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If the house is a-rocking

My senior year in college was fabulous. I was living in a house off campus with 5 women and one other guy. The guy was simply maintain an address to keep his conservative parents happy, and he was secretly living with his girlfriend. But he paid his share of the rent, so it was me with 5 girls 95% of the time.

Things were pretty casual around the house it is was not unusual for me to see girls asses as they went down the hall from the shower. There were two bathrooms, and originally one was guys and the other girls, but with me being the only one there most of the time that was rarely followed.

One day I was grabbing a shower when there was a knock on the door.
"I need to pee really bad!" Lana cried
"Come on in, I am in the shower" I answered
So in she came and in seconds she was on the toilet. The noise of the shower didn't let me hear the piss, but knowing what was going on sort of turned me on. The shower had those glass doors that sort of blurred the image, but I could tell Lana was looking at me, and to be fair I was looking at her.
"So what is going on with you Lana, I haven't seen you for a while."
"I have been so busy with my papers, I shouldn't have taken this class load this semester, but it will be nice when it is over."
"So its been all work and no fun?"
"God, no fun at all, I haven't been laid in months." Lana lamented
"We could change that you know."
"Wouldn't Karla get pissed." The fact that Karla was my fuck buddy was the worst kept secret in history.
"No, we are both free to do as we wish, and we encourage it. Remember she dated that guy last year, and we didn't screw for 5 or 6 months, but when they broke up we started up again."
"Oh, I thought they broke up because of you guys screwing."
"No, they broke up because Karla walked in on him sucking his roommates cock, but you didn't hear that from me."
"Holy shit, that is fucked up."
"So you want to screw."
"Its up to you, I am always horny."
She thought for a while and then said "Maybe, I will stop by your room later."
"My door is always open for you." I said.

It was difficult studying that night. Lana was a real hottie. she was tall and leggy, she had long straight black hair and fair skin, which was flawless. She didn't have huge tits, but they were able and her nipples would always stand out a lot through her clothes, so I could only imagine what they would look like naked. I finished studying and laid in bed watching a bad cable movie lightly stroking my cock thinking about her. I was just about to give up and I turned off my TV and closed my eyes when I heard my door open.

I saw Lana's silhouette in the doorframe before she quickly closed the door. She came over to the bed and crawled in with me. I was naked, and she was wearing a pair of PJ pants and tank top. She climbed on top of me and we started to kiss. She straddled me and gently rubbed back and forth on my hard cock.
"Um, you started without me."
"Hard not to, thinking about you." I said honestly.
"Thanks", she said and we got back to kissing.
I wasn't in a rush, I knew where this was going, so I took my time and let her send clear signals. At first I moved my hands up and down her sides, until she sort of trapped my arms under hers and f***ed them forward to her tits. They felt incredible under her tank top, and her nipples unrestrained by a bra were every bit as amazing as I thought they would be.

I rolled them between my fingers through her shirt and even bit them gently until I had to feel them naked and I took her shirt off. She sat up and really let me go at her amazing tits. They were perfectly shaped, rounded bottom, slight slope coming down from the top. It was obvious that she enjoyed the tittie play a lot, as her thrusting on my cock sped up and she was moaning quite a bit.

I sucked on her amazing nipples for a while and then rolled her onto her back. I laid partially on top of her and took a nipple in my mouth and used my right hand on the other while I moved my left hand into her PJ bottoms. I found not a single hair.

"Freshly waxed" she said
"Feels great" I replied
"It makes me feel so sexy, I hadn't done it in a while, but I had to for this."
"Well thank you, you know there is nothing I like more than eating a freshly waxed pussy."
She squirmed and bit and said, "Please lick my pussy, make me cum on your face." She almost sounded desperate.

I kissed my way from her tits and down her thighs until I was done teasing her and settled in on her pleasure spot. She was soaked and responded instantly. With on hand I spread her lips and gently massaged them as I did. With the other I inserted a finger and slowly started working it in and out of her pussy. My tongue worked its way around and onto her clit. She came once very quickly but she held my head to her pussy and asked for more. Her breath was coming in jagged gasps she was crying out loudly. I was afraid that the other roommate were going to breaking in thinking I was killing her. She suddenly got quiet and her entire body stiffened. I seemed like she was trying to scream but nothing was coming out. She had a massive orgasm and when it was done she pushed me away and begged for a break.

She laid there panting for a while then reached over to me. "That was the best I have ever had, you mouth is amazing."
"Thank you," I said,"I really enjoy doing that to a woman."
"Well I want more later" she said, but now it is your turn.

She took my throbbing cock into her mouth and began to work it over. I held myself off somehow, but it was very hard when I would look down and be greeted by her beautiful eyes looking up at me. Finally she stopped sucking and moved up to take my into her pussy. She was still very wet and she had gotten me all full of her saliva, but she was still tight. She lowered herself down until I was fully inside her. She leaned forward and we kissed while I played with her tits. She just sort of rocked her pussy on top of my dick.

Soon she raised herself a bit and I began to fuck her harder. With her on top she was able to control her stimulation and soon had another series of orgasms until she basically fell off of me. I moved my cock in between her tits and she held them together. My dick was full of her juices and it felt amazing. Soon enough I felt the tingling in my balls that signaled I was about to cum. She stroked my cock and looked at me. When the first shot came out she amazed me by opening her mouth. It missed and got all over her nose and forehead, but the second and third shot went into her mouth. She then sucked on my cock until I was completely done. I told her how amazing that was and she just laughed and said that I had eaten her cum, so she needed mine.

We fell asl**p soon after and had one of those nights were one of us would wake up, and play with the other until they woke up, then we would fuck, sl**p, fuck, sl**p and fuck some more. It was a great night, and I blew off my early class to recover with her. Our night together had not gone unnoticed by the other housemates and soon lead to more interesting adventures, which I will tell you later.

To be continued. . .

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