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The new sub and her husband

I went to my favorite adult store one Saturday morning about a month ago not expecting any action just looking for a new toy. The place was empty as you might expect at that hour, and it wasn’t until I moved into the toy area that I saw this very nice looking young, early 20’s couple. They were talking when I walked down the aisle and she spoke first smiling and saying hi. I responded thinking she was just being polite, but then he also said hi and offered that there wasn’t much action here today. I agreed and said well it is what you make of it. With that she smiled again and said what could she offer?

Looking her over and seeing a sweet young body I just said what ever you want. The guy said would I like something and my quick answer was yes. We chatted a little more and suggested that we go down the net coffee shop at the end of the block and see what we can make happen.

We did just that and I walked behind the young couple taking in this young piece and thinking about how I may be fucking her in a little while. We order and got our coffee went to an area that offered some privacy for what I expect would be a hot conversation. They introduced themselves Sally and Ted a married couple looking to explore some ways of the wilder side. We chatted more and she said she was looking to submit to an older man and Ted would watch as she was taken. Ted offered that he also was submissive and would do what ever it takes to please me. That seemed like a deal was already made and I made it clear that 15 year in the BDSM lifestyle they had hit the jackpot. We talked some more about limits, permanent marks, no piss, or s**t and if anyone beside me fucks her or him condoms would be required. Seemed reasonable to me and I told I enjoy the power exchange of a D/s scene and control, humiliation, spankings, and sharing her with others of my choosing were my requirements.

Ted said yes right away and Sally agreed I offered that my place was about three blocks from the coffee shop if they wanted to go that way. Yes they both responded in the affirmative and we got up and started the low walk to their submitting to me. I told her that I wanted her to walk with me with Ted behind and that is what we did. I got a nice look down her top and saw a small perky set of tits. I asked her if she had panties on today and she said yes-black ones. It seemed like a longer walk than usual but we were there in no time.

I offered them a drink and they sat on the couch waiting for what was next. I sat opposite in my favorite chair and told them to start kissing each other and for Ted to play with his wife’s tits showing me what I was about to enjoy. They kissed and Ted lifted up her top and she did indeed have nice set of perky tits that I knew I would enjoy. They got into the kissing and told them to stop telling Sally to say good-bye to her husband that she was going to be my bitch and he would be watching. I had her stand and walk over to me with her top up and motioned for her to kneel, which she did. I opened my legs and pulled her into me reaching down and taking a tit in each hand. She looked at me with great expectation and I asked was she going to be a good fuck toy for me, Sally could only nod but that was enough.

I twisted her tits and she winced in pain and I just smiled and told her there was more if she was ready to which she nodded again. I looked across the room to Ted and could see pure pleasure in what he was seeing being done to his wife. I told Sally to remove the top closer eyes and hold her tits so I could play with then some more. Like a good sub see did this to perfection. I asked if her nips were sensitive and she said yes, which I like because when I put the clamps on them and then remove them I know she will feel it down in her pussy. As I placed the clamps on her nips I asked if she had ever done that and no was the quick response as I tighten the right clamp she squirmed a little and I took hold of her neck and told her to sit still. The next clamp on her left nip was even tighter and I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head. I toll hold of the chain and twisted it pulling the tits together and enjoying my newfound toy enjoying her first minutes before me. You might think this was too fast but we had talked about it before we got to my place and Sally had agreed to everything.
I reach my free hand and placed it around her neck squeezing every so tightly with ever increasing pressure and telling Ted’s wife that she was going out. She passed out shortly and on a count of three I slapped her face and brought her back. She shook her head a little and asked had she gone out. I asked hubby and he affirmed she had. Sally asked could she do it again and so away we went. This time for a count of ten and she went totally limp in my legs. I could tell this was a good sub and I was going to have lots of fun.

Then I had Sally stand up face Ted and strip. Then she was told to finger her pussy and I asked was she wet, oh fucking yes I am wet. Good bitch now go over to Ted and tell men to pull and twist on your tit chain. She did and at first Ted went easy but when I told him to increase the pleasure and he did by twisting the chain and pulling her tits straight out. Little Sally whimpered and bent over Ted and tried to get close to stop the tits from hurting but good boy Ted kept it up and she went down to her knees. I watched as I pulled out my cock and stroked it for a few minutes. My bitch was doing good and I told her to get back over here. Sally crawled to me and I watched as she took my cock in her mouth and I shoved her head all the way down and she gagged but she didn’t try to get a way. I fucked her mouth like that and told Ted to come up behind her and spank her. With a cock in her mouth and her hubby spanking Sally she nearly had an orgasm. I stopped her just in time telling her those were mind to control I own and she doesn’t did she understand. A nod with my cock in her throat was all she could do.

Next I told hubby to strip and Ted did showing a nice cock, guessing about 8” and hard as a rock. Ted knelt behind his wife think he was about to fuck her. I guided him instead to the side of my bitch his wife so she could stroke his cock with her right hand. This gave hubby a close of view of his wife’s mouth full of my cock. I reached down again and pulled the tit chain tight and saw my cock sucker again squirm giving me just what I wanted. This went on for about 3 more minutes of good cock sucking.

Finally pushed Sally off my cock and had her kneel straight up in front of me, she was still stroking Ted’s cock, which I also stopped. The naked couple were looking for some direction and I told them to kiss and for Ted to go back to the chair and continue stroking his cock but not to cum. I turned his wife around tied her hands behind her back and then put on a blindfold and then reached down and grabbed her panties and stuffed them in her mouth.

I stood up and bent Sally over my favorite chair and told Ted to watch as I fucked his little cute wife. The wet pussy was so ready that I just went in with ease and pulled her to me pushing my cock deep into her. Sally took about 10 strokes and I felt her cum hard. I pulled the panties out of her mouth and asked her had she cum, she was still moaning and said yes. I replaced the panties in her mouth and grabbed her by the blonde hair telling her she had just fucked up. Her eyes told me she knew she had and she waited what was next. I took my flogger, the deerskin one and gave her about 20 hard ones across her ass which turned beet red. I like the color and a bitch’s ass. I then turned her around and did the same thing to her tits after I removed the chain, which I knew would also be painful. Sally’s perky tits turned beet red as she whimpered through the panties in her mouth.

I looked over just in time to see Ted shoot his load sky ward. Nice big load that went up to his chin. I moved his wife over in front of his load took the panties out of her mouth and told her to lick her husband clean. I pushed her head into the largest part of the cum and rubbed her face into it. Then I look her head and turned it and got her hair matted with the rest of the cum from her husbands cock. Now I said you look like a cum slut and just enjoyed the view.

The it was back to the chair which I covered with a towel as to not get and of the cum from my bitch on it. I bent her over and told her since she had cum without permission she was now going to enjoy the pleasure of my cock up her ass. Sally nodded and I moved into position to plow her sweet cute young ass. The first penetration must have hurt as she tried to get away but I held her hips in place and pushed in deeper and deeper. What good feeling that was and watching Sally trying to enjoy and still dealing with a cock in her almost virgin ass. Ted was hard again, damn youth, and watching as I fucked his wife’s ass. I pulled out and told Ted to get over here and plow this bitch. Without hesitation Ted mounted his wife from behind fucking her harder and harder. I told hubby not to cum to pull out before he did. In a few minutes Ted pulled out of the ass and I told Sally to sit on the floor with her mouth open and then motioned for Ted to cum all over this cute willing sub. The first shot hit Sally’s nose and dripped down into her mouth and the next few shots covered with cum from her hair to her waiting mouth.

By this time I was ready to shoot and moved her hubby out of the way and position my cock to blast into her open and waiting mouth. Have to say that was a bigger load than I had had for months. Sally sat there with a mouth of cum and dripping from all over her face. I told Ted to lick her face clean and for Sally to hold the cum in her mouth. Loved watching the scene one lick at a time. When he was finished I told Ted to kiss his wife and to take the load in his mouth and to swallow it. These two followed directions good and think it turned them on even more pleasing me.

Well this was the first of two years of playing with this couple, what fun.

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