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Fucking The Mature Rep.

I get a lot of reps at my place of work and always have a good working relationship with them.One day a new rep appeared.She was about early fifties, blonde bob haircut,dressed in a frilly white blouse and a nice firm cut pair of jeans.She told me that she was filling in for Carol-Anne whilst she was on holiday.I made small talk and asked her if she liked riding horses as well and she said,

'No.I just like riding young men with big cocks'.

This took me by surprise and i didn't know what to say.I took her to her stock in the back storeroom.
She told me that one of the things she liked about this job was she got to meet lots of different people.

'Especially fit young men like you.I can have no strings fun all over the place.My husband can't understand why i enjoy my job so much when it is so low paid and i have to work long hours.He doesn't know that i have regular fuck buddies at most places i visit,which helps to make the job more enjoyable.And i am only working long hours because i have to make up for the time lost having sex at my calls'.

For someone who i had never met before she was being very forward.

'Obviously i don't normally do this call so i wouldn't want to tread on Carol-Annes toes'.

I wasn't sure what she meant and she said,

'Well i wouldn't want to be accused of fucking someone elses fuck buddy'.

I told her that i didn't have that sort of relationship with Carol-Anne(Although as she rode horses regularly her body was in good shape for a mature woman and i often fantasised about being ridden by her.Maybe one day).

'She is unusual then.Most of my colleagues are very active.Thats good though as it means you could be a new young cock to try'.

'bl**dy Hell.You don't beat around the bush do you'.

'Not when it comes to sex.I enjoy fucking and as my mother said to me when i was younger 'If you don't ask,you do't get',so do you fancy a fuck or not?.'

I had thought that she was reasonably attractive when she first walked in and all this talk had got me turned on.And i got the feeling that she would be a pretty good fuck as she obviously was experienced.So i took her by the hand and led her to the far corner of the storeroom.As she didn't like to beat around the bush i decided to do the same.I told her to turn round and after removing her jeans bend over the work surface.I took out my by now hard cock and pushing her panties to one side pushed my cock hard into her pussy.

'Fuck thats good.I like a young man who knows what he wants'.

I grabbed hold of her arse and began to fuck her hard and fast.

'Oh shit.That is so fucking good.Thats it fuck me hard young man.Give me that big cock of yours deep inside my pussy'.

As i rammed my cock in ever deeper i began to slap her arse and this seemed to turn her on even more.

'Oh fuck yes.Slap my arse hard young man.Slap me and fuck me'.

I built up a steady rhythm of slapping and fucking with her cheek getting redder and redder.This didn't seem to bother her she just continued to urge me on.

'Fuck me.Oh god fuck me.Fuck me and don't stop till you come'.

I asked her where she wanted me to come and she said,

'Deep in my mature pussy young man.I want to feel your fresh young spunk splashing against the back walls of my pussy.And i bet you have enough spunk to fill my pussy to over flowing'.

At this i rammed my cock as deep as i could into her pussy and fucked her as hard as i could.Sweat was dripping off me and i could see that her blouse was soaked in sweat as well.By now i was close to coming and i gripped her arse tight as i gave one last hard thrust.My cock twitched and i began to explode.My cock seemed to keep firing for ages and i could feel my spunk being pumped into her pussy.

'Oh shit.That is so fucking good young man.Keep pumping young man.Fill my mature pussy with your lovely fresh spunk'.

She was one horny mature and i was happy to fill her pussy up.Eventually i subsided and i pulled out of her ravaged pussy.She turned round and spreading her legs she held her pussy open.

'That is a lot of fucking spunk in my pussy'.

It began to ooze out and run down her legs and she reached down and scooping it up in her hands placed them in her mouth and ate my come up.

'And it tastes bl**dy lovely too'.

She came over and kissed me saying,

'Thanks young man.I think i am going to enjoy coming here when Carol-Anne is on holiday.She does't know what she is missing out on.Maybe i should let her know that the young man at her call is fit and up for it.And with a bl**dy big cock as well'.

At this she got dressed and said,

'I suppose i better go and do some work'.

As she disappeared around the corner i thought to myself 'What an amazing experience that was.She was one horny mature woman'.I did'nt know if she would tell Carol-Anne about what she had enjoyed but secretlly i hoped she would.

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