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Dead Rosed

I haven't been able to sl**p lately. I started a new shift at work, and it seems like the world is always asl**p, while I'm awake at crazy hours,

working hard to afford the life I want us to live. I never wanted her to feel like I didn't care about her needs, because I do. I guess I just have trouble

exspressing how I feel sometimes. But i do it all for her. I do it all for us. She says I don't try hard enough to make time for her. She says that I

concern myself too much with money, and the things I think we "need". But I'm just trying to provide. I heard her talking in her sl**p lastnight, while I

layed next to her. Restless in bed. Daily routines running through my head. She feels I'm being distant. She thinks I don't want her, and that she has had

enough of being second best. But that's not true. I love her so much, and my greatest pleasure, is her pleasure. I want her to know that so bad. I tryed to

gentely wake her, but with no success. She looks so beautiful lying there peaceful, but I want her so bad. If she only knew how bad. I guess I should show

her more often. I can't help myself but to touch her, and kiss her. She is so sexy. I lift up the blanket that covers the both of us, and start to massage

her softly. Her quiet moans are ecstacy to me. I can't help but to become aroused by her unknowing enjoyment. As she starts to become wet, I have to taste

her. She taste like heaven. I can tell she likes how it feels, so I feel for the movements that her body responds to with my tongue, and rotate them, to

keep her cumming. I don't pleasure myself. This is just for her. She is so moist from pleasure, but somehow she doesn't awake from it. She enjoyed that. I

know she did. Feeling satisfied from her satisfaction, I try to go back to sl**p. But this time, holding her tightly. I have to work a double shift

tomorrow, so it's gonna be a long day. The alarm clock is set, but I never need it. I always wake up just before it goes off. I guess I just never wanted to

wake her. I get up, get ready, and kiss my love on her lips, and head off to work. Knowing I need to make a change in how I express my love to her, I stop

and get a dozen roses, and her favorite meal, from her favorite restaraunt on my way home. I'm not gonna take her for granted anymore.

The note left on the bed for me read"I love you, and I know you love me too. But love isn't enough, unless you express it to the ones you love."

I've lost my love, and I can't help but to think, if I'd showed her that, I'd still have her. If I'd woke her that night, and reasured her how I felt, I
wouldn't be sitting here alone, with these dead roses.

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