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Mmf camping trip

This is one camping trip im glad i went on... Camping Truth or Dare

Bit about me: I hate camping, i hate outdoors, i hate sl**ping bags. One thing i do like though is sex.

We've been going camping since we were young first with our parents then as we got older we go on our own, through the years more and more friends have left now theres only the three of us.

Sams tall and athletic with an amazing throwing arm he used to be great at rugby,rebecca is small and petite with nice little mounds for breasts and a peachy little arse great for nibbling. Im Toby im average height, quite fit body and well hung ;)

After we drove all night through past the farms and little villages of yorkshire we found our spot bringing back all the memories with it "hey becca remember when we caught you squatting over a bush hahaha" i bet she hates us i thought. Anyway we pitch our tent and set alight a fire then crack open a few bottles of cider (it tastes better camping i promise) we drank into the night chatting about old memories and pleasures had, becca perks up and decides we should play a game of truth or dare... i go first "truth" i shout not wanting to sound to eager. "have you ever thought about sex with a guy" came the reply from becca with a cheeky grin on her face. "yeah iv thought about it loads and its gay as fuck" we all laughed best reply ever haha. It was sams turn, truth or dare sam "Dare" he anounced. We dare you stick your tounge out for 30 seconds, "thats too easy". At the moment he closed his eyes and stuck his tounge out becca sat up opend her mouth and started sucking on his tounge. My eyes grew wider in amazement she had never done this before or showed any incling of wanting to.

WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR sam shouted, " I just wanted to have fun" becca squealed. "well im not saying i didnt like it" sam said happily. now it was beccas turn "dare" she wimperd."show us your tiny tits" sam said, so becca unbuttond her blouse to reveal a nice pair of beautiful pert tits. we looked at each other and both started to lick them making them erect. "right thats it she exclaimed Tobys turn". "DARE" i said proudly. show us your cock, unwillingly i revealed my semi 7" erection i closed my eyes and felt a warm mouth close up around my cock and a tounge start massaging my balls, wtf sam are you sucking my cock? "yeah you like" came the muffled reply. hmm i thought about it and yeah i like maybe it was the cider or just the feel of it. My pleasure was over now it was sams turn, "dare" he quickly said. pull down your pants and show us your arsehole, becca went straight in and stuck her tounge on his rosebud slurping and kissing, she grabbed my had and sucked on my finger then placed it onto sams arsehole she was making me penetrate him, i could feel his hole clenching on my finger, after finger fucking him for a while it was beccas turn. Jump on my cock i told her and press your body against me, she was so wet she just slipped gently onto my cock and f***ed her body up against mine, suddenly she jumped, it was sam sticking his cock up her arse i could feel him sliding against my cock inside it felt great, "uh oh im gonna cum fuck truth or dare" i shouted. becca quickly jumped off and started sucking my cock awaiting for my juices sam sat by my side stroking my arsehole with his finger. Warm jets of cum hit becca across her pert tits "here let me help" sam came over and started licking it off.

Sams turn now, becca grabbed hold of his dick and started tuggin at it hard, i sat there and licked the end with my tounge. "Here does this help" becca rammed two fingers up his hole and started finger fucking him again, "yes yes yes yes" same spurted his juice all over my face and in my mouth, "here let me help" becca leaned over kissing and lickin the remaining cum off my face.

all in all i think that was a pretty fucking good camping trip!

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