass slave. No wonder my strap on find it so inviting" She said

She licked his tears.

"Love it when they tremble" She said

She started stroking him with her silk hand. He moan loudly as his hands was
making quick work, molding his cock like clay. She could make him stay close
to climax as long as she wanted and make him cum as much as she wanted. Her
other hand squeezed his neck.

"Could kill your fight here Slave, could snap your little neck"

She squeezed harder

"What you think of that" She asked

"Wouldn't like it"

She laughed

"And what you like mean something"

She squeezed harder stroking him some more. bl**d rush to his cock as she was
squeezing the life out of him. He was totally in her power. He felt his cock
pulsate as she gave one more squeeze. His climax seems to him to last forever.
His cum shot into her silk hands all over the floor.

"Lick my hands clean slave" She said

He madly slurped her fingers.

"Now what to do to you" She said

She walked behind him. She cracked the bullwhip across the floor. She knew the
sound alone scared him and made him tremble. Her could smell the leather and
hear it whoosh through the air.

"No this all ready been use"

She grabbed a paddle and hit across the ass 3 times with it. He yelped in

"Nope all ready use 3 version of these"

She grabbed the dildo. She place one him mouth.

"Use most of these"

She took a ball gag in his mouth.

"This would stop your wimpy crying until I find something. Let's see Cat of
nine tails, Electric bolts, Car batteries, Tennis Ball shooter, Vaseline
combo, no tried that. Canes, all done. I know"

She put on some boxing gloves. Her shook in fear as she dance around the room

"Little work out"

She gave him a hard left and right. His body was sent flying like a ball and
rope on a pole. She punched him again each time he came around making him
spend in the air faster and faster. Feathered laughed wicked. She stopped him
and started working the ribs and body holding him in place. She was dripping
wet. She all ready made the slut eat her out several times

She connected 4 punches to the face and then winded her punch up like a wheel
meal sending him flying. He saw black after that.

She splashes some water on his face and let him drink a glass. Her body was
drench in sweat. Her pussy drench with excitement.

"Not done let little man" She said

She added more punches this time only harder. A right hook took him out.
Another after woken up was hitting with combos for a knocked.

"Down goes Frazier" She laughed

She put her arms around him

"You never be the champ Rocky" She smiled and gave him a kissed

Her tongue entered her mouth as she explored his body. She took off her gloves
for a second and squeezed his ass. Her fist hit his gut knocking the wind out
of him. She followed it with a punch from her gloves hand making him see

He awoke bruise and beaten. She grabbed him and took him inside her pussy. Her
pussy muscled milked him as she wrapped his legs around her and fucked him
like that as he was hanging from the ceiling. He moaned as she fucked him with
abandon. His cock was huge due to the penis pump she used on him. 12 inches of
meat slammed into her. Balls smacking her.

"Shit..CUMMING!!!" She said

She grabbed his hair.

"Don't you dare cum let"

She smiled enjoying the fucking. His body was useless now. Only for her
pleasure. She came again multiple times. Only then she allowed him to cum. He
shot with an explosion his whole body shook and he collapsed. Heather pulled

She was not done. One more thing. She put on a 12 inch strap on and started
lube it up. She also took a belt. She went behind him and wrapped the belt
tightly around his. She grabbed his legs in a wheel barrel position and
slammed the strap on in. She pulled him and made the belt tighten around his
neck in the process.

"Better cum faster slut"

She slammed the dildo deep into his ass. The sensation was amazing. Pleasure
and pain hit his body as cum soon shot like a fountain out of him. After a
half and hour he passed out.

She untied him and let his body lay there. His mouth was open only too filled
with her fluids as finisher.

Heather got into the shower and washed off. Her slave was still laying there.
She checks to make sure he was alive. Still breathing.

"Was it good for you as it was good for me" She laughed

Her laugh echoed through the room

The end

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