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Helping out my mother in law

It was an odd text message. My mother-in-law’s an unbelievable 65. At first glance she would pass for 50. Immaculately turned out, nice clothes, nice make up. So, to get the text I got was intriguing. “Help! I’m stuck”. I thought she must have either locked herself in, or been in the loft space and the ladder had slipped. She often went up there to sort things out. Whatever, she was stuck, I was the only one who was close enough to help, so ‘show some enthusiasm’ and go find out.

From the office at the bottom of the garden to the house is 20 metres. Far enough away to hear yelps of pain, so no worries there, but just not close enough or well positioned enough to see what awaited me in the house. The door was unlocked, so I let myself in and called for her. “I’m upstairs”. Stuck in the loft it is then. I told her to hang on while I took my shoes and socks off and semi-rushed up to find no ladder, no loft hatch open, and no sign of her.

“Val, where are you?”
“In here,”
“Where the frigging hell is here?!”
“In my room.”

I walked along expecting to find a door that needed shoulder charging open, but her door was free, and she was on her phone texting and looking out of her window. Nothing sexy about that sight. Dressing gown on, that was that.

“Erm, Val, what’s stuck exactly?”

She turned around a little flushed an apologetic. The front of her gown fell open as she turned revealing bra & panties. I didn’t know where to look, so I looked straight at her knickers. (Well if it was going to be a once in a lifetime glimpse then I may as well take advantage). They were white and lacy; I could just make out her pubes but nothing more. “Hmm” I thought, “that’s different, I’ve never felt stirring in my cock for you before”. So I said again “what’s stuck?”

“It’s my bra, I can’t get it off.”
“Surely you want to put it on?” I said, trying to lighten the mood.
“I just need to change it, and I can’t get the hooks to undo. Be a love, and DON’T tell anyone you did this, I’ll never live it down!”

I made my way over to her and said “let’s have a look then”. It was a car crash moment. Everything was going in slow motion, which allowed a myriad of thoughts to flood though my mind, all of which culminated in thoughts of sex obviously.

I walked round the bed as best I could, my cock now getting warmer as the bl**d flowed.

“Sorry about this, I’ve got cold hands.”
“So have I.” The though of those cold hands grabbing hold of my dick didn’t help my state of mind, and didn’t help steady my ever shaking fingers.
“Turn round then”

She dropped her gown to the floor. I was pleasantly surprised at the figure standing before me, and even more so to find the panties I was looking at from the front a few seconds ago were, in fact, a thong. No way in this world is that arse 65 years old, she must have had it done, I thought. “Pretty pert for an old girl” I joked. “Thank you, cheeky!” I could feel the mood lighten in humour, but also turn sexier. There was as much flesh on show as I’d ever seen on her. I’d only ever holidayed with her a couple of times and on both occasions she’d been well trussed up in a swimsuit.

My fingers shook towards the hook and I gently touched her back. She let out a small yelp as the coldness of my fingertips glided across her warm skin. “This may need a bit of a tug” I said. “That’s the only thing that’s being tugged today” was the response, to which I felt an element of relief. Honestly, I couldn’t shag my mother-in-law could I?

It took me a few seconds to undo the bra. She was right, it was firmly stuck. She quickly grabbed her tits so they weren’t on show and said “thanks”. Having undone the bra, normally I’d have hoped to turn and walk away with a chuckle to myself of what’s gone on, but I couldn’t move. Partly because my dick was virtually sticking it’s head over the top of my jeans, but in the main because I wanted to see more.

“Are you ok?”
“Er, yeah, I think so”
“How grateful are you exactly?”
“Very! Why?”
“Well, I’m your son-in-law. I know that. And I know this is the most absurd sounding thing, but I’d love to see your tits!”
“Well firstly because I’ve just seen nearly all of your body and I kind of love it, and secondly because I’ve got a massive hard-on and when the bl**d’s there, my brain thinks it shouldn’t be wasted”.
“I think you should go now” was the reply.

Tinged with disappointment I turned away readjusting my bits, and walked to the door. I put my hand on the door frame and turned around. She was standing there having taken her hands off her tits, and taken off her bra, but looking straight at me. One huge deep breath for confidence sake, I said “this could be an opportunity missed you know”. Her breasts were fantastic. They were about a C-cup, light pink nipples and thankfully were where they were supposed to be and not round her waist!

“Look young man (“I’m 40, I interjected, not that young!”), I’m too old for you, you’re my son-in-law, and I’m embarrassed enough about this without the guilt of upsetting my daughter – you know the one, your wife!”
“Look in the mirror Val. You look fantastic. Are you sure you don’t want to thank me more than just saying it?”
“In all honesty, now I’m here feeling very self conscious and nearly naked, I feel like a different person in some surreal world, and if anything happened now I’d probably think ’so what?’, but I’m not making any move towards you and I’m not saying come and get me. If you feel like you want something to happen then you’d have to make it happen.”

Woah, what did she just say? I heard “make it happen”. So I thought I’d push things a little to see where it goes. I took my hand off the door and walked back into the room.

“Come here” and I held out my hand for hers. She seemed to melt slightly, as though she had already given in to the advance and accepted her fate, or she simply wanted things to happen. “Look, I don’t want this to spoil what we have as a f****y, but we’re alone in this room, we can’t be seen, and unless you or I say something to anyone else, no other soul will ever find out. We can have some fun, and walk away, and no-one will be any the wiser as to what has happened.” My heart was pounding, I need to know if hers was too, so I gently raised my other hand, and kept hold of her other hand in mine. I placed my palm on her chest between her breasts and sure enough it was pounding like a drum. I dropped her hand and put mine on her cheeks, and gently leant in to kiss her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to enjoy a passionate soft kiss. Her tongue softly flicking against mine.

I stood up and pulled her up with me. She began to unbutton my shirt and slipped it over my shoulders to the floor. She took her nails lightly down my torso to my buckle and undid my belt and jeans. As she sat back down on the bed she tugged my jeans over my hips and down to the floor. My cock sprang upwards and she took hold of it in her hand. It was cold which felt amazing around my throbbing shaft. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I looked towards the ceiling and closed my eyes for a second as she placed her small mouth around the end of my dick, licking the drops of juice from the tip, then taking it partly into her mouth and began rubbing her hand on my cock her head moving back and forth in a slow precise rhythm. She let go of my cock and briefly cupped my balls with her hand, then gripped tightly round onto my buttocks with both hands, squeezing hard but being careful not to leave any marks, and began to pull me harder and harder into her mouth, pausing occasionally to take it out and lick it up and down and flick the tip with her tongue. I’d forgotten who we were, forgotten she was my mother-in-law, we were just 2 people lost in a moment of erotic passion. She hadn’t spoken a word since the come-on 'invitation’. I had my hands on her breasts, stroking them and squeezing and rolling her nipples. Her sighs and noises were muffled. Just feint moans and squeaks.

I stepped back and lifted her off the bed once again, stroking my hands down her side to the top of her underwear and I squatted down taking her panties to the floor with me. I nuzzled my face towards the satisfying sight of her bush. I knew she had the outgoing attitude and looks of a much younger woman, and she must have thought like that sexually too as she was nicely trimmed. Her pubes weren’t as coarse as I’d imagined, but silky smooth and the smell was pure sex. I said “nice bush” and she giggled. She spoke for the first time in a whisper and said “well you never know who you’re going to meet, so I like to stay smart down there!” It lightened the mood for a second before she laid herself back on the bed, opening herself to me as I knelt between her thighs and placed my thumb on her clit. I licked round her lips, then in, up and down, and pushed my tongue as far in as I could, tasting the sticky moisture of what was to come. I stroked my tongue upwards to her pulsing clit and moved my hand round underneath my chin and placed one finger in. As I carried on another finger went in as she writhed on the bed, with the same quiet sounds coming from her mouth as before. Her juices began to trickle downwards over my fingers and towards her ass. I pushed one hand up onto her nipple and pinched it tightly before rolling it, and going back down into her hole for a little longer. I took both fingers from her and circled her bum hole before creeping one up and inside her ass. She let out more pronounced squeal of approval, on the verge of surprise as her ass gripped tightly, then loosened to let me inside. More and more juice squeezed from her pussy as I continued to lick and finger her until she couldn’t hold back any more. Her hips raised and she lost control of her body as she squirmed around and let out a small squirt, followed by a stronger jet of cum. I couldn’t help but laugh as her juices dripped off my face. I’d just made my 65 year old mother-in-law come so hard; it had to be my turn now.

“Can you stand?” I asked her with a huge grin on my face.

She shuffled off the bed nearly losing her balance as she stood.

“It’s been a while since anything like that’s happened to me but I’m ok” she stuttered back.

She put her hand back on my throbbing cock and slowly began to rub it up and down with the expertise which comes with years of experience. Raising herself onto tip-toes she pulled it down between her legs and let it push against her wet lips and began to move backwards and forwards. It was so hot I felt it was burning my end but I let her carry on before turning her towards the window where I first saw her when I walked into her room.

She held on to the windowsill as I manoeuvred myself into place, and slid my rock hard cock down between her ass cheeks and along to her dripping pussy. She was a few inches shorter than me so I bent my legs down to get the right angle, and probed the end around her clit. She took her hand down between her thighs and coaxed my dick towards her hole. I pushed gently up and in. “Well this is it” I said, and eased myself in. She was so wet it was easy to make my way up so my full shaft was inside her. Slowly at first I moved back and forth into a grinding rhythm as I moved one hand round to rub her clit as we fucked. Her moans were still quiet as if she wanted no-one to hear, but we were alone in the sunshine as it warmed our bodies through the glass. The breeze breathed coolly over us through the open window, as the light reflected off our bodies, now glazed with beads of sweat.

I could feel her pussy tightening and releasing around me. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold back, I’d already stopped myself from coming a couple of times. This was amazing, just amazing. This woman I’d known for 12 years was now under my control, and losing control. I grabbed her breasts in my hands, giving her nipples a squeeze and pinch for one last time. I moved and gripped my hands down onto her hips, pulling her towards me and away again as I pounded harder and harder, panting and moaning every grind. One hand still on her hip I moved my finger again to her asshole and began fingering her again with every push of my cock. Her hands gripped so tightly on to the windowsill her knuckles were white, and then her legs began to give way beneath us. I gripped her hips again to hold her up as I finally let fly with shots of hot cum inside her. She let out an enormous sigh of pleasure coupled with my huge exhale of breath, and I stepped us back and lay myself down on the bed. She kneeled and threw one leg over me and straddled straight back down on my less hard cock, rocking herself backwards and forwards to finish what had been an unbelievable experience for us both. She dropped down and kissed my lips, then down onto my neck, my chest, my stomach and to the tip of my glistening cock. One last time she took it onto her mouth lapping the end and down the shaft, tasting the combination of my cum and juices fused together by our fucking. I couldn’t believe it was over. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I didn’t want it to end. I was still semi-hard but I couldn’t stay any longer. I wanted to do it again, inside her, maybe inside her ass? That would be for another day, another lifetime perhaps.

She stood up with a smile and a wobble and picked her panties off the floor. She picked a new bra out of her drawer and slipped it over her shoulders, and spoke again for the first time in what seemed an age and said “can you help me do this up?!” It was over.

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