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The night I embraced my inner slut.

About two years ago, I went on a first date with a tall blonde woman. We had met online and had spent close to two months mailing each-other. It wasn't as if we had had deep and meaningful conversations, most of the messages were failed attempts at meeting in person. Finally, we succeeded at meeting each-other at a club in San Francisco. Prior to leaving, we had both declared that neither of us intended to have sex, we'd just chat, dance and have a great time.

There definitely was some chemistry between us. We talked, laughed, drank and danced. And as we were dancing, we seemed to automatically fall into a pattern together. Now, when i go out with someone, whenever i am on a date, my traditional European upbringing kicks in. During the evening, I made sure that she not only felt desired and appreciated, I also retained a respectful distance, allowing her the space and time to meet other people. She did the same for me, yet I made sure that there was no reason for her to doubt that I was there with her. And I do believe that, since we were having such a great time, she was simply radiant. She attracted quite a following and my apparent easy with that was obviously appreciated.

As the night progressed, our dancing became more seductive, our touches more suggestive. The pecks I gave her, and which she returned, soon turned into the occasional deep kiss. After we broke from a kiss, the back of her hand 'accidentally' brushed my groin. I knew this was not an accident, she wanted to know whether or not I liked her. Most likely, the respectful distance I kept made her doubt.

She had turned me on! My erection had been uncomfortably pressing against the confines of my pants for hours that her inquisitive gesture was almost a surprise. My penis was so hard, so engorged and rigid, that I was proud of it! Why would she, the blond seductress in whose honor my body responded, be deprived of this knowledge? How could I keep this from her? That, which she had created, that which she owned.
When she touched me, and felt the extent of my excitement, the tension underneath the fabric, she gasped. That which was supposed to be an accidental caress, an unfortunate waving of the hand, lingered and the face that gasped turned into an involuntary smile.

I didn't let it pass, I grinned and stared at her knowingly; 'Oh yes, you were caught.' Then, I parted my legs slightly and shifted my pelvis, a movement which clearly offered my crotch to her unencumbered inspection. At first she smiled nervously since the intention of her move and subsequent surprise was known. She looked down when she noticed I was changing my stance. And I kept it, without inching forward, without any lewd thrusting, without uttering any challenging remarks. I merely offered and waited patiently as I continued the conversation. Any embarrassment she had felt, any fear she might have had ebbed away and the nervous smile became mischievous. She looked me straight in my eyes as she stepped closer, her breast touching my chest, her face an inch away from mine. Her hand, boldly and with an unmistakable sense of entitlement grabbed my groin and explored, grabbed, massaged my member. She grinned with confidence and as I slowly moved closer to bridge the inch that separated our lips, she kissed me long and deep. 'It is hard for you, you have every right,' I whispered and kissed her again before I lead her back to the dance floor..

During the next forty five minutes, whether we were dancing, talking or making out, I always made sure she had free unencumbered access. And, as she the evening progressed and she clearly enjoyed to feel my erection touching her at all times, I obliged whenever appropriate. It seemed as if the sense of power intoxicated her, which in turn intoxicated me.

The club closed. I walked her to her car, my arm around her waste, her arm touching my cock, her hand giving the occasional squeeze. She was d***k with power, more so than actual lust. The lust was there, I saw it in her eyes, hear it in her breath, in her moans. But the gleam that was there, was something else. The gleam was power, or a sense of entitlement. My cock was her prize, she had won it and felt she could do with it as she pleased. It was hers. After conceding that it was a bad idea to drive over the her place, we still did.

When we arrived, she fixed us some drinks and showed me around her place. The change of scenery had impacted the dynamic we had built up in the club. It was as if the rules had been reset, even though, from my perspective, they had not. It seemed as if the drive itself, a period in which she did not have my cock at her disposal, caused her doubt that she should claim that which I had already offered her. She still had every right to know whether or not I was aroused, whether or not my cock stood proudly in her honor. 'Nothing has changed,' I started, 'you still have every right to know if you cause me to be excited. Wouldn't it be more honest if I were to undress?' I paused but for a second before I continued: 'Would you mind if I were take of my clothes?'
'No, go ahead, if you want to be naked.' She smiled as she answered, a smile with just a touch of nervousness that already turned to mischief before I had even moved.
'You're sure,' I ventured and that simple utterance blew whatever doubts remained away as she assured me it would not be a problem for her.

She continued to show me around after I had undressed. I made a point of assuring that my genitalia were visible and accessible at all times. We talked, listened to music, kissed, danced, drank wine, etc. for several hours. Occasionally, sometimes quite unexpectedly, she would grab my erect penis, hold or massage it, pull it, weigh it, tap or slap it, sometimes she would gesture me over and as i patiently waited with hands on back and legs slightly spread, she scrutinized my genitalia, played with balls, penis and ass. On more than one occasion, she mentioned: 'I like this. You should be naked every time you come here.' And that I was, every time I visited, I stripped as soon as I arrived.

We had amazing sex that night. she climaxed twice as I pleasured her orally, the first time I drank tasted her sweet juices as my tongue was deep inside of her pussy while she convulsed. Her second orgasm was deep and intense. Her moan came from deep within and far away as I felt her anus tighten around my tongue and her vaginal around my thumb. It was as if she was suspended on the edge of an orgasme, held tightly and suspended in time before she released and screamed out loudly as her orifices pulsed rapidly.

I still had not climaxed, my cock was rock hard and, as I had grown accustomed, remained visible and accessible. She was panting, obviously exhausted. I went to the kitchen and returned with some water. As she regained her composure, her interest in my penis returned. She massaged my rod before she engulfed it with her mouth and sucked and licked. I was still standing, one hand explored my body, ran down my chest, grabbed my ass, while her other hand cupped my balls or followed her mouth as it bobbed up and down my cock. I too explored her body, grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipple. When I descended and paused between her legs I felt her excitement flowing. I could not control myself any further, I needed to be inside of her and reluctantly removed my tool from her mouth and shoved it into the willing cavern of her pussy. I grabbed her ass and lifted it into the air as I pounded it. She came what could have been only seconds before I did, her pussy pulsing around my cock urging it to release it's penned up load. I groaned, I was about to shoot my load inside her and was sure that i would lose consciousness. In one swift movement, she slid away, turned around and fucked the length of my shaft inside her throat, fucking my cock rapidly with her face. I came so violently that the first spurt in her mouth set my cock free, the second hit her across her face. She quickly grabbed my cock and made sure no more sperm would have gone to waste. I shook for several minutes before I relaxed. The whole time she held my cock in her mouth.

I finally recuperated. My erection, even though my seed had been spent, was still there. She grabbed it and said: 'interesting... I think you should drop by again.' and, as she straddled me, guided me inside.

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