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My new feminine compulsion

Until I saw shemale porn on the web back around 1998, crossdressing had never occurred to me. But when I saw those doubly-sexy bodies, with both breasts and a cock, my sexual life really changed. I searched out every shemale porn site I could find, and found myself especially excited by hot shemales sucking a man's hard penis. It just turned me on so much! Over time, I started to see pictures of the men sucking the shemales - oh my god! Once I saw that - those beautiful bodies, the stiff cocks, and the men taking them in their mouths, I knew what I wanted.

It started with buying a tube of Maybelline lipstick. Just opening the tube and turning it, watching the very red lipstick rise, made me hard immediately. When I touched the tip of the lipstick to my lips, I was harder than I had been in years. This is what I had to do! I bought more lipstick, different colors, pink glosses. Then I knew what had to come next. I went to the mall and bought nylons panties and a bra. I was so nervous in the store, but I knew there was no going back. The Salvation Army store was next, for a skirt, blouses and a skin-tight black dress. When I got home I was in a state of nervous collapse - I was just so excited.

When the night came, and I was finally alone, I took a hot bath, and shaved my entire body for the first time. What an incredible feeling - so soft and smooth. I was in my fifties, and my skin felt like a teen-aged girl's! I dried myself, and began my first transformation. I had watched some YouTube videos, and tried to put on the makeup as well as I could. Then, I pulled the nylons carefully up my smooth legs, and put on panties and a bra for the first time. It was hard to believe - me, a straight guy all my life, transforming myself to a woman. It was shocking, but I knew I couldn't stop.

When I got all dressed and looked at myself - makeup, bright red lips, long lashes eyeliner, eye shadow, and a white satin blouse and tight pencil skirt, I knew I had found myself. Why did it take me so long to understand my own desires? I masturbated that night, and it was like my gurl-clit was a fire hose. I though my entire body was going to shoot out. My heart pounded, and I knew nothing could possibly be wrong with my new life.

That week, I ordered a wig online and bought four inch strappy heels at Payless. Thank god for Payless - the shoe store for trannies! When the wig came, and I was finally able to transform myself fully into a woman, the pleasure was stunning! I walked around the house in my new heels, and admired my crimson lips and rouged cheekbones. I didn't care about passing - it was the transformation that thrilled me. The feel of smooth nylons on my legs, the look of my long, red nails, and my red toenails peeking out from my heels was just overwhelming. Like they say - once a crossdresser, always a crossdresser.

That was my beginning. I stayed in the house, dressing in new outfits, buying new makeup, new shoes and of course new lingerie. And with that, I had begun a new, secret life. More to cum. ;-)

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