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Knock Knock Knock Ding Dong

mom: Wait a minute, give me a second, who is it?

son:don't worry it's only me mom

mom: hello sweetheart, what brings you here so late? is everything ok?

son: mom I really need to talk to you. I hope you dont mind me coming over with out calling

mom: of course not come in

son: mom please sit down I have some disturbing news for you

mom: whats on your mind? whats wrong?

son: it you thats on my mind

mom: what do you mean? what are you talking about?

son: i was at uncle roberts house helping him clean out his garage and I found these pictures of you and him in bed together.

mom: where did you get these?

son: I just told you- in uncle roberts garage- you know dads b*****r who lives across town

mom: your such a smart ass

son: you want to see a smart ass look at the last photo- I do believe that is your ass and that is your b*****r in laws cock-head inside you-am i right?

mom: watch your mouth and dont speak to me like that

son: well how should i speak to you about this? or maybe I should show dad these photos. he will be home from his fishing trip tomorrow morning-right? didn't he go with uncle robert? I could spend the night and be here when they get home. I'm sure they both would have a good old laugh-right?

mom: you son of a bitch-you wouldn't

son: dont speak about my mother like that -mom

mom: you think your so smart-dont you?

son: no mom I think I am lucky because I have been looking for a way to fuck you since I was a little k**. you just gave me a way when i found these pictures-and i must say you are hotter then i ever imagined.

mom: your disgusting and I still dont believe what you are doing for christ sake im your mother--oh my god-stop what your doing right now-dont you dare open your zipper! oh my god you put that thing of yours back in your pants and leave my house right now!

son: oh ya mom look what you have made me go and do! fuck do you know how many time I have jacked off thinking of you? fuck mom your making my dick so fucking hard!

mom: get that thing away from my face right now!

son: oh mom I cant do that- please mom suck my dick

mom: im your mother and this is wrong

son: just like fucking uncle robert right mom- now open your mouth because I know you want it, dont you

mom: oh my god i dont beleive this is happening

son: well its going to happen so open wide. that a girl open up-oh ya thats it mom ya ya suck my cock- oh fuck your lips feel sooo goooood ya mom suck me suck me ya mom suck your sons cock

mom: gulp gulp oh oh oh oh your so big oh my your cock is so sweet oh my ohhh

son: thats it mom suck my cock yaaaa take it all mom oh yes fuck fuck fuck you suck cock like a pro oh my fucking god my mother is suuuucccckkkking my dick oh fuck you look so fucking good fuck me fuck me fuck me mom oh mommy mommmy fuck

mom: mmmmmmmggggaaggg

son: take it all mom take fuckit fuck OH FUCK MOM IM GOING TO CUM oh ya motherfucker mom is making me cuuuummm oh fuck your sooooo fucking hot suck suck meee OH FUCK MOM FUCK IT FUCK FUCK IM CUMMMMMMING FUCK MOM FUCK MOM FUCKAAAAHHHHH

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