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My New Neighbour 3.

I came down and entering her garden found her stiil lying on her sunlounger with the young black delivery boys spunk all over her pussy.

'I guess you liked what you saw'.

'Definitely.You are a right little cum bucket'.

'Oh yes.And now i need yours.Come here and give me that young cock of yours.I think my pussys wet enough for you,don't you'.

I removed my trousers and climbing onto her sunlounger fed my cock into her soaking wet,spunk filled pussy.I could feel the young black lads come on my cock as i began to fuck my neighbour hard.Despite having just been well and truly fucked by a big black cock she was still enjoying mine.

'Oh fuck.Thats it.Fuck my mature pussy hard.I can't get enough young cock in my pussy'.

She was not lying there.I couldn't believe that she was still up for it so much.Not that i was complaining.She was the kind of woman you dream of,especially living next door to you.I pounded her hard but was not going to last long and told her so.

'Don't worry.As long as you come inside me'.

I lifted her legs up enabling me to penetrate deeper.

'Oh fuck that is so bl**dy good'.

I gave two more hard thrusts before i came deep inside her pussy.After i pulled out i looked down at her ravaged pussy.It was red raw and come was oozing out and all over her sunlounger.My neighbour just lay there with a huge grin on face.

'I can't believe how lucky i am to have a neighbour like you.I told my husband that our new young neighbour is fantastic..'.

I gasped at this.

'..And he always checks that i am alright.He just does'nt know how'.

At this couldn't help but laugh.

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