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I Seem to Alway Do The Wrong Thing...

Yeah, that's right, I always do the wrong thing. From the first day I foolishly followed Daniel, Charlie and Bruce to their home. Not fighting back as best I could when they attacked me and sexually assaulted me. Even to the time that I let Bruce con me into going to his uncles house and wrestling with Bruce on the floor and Bruce ending up having unprotected sex with me.

Yeah, that was dumb, yeah I should have known better. I still regret it seeing that Bruce's uncle was d***k in the bedroom and came out and caught us in the act. And even joined in and taking me into his bedroom and a sexually entering me.

So here I am now, again, under Bruce, his penis lodged deep in my butt again. My knees gripping his side as he worked his rigid cock in and out of my puckering bung hole. The whole thing makes no sense, even as I recount it to myself now.

I was leaving the park when I heard some one calling me, I turned to see Bruce trotting in my direction. I started to turn and run but decided to face my fears. Bruce came up and rubbed my shoulder and upper arm saying 'His David, glad I ran into you. I'm watching my s****rs house while her and her husband is out of town, come on go with me we can talk and straighten out some things'.

I tried to beg off but Bruce was already convincing me to go. Bruce is a handsome guy and very dis arming when he wants to be. The girls are crazy about him, but his past keeps most of them away and those that do get close are not ones he wants to hang with.

As we walked, Bruce began to tell me how upset he was with his uncle and how he didn't want him to wake up and catch us. I told him he show had a strange way of objecting to what his uncle did. Bruce seemed uncomfortable and said 'yeah, I want to make that up to you'.

I stopped in my tracks and looked at him, Bruce continued. 'David, when Daniel and Charlie got busted they fingered me and all three of us went to juvie. While we were in there we had to learn how to take care of our selves, so Daniel sexually assaulted this guy and told Charlie and me to do it also. After that I sort of got hook on having sex with guys, especially when they are made to give up their goods'.

I walked along with him in silence as he continued 'that's way when we were on the floor, I did not want to have sex with you at first. But as we tussled I got horny and you was there and available. Well you know the rest. Well here we are come on in, I promise that there is no one else in the house but you and me and no one is coming over'.

Like a squirrel looking for a nut, I followed Bruce into his s****rs house. Once inside Bruce was very gentle. No he didn't offer me a drink, instead Bruce just closed the door and took my wrist and pulled me down the hall to his room. Once inside Bruce turned to me and pressed me against the door and rubbed my body with his hands and kissed/sucked my neck.

I tried to resist, but Bruce had the advantage. I raised my hands up and was about to push Bruce away when he slipped his hands under my shirt and started to pinch my nipples with his fingers and thumbs. I have been so sexually abused by the three of them and their friends that my body surrendered to his touch.

I started to tremble and pant and to caress Bruce as he kissed and sucked my neck and ear lobes. Before I could think clear Bruce was lifting my shirt over my head exposing my nipples to his exploring lips.

Once hie lips found my nipple I was through, any thing Bruce wanted I was willing to give him. Very methodically, Bruce worked his hands to my waist and loosen my belt and slid my pants to my ankles. Like a cheap whore, I stepped out of my tennis and pants and allowed Bruce to guide me to his bed.

As we reached the bed Bruce gently lowered me to the mattress and worked his lips down my body till he was sucking my semi rigid cock. Bruce sucked my cock as he removed his pants and underwear, once he was naked from the waist down he lifted my legs and bent my knees to my chest. The next thing he did caught me totally by surprise.

Bruce stuck his tongue into my anal orifice and begin to lick it profusely, what he was doing was wetting my anal opening with his saliva. My bung was so wet I could feel the excess running down the crease of my butt. Bruce started to work his tongue back up my body till he had positioned the hollow of my knees holding my legs up.

I looked up into the eyes of Bruce and felt the tip of his penis poke my anal orifice. I moaned with passion as Bruce reached down and guided his rigid cock to my saliva dripping opening. My outer anal sphincter muscle ring relaxed a begin to slid over Bruce's rubbery cock head.

The more of his cock, Bruce pushed in, the more I started to whimper and moan in ecstasy. Bruce knew that he had conquered me and I wasn't going to resist. He lowered he face to mine and kissed me lightly upon the lips. I slid my hands up my thighs to Bruce's shoulders and stroked them gently. I parted my lips and extended my tongue, Bruce did the same and as he worked more of his cock into my anus we played tongue tag.

By the time I noticed, Bruce had sunk three fourths of his cock into my butt and was sliding it back and forth. I could do nothing else but grip his shoulders and suck his tongue deep into my oral cavity. Bruce slowly moved his hands under my shoulders and pull me down to him. My knees were know resting against my shoulders and Bruce's hands were tightly gripping my shoulders.

As Bruce slid his rigid cock in and out of my butt I thought of how different this sex was then the first time. The first time I was made to have sex this time I was surrendering myself to him and we both was enjoying the act. Bruce whispered into my ear 'that's right bitch, give me this pussy. Take this dick baby, take this dick. I'm gonna breed this ass good, you gonna be begging me for dick when we finish', Bruce whispered.

I moaned softly into his ear as he continued to work his rock hard cock up into my butt. I whispered to him 'oooh baby, get it, get like you want it. I want you to get'. Bruce picked up the pace for a little while then he stiffened and I felt his cock throb and a stream of his baby making fluid strike the back of my rectum.

We laid there, my legs around Bruce waist his cock throbbing deep in my bung and my anal muscle reciprocating. The two of us out of breath and panting like dogs in heat, I licked at Bruce's neck and ear lobe as he laid on top of me emptying his reservoir of baby making juices into my anal canal.

Bruce slowly pulled his cock from my anal opening, he raised over me and twisted my legs till I was now on my stomach. Bruce said to me 'I got hit this pussy like I want to now. You gonna let me have it, right'.

I spread my legs and looped my feet over his calves and raised my butt up, Bruce grabbed the pillows and stuffed them under my mid section. I could feel him slid his cock head around my anal opening playing with it a little. Bruce propped his self up on one elbow and whispered 'Alright David, I'm gonna hit this pussy like I want to. You might be the best bitch i fucked this year'.

Bruce's penile glans slipped past my stretched outer anal sphincter muscle ring. Once past Bruce steadied his self and pressed harder, my inner anal sphincter muscle ring wanted to put up an involuntary resistance. Bruce maneuvered his body till he was laying directed over my prostate body.

Slipping his hands under my shoulders holding me in a reverse of what he did before. Bruce whispered into my ear as he started to grind his stiff cock up in my butt 'damn David, this pussy's better this way, it's tight as hell. Damn I'm going in, it's gonna hurt but I want to get all the way in this boi pussy'.

With a powerful push of his hips Bruce pressed against my inner muscle ring till his cock popped through. I caught my breath and gripped the bed covers in my fist, bit into the mattress with my teeth and tried to hold him back with my feet over his calves. Bruce slowly grind his cock farther up into my bung till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttocks.

Panting and gasping for air as the pain increased I begged 'get it baby, bust that ass, fill me with your seed baby. oooh please hurry and come, please'. Bruce didn't speed up he took his time and worked every inch of his penile shaft up into my rectum. The two of us worked our bodies into a sweating mass of meat as we got lost in the throes of passionate lust.

This time, when Bruce shot his load, he went buck wild and rammed into my butt with abandonment, till he had emptied all his fluid into my anal canal. Bruce collapsed down on my back and his cock twitched and throbbed in my butt like a fire hose.

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