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E****ts and whores

For a long time now, I have been seeing girls, e****ts, whores and prostitutes. A long time is the last 25 years, and I got my first taste from picking up a street girl in Aberdeen. She was about 21, nice looking and gave a wonderful blow job – lots of mouth slurping and hand action. She always swallowed and I saw her maybe 10 times. All for 25 pounds. Since then I was hooked as it were. I saw so many other girls at the time – excitement of picking them up, driving somewhere, sucking and fucking and then dropping them off.

After this I made a few appointments with e****ts – my preference was always (and still is) with younger, petite blonde ones. Not young to be i*****l but certainly ones that look younger. My first was a girl from an agency – not the most attractive girl but one of the most enthusiastic. Her blow job was the best and when we fucked, oh boy, was she good. One of the other girls from the agency was apart time nurse – and she joined on the night Iw as looking for someone. She came straight from work, had the uniform and wow, what a night. But when the moment came to screw, neither of us had a condom, so we fucked bareback – I can remember squirting my cum inside her even now.

I saw so many – I kept a record and I am now over 100 e****ts – seen all over the world but the most from the UK. I have seen some that were top models – truly beautiful, to ones that were pretty but came with a great reputation.
Mainly I saw them at my place or at a hotel if I was away, and the anticipation of the tap on the door and a girl who you had been looking at only in photos was standing in front of you. Without fail the experience at that moment beat any photo and the girls were always a delight to see.

I spent, perhaps on average, about 125pound an hour for each e****t – the occasional one over three hundred and perhaps the cheapest 100 pounds.
I remember seeing one girl from an agency website – she was 18 and one week old and I saw her second customer as an e****t and fifth lover. Such a pretty girl and the whole schoolgirl role pay was great. I saw e****ts all over the world – Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland. Indeed, I think I am right in saying the Swiss have a lower threshold on e****t ages, so I am sure to have seen some in this age bracket.

These days I see many ladies in their late teens and early twenties. Not so much as an e****t thing but more in the massage/parlour scenario. I like this right now as the anticipation is great – you already know which lady you will see, but the time is nice to get a hour of fun and then on with your life.

If there is any feedback I can recall a few meetings in greater detail.

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