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My Stripper GF

I was 30 and had just divorced. MY life was in shambles and I started frequenting the nearby honky tonks.
I ran into a girl that was only about 22 but very cute and eager to do almost anything.
I was riding high. I had a cute little girl sucking my dick and riding my pole. My former wife never did anything for me.
Eventually my new girl, Trish, asked me if I was ready for some different action?
"What do you mean?"
She played with my dick and held up my balls. she ran her finger around my anus.
"Have you ever been rimmed?"
"Uh, ho"
"Roll over"
She headed to the bathroom and came back with a warm wash cloth. She spread my cheeks and cleaned my ass.
She dropped the wash cloth and moved in with her mouth.
I could feel her warm breath as she moved closer
" My ass tensed as she lick it with her tongue. I couldn't believe she was doing it and I couldn't believe it felt so good.
She reached up and stroked my shaft as she ran her tongue around and in my tight little hole.
I came quickly and violently. I rolled over and just panted.
"Yeah, I know" she said.
"Your turn"
I did my best, but I needed some guidance
She eventually rolled over and asked me to finish her with a fuck.
She worked some more things into our trysts; She had me work some beads into her ass, we did some role play and she brought up a 3 way in our conversation.
ONe night, Trish asked how I thought our relationship was going.
"Great, I'm happy"
"Do you have any idea what I do for work"
"No, I guess I should know though"
"I'm a stripper"
I just stared for a while
Does that bother you?"
"Your the only guy I mess around with. I do play around with the other girls "
"Does that bother you?"
"I don't know"
"Why don't I invite one of my girls over"
I hesitated. "Okay"
The next night Trish came home with a great looking red head.
"Jerry, this is Linda."
I had no idea how to proceed.
Trish smiled and broke the ice.
"Let's have some wine.
Trish brought me some wine and had Linda sit on one side of me.
I gulped down the wine and Trish filled it. I got tipsy quick.
Trish got up and started a slow dance.
As she mover her hips back and forth she slid down her shorts, revealing her tiny panties.
My shaft started to grow.
Trish moved some more and teased me. She almost took off hr top.
As I watched, Linda slid her hand down my pants. My shaft was hard and big.
Trish slid off her top and Lind dropped won in front of me and helped slide off my shorts. She took me in her mouth as I watched Trish
Linda spread my legs apart and cupped my balls she she sucked me.
I watched Trish play with her nipples and I exploded in Linda's mouth.
Linda took my in and swallowed. She kept licking my shaft until I had to push her away.
Trish sat down next to me as Linda went to the bathroom
"How's that?"
Linda came back and started a slow dance of her own.
She has blonde hair with a trace of red. As she slid off hr top, her large firm tits jiggled.
Trish started kissing me and then got up next to Linda
The two of them started kissing.
I watched as they lay down and started stroking each other's body
I was in heaven and started stroking my shaft. I shot a load on their bodies.
The move to a 69 and I watched them lick each other. Eventually they both shook and came; what a sight
I had some more great sex for the next three weeks. Trish brought home at least 5 of her dance partners. I tried every hair color and race possible.
Then on another night Trish asked me if I was ready for the "next step."
"I think we've gone as far as I'm aware of"
"How do you feel about dancing?"
Who's going to pay to see me dance?"
"you have a great body, lots of people would pay"
I thought she was k**ding me or somehow plating a joke.
She took me to her club the next morning and I watched her and most of the girls I had fucked, perform. I got horny just watching.
She brought up the issue again
"I didn't see any guys dancing"
"No, the guys dance at a different club. You know, like Chippendale"
"Are you serious?"
She convinced me to go to the male dance review and attend amateur try outs
She brought some special clothes for me and taught me some dance moves.
"Girls want to see you thrust your package"
"I'll try"
After my dance she told me the owner wanted to talk to me.
"I can put you to work" he said
"Come back tomorrow and if you don't like it, you haven't lost anything."
I couldn't believe what a thrill I had.
I wasn't the best dancer but the girls were crazy
As I was leaving the club I got all kinds of offers.
I started dancing 2 or 3 nights a week. I was making great tips and I got to entertain great looking women
The owner, Dan, took a real interest in me and started giving m free drinks and d**gs
After a while the free d**gs stopped and I asked him for more.
"Dan, I can't give you any more for free, I do have a club where you can make more"
"Yeah, sure"
I showed up at the new location and Trish handed me a different wardrobe than I had been wearing.
I looked around and things were real different. Then I realized I would be dancing for men.
I told Dan I wasn't into that.
"I'll stick with the girls"
"Doug, you have quite a tab, with your habits"
We worked out a deal where I would only dance here to work off my tab and then it was back to the girls.
When I was on stage I did't give it the same effort I did at the girls club.
After, Dan grabbed me and gave me a lecture.
"Put some sex into it if you want to pay off you tab"
He gave me a couple of snorts and sent me back out
I tried to envision I was in a room full of beautiful women and the crowd noise could feel my effort
It is strange having guys come up and stuff bills into my underwear.
Dan pulled me off to the side again
"Doug, we don't serve drinks here, everything comes off"
I looked over at Trish and she was nodding.
My next dance was the first time I had ever undressed completely in front of a crowd
It was weird having men talk about my shaft, the size, the shape, color
When I was done I picked up all of the bills on the floor. Tehn the guys talked about my ass an my hole
When I came off Dan was there with a couple more bumps for my nose, I felt better.
This continued for a couple more months but I wasn't paying off my tab very quickly
Dan came to me and suggested I get into the better paying activities
"What's that"
"I'll fix you up with some private dates with some of our customers"
"Men and women"
I told him I wasn't into it
"Why don't you try a cute couple first" He then reminded me of the size of my tab
He fixed me with a couple, both in their early thirties
The wife, Sheila was about 5'7", long dark hair, athletic body and large breasts.
Jeff was about 6;2", also athletic and brown hair.
We all went to dinner at a posh place. I started drinking immediately.
We went to a club and watched a live band. Sheila dn Jeff danced, she had great moves. Later, she asked me to dance.
We all crawled into their Mercedes and she got in the back with me
As Jeff pulled away from the club she was taking my shaft into her mouth.
I stroked her beautiful hair and looked around. We were proceeding down one of the busiest boulevards in the city and this beautiful wife was blowing me. I came instantly.
We pulled into their gated community and then their driveway.
Sheila grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom
What a fabulous house, the bedroom is bigger than my apartment. Hot tub, huge bed, big windows, etc.
Sheila took off her clothes and offered me some wind.
I sat down and Jeff did also.
Sheila cam closer and let me take a look. What a pretty pussy. Tight, shaved, puffy.
She grabbed my hand and guided me to their bed. She slid off my clothes and laid down on the bed.
I moved right in between her legs and started licking. I wanted to re=pay her
She started squirming, Trish had taught me well.
She shoved her hips up to meet my mouth and came.
I Move up and slid my shaft into her tight pussy. I had to move slowly, she was very moist but still tight
As I started thrusting into her I realized I could no longer see Jeff.
What the hell, I'm doing his pretty wife.
I came a bucket load it felt like. My shaft quivered and shot for seconds.
I rolled over and panted for a while. Sheila got up and grabbed our wine. As she handed my my glass, Jeff was coming out of the hot tub. He was naked.
He came over and sat on the edge of the bed.
"She's beautiful, isn't she"
"Yes she is"
"And a very good fuck?"
"Now its my turn"
Sheila took my wine glass and came back to the bed. As she rolled me over onto my stomach I realized they had me in mind
"Uh, I'm not into this"
"Dan assured me you would fully cooperate. I understand you owe him some money"
I was completely shocked as Sheila spread my legs and spread some lotion on my butt cheeks and then began rubbing in around my anus. I tensed
Jeff spread my cheeks and Sheila ran her finger all the way in my ass.
Jeff move behind me and grabbed my hips, he moved me into the "all fours" position.
I could feel his dick thrusting against my anus. I groaned and moved away
He grabbed me more f***efully and shove his member forward
I couldn't believe he was entering me, It felt like a log getting jammed in my ass
I looked over and Sheila was taking movies- great. She smiled
Jeff began regular strokes in my butt. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed hard
I could feel his shaft getting harder and bigger
Suddenly he thrust forward and groaned loudly. His shaft was throbbing in my ass as he emptied his load.
Jeff pulled out and headed to the tub.
Sheila handed me a plate of cool strawberries, I felt like a gril
I watched as Jeff cleaned up his dick and drank a beer.
He came back over and asked me to move to a nearby chair
Jeff moved closer and grabbed me by my chin. He pulled my face right up to his dick
"Why don't you get it hard again?"
I licked around his shaft and he began to grow.
Sheila told me to "work it"
I placed my fingers round his shaft and started stroking as he worked his shaft in and out.
"Play with his ass" Sheila said
I ran one finger around his anus as I sucked him.
I could feel him getting hard again and I could feel him come in my mouth. I struggled with all of his come
"Swallow" Sheila said
I took all of him down my throat, it tasted horrible.
"I'm going to clean up again, you can have some fun with Sheila" Jeff said
Sheila smiled and I knew what I wanted.
We headed back to the bed. I told her "get on your hands and kneews, just like I did."
She smiled
I entered her ass. It was tighter than her pretty little pussy.
I fucked her hard but she was so tight I came quickly
Jeff cam back over and laid down
He nodded to Sheila and she held his cheeks apart
"Rim job"
She guided my head in between his cheeks. She spread them. His ass is slightly hairy but tight
I pretended to lick around his anus, she shoved my nose all the way in
"Lick his ass."
She held his cheeks and I licked his ass, then hi rectum
"Shove it in"
I shoved my tongue into his anus. He groaned
He gt up on his knees and Sheila slid under him., taking his shaft in her mouth.
I continued to lick his ass and she blew him. He came again
We all stopped and Jeff looked at Sheila
"Yeah, he'll do"
They set it up with the club owner, Dan so I would service them once a week, and their friends
I never have paid off my debt and yes I have figured out that I was recruited

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