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My first tranny

I had never been with a tranny before and did not plan on being with one at all but you never know what will happen. I had a bad day, I had been in meetings all day with new clients in another city. I decided to stop for a drink or two before going back to my hotel room. I found this bar that look interesting so I went in. There were lots of beautiful women there so I thought that maybe I would get lucky and not have to be alone tonight. I went to the bar and ordered a drink and checked out the room. Like I said there were lots of beautiful ladys there but one caught my eye. She was not too tall with dark hair and a great body. Her breast were not too big but just right and her legs seemed to go on forever. I walked over to her and asked her if she wanted to dance. She looked at me up and down and smiled and said yes. I pulled her to her feet and lead her to the dance floor. Now I guess I should tell you about myself before I go on. I am 6'2" tall with broad shoulders, green eyes and dark hair. I work out several times a week so I am in great shape.
I danced several dances with her holding her close to me as we talked. We had a lot in common so we got along well and I loved holding her in my arms. A slow song started so I held her close pressing my hard on into her stomach. She smiled and asked if that was for her. I smiled and said,"If you want it then its yours baby." She looked at me and said," Lets get out of here sweet heart."
We left and went to my hotel room because it was close. As we rode in the elevator to my room we kissed and fondled each other. When we got into the room I pressed her to the wall and kissed her deep. She responded to my kiss and reached down to carress my hard cock. She broke the kiss and said," My this feels nice I cant wait to see it." I moved away from her and started to undress. I took off my shirt then my pants standing before her in my inderwear and my cock pushing them out toward her. She smiled and licked her lips. I asked her if she needed help undressing but she said, " No just stand there and watch baby" she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off then removed her skirt. She looked so hot my cock jumped. She smiled and then took off her bra. Her breast were high and tight and looked beautiful I wanted them so much. I started to go toward her but she put her hand up and asked me, "Are you sure you want me baby?" I said "YES, I want you so bad right now please let me touch you." She smiled and said," OK baby come get your suprise package." I thought this was a strange thing to say at the moment but by then the bl**d was not in my head so I didnt think about it too much. I went to her and took her into my arms and kissed her deep. She responded to my kiss and reached down to rub my cock through my underwear. I moaned into her mouth as I felt her stroke my hard cock. I broke the kiss and picked her up and laid her on the bed. I laid beside her and kissed her more as I played with her great tits. It was her turn to moan now as I licked and sucked on her beautiful breast. She said," That feels so good baby your turning me on so much." I kept kissing and sucking her breast for several mins then I start to rub her legs moving up to her pussy. She stopped me and said," I need your cock in my mouth right now." and she pushed me off her and onto my back. She climbed over me till her mouth was over my cock. She grabbed my underwear and pulled them off making my cock go up and slap my stomach. She looked at my cock for a second and said," Its beautiful and so big baby I love it." I never thought of myself as really big so I thought she was just being nice. I said thanks but you dont need to say that baby I know Im not the biggest. She looked at me and said," No baby Im serious you have a very big cock and its beautiful. Now I should tell you I have an 8 inch cock and its about 3 and a half inches around. It mat not be the longest but it is wide.
She said, " Let me show you how much I love your cock baby." She bent down and took my cock into her mouth and started to give me the best blow job I had ever had. She licked on the tip then down the side making sure to cover each inch of it. She was turnning me on so much I hoped I could hold out and not cum too soon. She then tool my cock into her mouth and took the whole thing into her mouth and throut. It felt so good I had to think about anything else to keep from cumming right then. She sucked and licked on my cock for several mins getting it all wet with her sliva and making me feel so good. I told her,"Baby if you keep that up Im going to cum." That seemed to make her suck me harder letting me know she wanted my cum in her mouth so I let her. She sucked me deep in her mouth and I flet her tounge licking my balls. Then she reached and took my balls into her hand and played with them as she sucked. It felt great and I was close. She must have knew I was close because just as I started to cum she stuck her finger into my ass making me cum hard. She sucked my dick hard and kept pushing her finger into my ass hole. I wasnt sure what she was doing to my ass but it was making me cum harder then I have ever cum before. It took me several mins before I stopped cumming in her mouth but she sucked each drop of my cum down and tried to get more out. After I stopped shaking I asked her what she had done to me? She said, "Nothing baby I just made you cum." I said "I ment with your finger?" She said "OH that well its just a trick I learded havent you ever had that done to you before?" I said NO but it made me cum harder then I have ever cum before."
She smiled and said thats all that matters baby that you liked my blow job. I told her "I loved it and now I will show you how much by making you cum just as hard." I turned her onto her back and kissed her hard. I kissed my way down her bodyto her tits and played and sucked on them for a couple mins making her moan. As I sucked on her tits I took my hand and rubbed her legs up to her pantied. I placed my hand on her crotch and started to kiss my way down to them. I got to het panties and kissed her mound at the top of them and put my fingers under them to pull them down. I moved back and pulled her panties down and off. I threw them on the floor and turned to her. Thats when I saw her cock for the first time. It wasnt very big but it still suprised me. I looked at her and she smiled and asked me," Well what do you think of my big clit?" I looked at her cock then her and didnt know what to say. I knew she had just given me the best blow job of my life and to be honest I wanted to return the favor. I thought what the hell its just sex so I looked at her and said." I have to be honest and say Im shocked by this. I never knew you were a tranny. I do know that I like you and you gave me the best blow job of my life. So looking at your cock there now all I can think of is to return the favor to you. So if you dont mind a guy who has never sucked a cock before trying to please you then I am willing to try." She looked at me and smiled and said with a tear running down her cheek. " I really like you and you dont have to do it if you dont want to Im happy just to please you." I looked at her and said." No to be honest I am turned on thinking about sucking your cock now and I want to try." Then to show her I was serious I leaned down and kissed her deep and hard then said." Im going to make you cum baby just like you made me cum." \
I kissed down to her cock and kissed it like kissing a pussy lip making her jump. Now she was not as big so I think that made it easier for me. Her cock was small but cute but still soft. I licked her cock from top to bottom feeling it jump under my tounge. I reached down and took it in my hand and pulled it up onto her stomach and licked each of her balls. They too were not too big but she was hairless down there which turned me on. I took one ball into my mouth and sucked on it slow moving it around with my tounge. I was holding her cock in my hand as I did this and I felt it start to grow. I licked and sucked on each of her balls as I stroked her cock. It got hard and I saw that it was about 5 inches long and thin but it looked so sexy to me right then. I moved up and took her cock into my mouth and sucked it. She moaned and I felt her hips move up toward my face pushing her cock into my mouth. I took it in more until I had the whole thing in my mouth. It felt so good and tasted good too. She was starting to leak precum and once I tasted that it sent me into a deep need to taste her cum. I sucked on her cock hard playing with her balls as I did making her moan loud. She said to me," WOW your going to make me cum baby." I took her cock deep in my mouth and played with her balls as I stuck a finger into her tight ass. She jumpped and came hard in my mouth pumping rope after rope of cum into my mouth. I kept sucking her and drinking her cum. It tasted so good I didnt want it to stop. It took her several mins to calm down but I kept sucking her beautiful cock as she did. She reached down and pulled me up to her face and kissed me. She broke the kiss and said," That was great baby are you sure you never sucked cock before?" I smiled and said NO never have but I think I want to do it again. She smiled and said that was fine with her.
We rested for a little while then she started to carress my cock again and kiss me. It didnt take long before my cock was hard and she looked at me and asked me," Do you want to fuck my ass baby?" I smiled and said " of course baby I would love that." She bent down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it a mins making it wet with her sliva. Then she moved over and took some lube from her purse. She gave it to me and tuned onto her hands and knees. She looked back at me and said," Fuck my ass baby I want your big beautiful cock deep in my tight ass." I looked at her ass and dont know why but I had to taste it so I bent down first and started to lick her ass hole. She moaned and said that felt great. I licked her ass hole and even pushed my tounge into it a little. I couldnt get much in it because like she said it was tight. I was suprised by this and asked her how come it was so tight? She said," Well to be honest I have not let many guys fuck my ass mostly I just suck their dicks but your special and I really need my ass fucked now." I smiled and thanked her for giving me her tight ass and I put some of the lube on my finger and rubbed it into her ass hole. I pushed my finger in some and it was hard to get it in but I got it in then moved it around some. Once it was lose I put more lube in and pushed another finger in. She moaned load and pushed her ass back at me. I reached around and took her cock in my hand and started to stroke it as I slide two fingers into her ass. Once her ass was lose from the fingers I put some lube on my dick and pulled the fingers out. I placed my cock head at ther ass hole and asked her," Are you ready for my big dick baby?" She looked back at me over her shoulder and said," YES baby fuck my tight ass good and hard."
I pushed my cock toward her ass and it was hard going at first. It took me a couple mins to get the head to go in but once it was in I held still letting her get use to my size and just enjoying the feeling. I pushed more of my hard cock into her ass stopping each inch so I didnt hurt her. She was moaning loud with each inch and once I had all my cock in her ass I held still and enjoyed the feeling of her tight ass. She looked over her shoulder and said," Oh baby your cock is so big its streaching my ass wide but it feels so good please fuck me." I started to slide my cock in and out of her ass pulling it almost all the way out then back in deep. She moaned with each thrust of my dick. I reached around and stroked her cock as I fucked her. I loved feeling her dick grow hard in my hand as I fucked her ass. She was moaning loud and slamming her ass back at me with each thrust telling me to fuck her harder. I started to fuck her hard so I had to let her dick go so I could hold on to her hips as I fucked her. I was slamming into her ass hard and fast and she was yelling and shaking. She yelled," OH BABY IM GOING TO CUM." I reached down just as she came all over the bed. Feeling that pushed me over the edge and I slammed my dick dep in her ass and came hard. She screamed again and yelled," I feel your cum shooting deep in my ass baby I love it." I kept cumming and cumming deep in her ass I didnt think I would ever stop. It took several mins to calm down but as I did we both feel to the bad my dick still in her ass. I pulled her close to me and turned her head and kissed her hard. She kissed me back then said," That was great baby I dont think anyone has made me cum by fucking me and not touching my dick. You are a very special guy baby." I kissed her and said" Your pretty special too babe" I held her for a while as my dick stayed in her ass. It was so tight my dick didnt go completly soft then she said she had to get up so I pulled my dick out of her ass with a pop. She turned and kissed me and said thank you baby. She went into the bathroom and returned after a few mins. I had started to fall asl**p and she said," Well I see your tired so I guess I better leave you to sl**p." I looked at her and reached out and grabbed her hand. I pulled her into the bed beside me and dsaid, "Your not going to leave me now are you I want to wake up next to you baby please stay." She smiled and got into bed beside me and kissed me. She looked at me and said," I would love that baby Im glad you asked." We held each other and fell asl**p in each others arms. I stayed through the week doing bussiness but each noght I was with my tranny lover. We fucked each other several times a day and night. I had not cum so much in so long and I was hooked. We parted ways because I had to go home and she could not leave there so we said goodbye but kept in touch. She did come to stay with me for a couple weeks on her vacation and we fucked the whole time. I still talk to her and we meet whn we can but I also have found other lovers. Even a couple of trannys where I live that I fuck when I can. I am always safe during sex for both them and me. I may not have been with a tranny before my first but Im hooked now and love to fuck trannys when I can. I hope you liked this story. If you do please let me know and I will tell more storys. Thank you.

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