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Step Father Darius 4

Oh my God. That's all I could think while Darius slid his hand into my panties.
When his fingers finally touched my pussy I gasped and tried to pull away. He
wrapped his other arm around me to keep me still. His fingers ran down my pussy
lips then back up to my clit. His finger slide between my pussy lips and he
teased my hole before once again going to my clit. He pressed hard, making me
jump, a small cry coming out of me.

He put his mouth to my ear. "I knew you were lying to me," he whispered. "Your
pussy is practically soaking right now. Mmmm, and you're shaved."

"Darius," I said weakly. I moaned when he started massaging my clit slowly. He
slid his other hand down my ass to the back of my thigh. He pulled my leg up
and wrapped it around his hip while pushing me against the counter.

He started kissing my neck while rubbing my clit. "Do you like me rubbing your
pussy Arri? Tell me the truth." He emphasized by pressing hard on my clit
before returning to the slow rythm he had.

I moaned, pressing closer to him. "Yes, I like it." I knew it was so wrong but I
wanted him and it was pointless to lie. He felt how wet my pussy was even
before he started playing with my clit.

He smiled at me, "I'm glad you do. Do you want me to keep going? I wanted to
prove I was right about you wanting me but I won't f***e you."

I bit my lip not knowing what to do. I certainly didn't want him to stop but I
shouldn't let him continue either. My thought proccess came to a brief stop
when he started rubbing my clit a little faster. "Don't stop," the words came
out before I could stop them. Sounding as if I was practically begging him to
keep going.

I felt his hand move lower the he thrust a finger deep into my pussy. I let out
a small moan an arched my hips against his hand. He started moving his finger
in and out of my pussy. I was so wet he slid a second finger in pretty easily.
"Oh my God," I said. I started moving my hips more, fucking his fingers. I
could hardly think, especially when he pressed his thumb against my clit,
rubbing it while finger fucking me. I kept moaning and making little noises the
whole time. He started kissing my neck again. When he suddenly bit down my
whole body tensed, my pussy tightening around his finger.

I heard him groan. "Fuck you're tight." I was just about to cum when he pulled
his fingers out. I couldn't keep in a sigh of frustration. He brought his
fingers up and put them in my mouth, making me taste my pussy juices. I ran my
tongue over his fingers and between them, sucking on them until they were
clean. He pulled my head to his and kissed me, his tongue darting in an out of
my mouth, tangling with mine. He started kissing down my mouth, my neck,
kissing the tops of my breasts. He streteched my shirt down till it was under my
breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra so he was able to see my bare breasts
automatically. They were size 38C, my hard nipples slightly big and lightly
colored. He started massaging my breasts, then he bent down to suck on my
nipples. I held his head in my hands, pressing him closer. After a few minutes
he pulled his head away.

He led me to the table and made me sit in a chair. He started pulling my
panties off, I lifted my hips to make it easier. When he had them off he spread my legs wide, leaving my skirt on. He looked right at my tight light pussy.
"You're so wet Arri." He put his face just an inch away from my pussy. "It's my
turn to taste it."

More coming soon haha ;)

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