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Taking one for the Team - Chapter 2: Extracurricul

A few days had passed since the incident on the first few days of school when my new friend James was harassed by Dan, and Dan ended up getting was was coming to him.

James was lucky enough to have a pool in his backyard and he invited me over for some extra after school practice, and just some genuine fun, non-competitive swimming.

I pulled up to his house and his dad answered the door. His dad was wearing a tank top and a bathing suit. I guess he was going swimming as well. Over the course of the few weeks I had known James, I found out his parents were divorced and he lived with his father.

"Are you Mike?" his Dad asked me
"That's me" I responded
"Mark," he said, introducing himself, "James is around back firing up the barbecue. Head on back there"

He pointed me in the direction of the backdoor and I walked through the house. I walked outside and saw James standing shirtless. A sight that was very familiar. His body was great, but then again, so was mine. This was the first time i'd seen him wearing a normal pair of board shorts instead of our ultra tight speedos, and the damn guy was still bulging a slight bit.

"Hey bud what's going on" he said to me as I walked out the back door
"Nothing much, just ready for some grub and swimming with my bud" I joked
"Hope you don't mind, my Dads home today and wants to come swimming" he told me
"Nah b*o it's fine, he seems like a pretty chill guy"
"Haha he is," he continued, "he thinks he's 20 still"

It was true. I could tell that from the moment I met him. His bathing suit was brightly colored, something you'd find in the teen section of a store and his tank top was a total "b*o tank". You could also tell he was a total ladies man. He definitely spent as many hours as me and James did in the GYM, judging by his biceps.

James fired up the grill but after a few minutes the propane tank blew out. That's one of the problems with propane, you're never entirely sure when you're about to run out.

"Fuck," James said, "Dad we're out of propane"

"You know the rules! You use it last you refill it!"

"I'll go grab some, do you mind Mark? Sorry it'll only be a few minutes. You guys hang out for a while, get in the pool if you want" he said to me as he threw on his shirt and sandals. "I'll be back in a few" and he left.

"You up for the jacuzzi?" Mark asked me

"You're such a teenager" I responded

He laughed and pulled off his tank. His chest was large and he had great abs, better than his much younger son. His chest was lightly dusted with hair in all the right places. He was 100% real man.

I pulled off my shirt and headed for the jacuzzi. We both sunk in an breathed a sigh of relief at the relaxing water.

We started talking and just hanging out as if we were two buds. Eventually we got on the topic of women, naturally. I told him about my relationship and lack thereof.

"What about you?" i asked him, "What happened with you and James' mom? You're a total stud there's no way she left you!" I joked with him.

"He didn't tell you?" he asked me.

I looked at his questionably.

"James is adopted. I'm not exactly a ladies man...I guess you can say i'm more of a mans man"

I was a bit confused at first, but then I realized. He was gay. James' dad was gay.

"Oh, I got you" i said to him

"James told me about that k** Dan in your guys' class. What a real douche"

"Did he tell you about what he did to Dan?" I asked him

"Every detail, even the part about you stroking off to the entire scene"

"I'm not gay Mark. I'm sorry i'm just not into guys." I could tell he was making an advance towards me.

"Neither is James," he told me, "Guy gets more pussy than a crazy cat lady but that shouldn't stop anyone from having a bit of fun every now and then."

His hands were under the water and I could see him grabbing himself. The water distorted everything but it seemed like he was bulging.

He caught my eyes glancing down into the water.

"You've already looked, you must be interested"

I was interested. I don't know why but I was. I hadn't gotten off in a while with anything besides my hand. He stood up out of the water. It was completely obvious that he was hard.

I stood up also. He gestured me to sit back down and I sat on the edge of the jacuzzi.

"Let's see it" he said to me, "take it out"

I obeyed without question. I pulled down my bathing and my limp cock flopped out onto my leg. Mark got back in the water and leaned down towards my cock. His biceps bulged at my sides as he got into almost a pushup position and lowered his body down towards my cock. With his hands firmly holding him up at my sides, he used his tongue to pull the head into his mouth.

My body shuddered and within moments I was rock hard. Mark was slowly doing push-ups on my cock as he lowered his head and raised up again until he was deepthroating me. I could feel his stubble on the inside of my legs and it was turning me on even more. This big burly muscle man, everything I hoped to be in a few years, was my bitch for the time being. I grabbed him behind his head and f***ed him to keep me down until he was gagging, and then i held him there a few second longer. I wanted him to know if this was going to happen, I was going to be the boss.

I stood up and got out of the Jacuzzi. Mark followed suit, his pants still bulging hard.

"Sit the fuck down" I told him

He grabbed at his cock and grunted as he sat down on a patio chair.

I went over to him and pulled off his bathing suit. His cock sprang up and nearly smacked me in the face. He definitely wasn't as big as his son, that's for sure. He was just probably a bit smaller than me. Maybe 6" where i'm 6.5" his bush was trimmed short and everything looked fantastic, especially for his age.

I spit on my hand and grabbed at his cock and started stroking. "You like that buddy?" I asked him, "Tell me what you want me to do to you"

"Fuck Mark you're pretty good at this, fucking stroke my cock man it feels so good"

I did. I spit on my hand again and lifted his legs in the air. "That's a nice hole you have there, looks pretty used"

"Never by a cock as young as yours" he told me, "I've always wanted to get fucked by a nice young cock"

I plunged my soggy spit finger into his hole and felt around. He began moaning loudly. I was sure the neighbors must have heard.

"Ohhh Mark, that's fucking great, give me more buddy. Shove your fucking cock in there"

I was a little bit nervous. I'd never done something like that and I didn't have a condom. Mark must have caught my hesitation because he gestured towards his bathing suit

"I was hoping this would happen"

I grabbed his bathing suit and felt a crinkling inside. It was a condom. Had the grill really run out of propane or did James leave us alone for this to happen on purpose? I didn't care right now. I pulled out the condom and slipped it on. This was it.

"You ready buddy?" I asked him.

"Put it in me man, I need it"

And I did. I slowly slid my rock hard raging cock deep into his tight asshole.

"Ooooohhhh, oh fucking shit that's good man your cock is pounding my prostate good"

I was pounding in and out of him faster than i'd ever done to anyone before. My balls were pounding against his lightly hairy ass cheeks with every insert and making a smacking noise.

"Oh man Mike, fucking give me that nice 20 year old cock man. I haven't been fucked like this since my fraternity b*****rs in college gangbanged me"

The more he talked the more turned on I was. "You're my fucking man bitch now. You like that buddy? That fucking hard straight cock ramming your slutty hole?"

I dont know what I was saying. It just felt natural. "How about cum? You like to drink cum?"

"Oh fuck buddy give me that man juice fucking shoot it in my mouth"

I pulled myself out of him and pushed his legs down. I ripped off the condom and grabbed his head and shoved it on my cock. "Fucking suck my cock, show me why you're better than a woman"

He shoved my cock in his mouth and went to town again. I couldn't take it any longer. His tongue was doing things i'd never felt before in my life. Amazing things. I was going to cum. I couldn't hold it anymore. I grabbed him but the jaw and his rough stubble face felt great in my hands. I held his mouth open with one hand and stroked my cock with the other.

His tongue was moving in and out of his mouth as if eagerly awaiting my warm cum.

"Oh fuck here I come man, i'm gonna fucking cum all over you" I said to him. A few more strokes and it was over "Ohhhh fuck me. Holy fuck of fucking take that cum. Swallow it all oh fuck yeah

I let go of his face and he started wiping it off. There was a bit of cum on his hands and he started going to town on his own rock hard cock. I watched him in the chair for a moment and dropped to my knees. I took his balls in my hands and started licking them. They were smooth and slightly salty. He continued to pump away at his cock

"Oh god Mark here I come, it's coming, of fuck yeah, oh fucking shit oh yeah that's it buddy that's fucking good" he yelled as i licked at his balls, a white stream flew out of the tip and spread all over his chest, getting stuck in the light amounts of hair he had.

I stood over him, my cock going a little limp. I looked at my watch "Shit, James has been gone for over 35 minutes," i said to him

"He'll be back any minute" he told me, "I better go get cleaned up"

I grabbed a towel and toweled off the little amounts of cum that was on my cock still. I pulled up my bathing suit and jumped in the Jacuzzi to make like nothing happened. Mark pulled up his bathing suit and went over to the outdoor pool shower they had and started to wash off.

A minute or so later James walked through the back door into the backyard with propane. "I'm back!"

"Hey son!" said Mark, "I'm just showering off, i'm done swimming for the day, you two have fun"

"Thanks Mark, it was good hanging out with you"

"Yeah no problem you're a cool k** Mark. James, don't lose this k** as a friend he's a good one. Hey Mark, do you mind if I take off my suit and shower off a little more out here? It'll save me the effort of doing it again inside"

"Hey no problem man," I told him, "Nothing I haven't seen before or we dont all have"

Mark and James laughed. I watched from the corner of my eye as Mark pulled off his bathing suit once more for a final glimpse.

"Damn, i'm starving, get cooking James!" I told him, "it took you long enough i've worked up an appetite!"

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