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Bi male and anal sex

Thru out my adult sex life I have always enjoyed having my ass teased and played with. 
Then I started dating a woman whom loved to tease a mans ass with her fingers, yes fingers where she quickly got me use to taking 2 of her fingers. 
Then one night things changed. After a hot night of wild sex, she slowed things down before excusing herself. But before she left, she rolls me over on my chest, which to me means she want to tease my ass. I hear her in the bathroom , toilet flushes and I hear her returning to the bed, straddling my legs, she racks her fingers up and down my back before she leans and lays on top of me.  Talking into my ear she say. I know you can feel that, I did but my mind was racing just before I could she whispers; that's a strap-on and I'm going to fuck that ass I have been training for the past couple of months. Before I could stay anything I could feel her pulling up on my hips and my hips following her lead. 
Quickly I felt was her lubing my ass and fingering my ass getting me ready. 
Before I could stop myself I moan out, please babe fuck my ass. 
All I heard was "gladly" and felt the head of the dildo push and slip into my ass. I couldn't believe how easily I took it. She grips my hips and pushes forward. I remember her moaning yeah, yeah take my cock, I train that ass good. The next thing I knew I could feel her hips against my ass and soon she was pulling back and fucking me. 
At first it felt strange but the more she pumped my ass, the more I started moaning and soon I was begging for it harder and harder. The next things i knew she reached around and stroked my cock. I came quickly coating her hand. 
We did it a few more times before we broke up. 
After a few years and a few lovers I discover and explore my bi side. Where I quickly discover I wasn't into a guy sliding their cock into me but I did like fucking a guy. I also figured out that it turned me on when a woman does it. Weird, huh? Maybe it was the taboo thing about it, I don't know. 
Then I met this woman online but she didn't live near me. Then one day she leaves me a message telling me her work is bringing her into town. 
We start off with some rough wild sex. As the night progress she plays more and more with my ass. First running her fingers between my ass cheeks lightly brushing my asshole. As if testing the waters. Next she was running a finger or two around the opening of my ass. 
When she started giving me head her mouth kept go lower and lower till I pulled my legs to my chest giving her full access to my ass. She buries her face in my ass. She was eating my ass out. I couldn't take it and quickly flipped over doggie, offering my ass to her. The next thing I knew I could feel her tongue dancing all over my ass and hole.  Slowly she starts focusing on my hole trying to tongue fuck my ass. Her hands had a tight grip on my hips pulling my ass into her face. 
I quickly started stroking my cock. Before I knew it I could feel my ass relax and felt her tongue enter my ass. I moan out. Soon she is going from tongueing my ass to fingering it as she strokes my cock, telling me to cum. 
I tried holding back but it felt so damn good I couldn't and grunt out I'm gonna cum. She is moaning cum baby, cum. 
With her finger tips flicking my asshole I tighten up and explode, shooting cum all over the side of the bed and floor. 
From them on I couldn't wait for her to come into town and eat my ass out. 
But it wasn't enough and soon found myself fingering ass while taking a shower and jerking off. I even started getting more into anal with all my female lovers. 
So now I have figured out, I'm a top bi male but loves when a woman teases, licks, fingers and tongue fucks my ass. 
Then things changed when I started getting into tgirls/shemales and the lucky chance of meeting one. I met "her" on a chat web site and not even knowing she was a tgirl. I struck up a casual conversation with her when she informed me I should maybe read her profile before starting anything. So I clicked over and had the surprise of my life. She was a tgirl. So I quickly replied back and told her I was looking for a woman like you. She didnt live near me but we soon exchanged emails and were chatting daily. 
Then one day she invites me over for a weekend visit. She only lives a few hours away so we made plans the next time her roommate was away. 
We needless to say it was much better than I had imagined.
After a few months of visiting back and forth, I still didnt like the idea of taking a real cock. That was till she came for a visit. Having roommates i spend a little cash and got us a nice hotel room in the heart of downtown. She was a very passable tgirl. She looked and talked like a woman. She stayed one weekend and meet several of my friend and they never "knew".
So being out with her wasn't new. After a lite dinner and drinks we head back to the room. Making a few mix drinks and smoking the herb, "V" gets up and puts on some music and stands before me and slowly strips down to a bra and a one piece stockings/garter belt. Leaving her cock and ass fully open. She stood 5'6" size 8, light brown w/blonde streaks, 38C's and a 6" cock. 
After some hot kissing and fondling, shes undressing me. She lays on top of me, grinding our cocks together and whispers in my ear. Baby I need some tonight bad. 
All I can say is me too babe. 
That's when she says, no babe, I need to feel your tight ass wrapped around my cock tonight. Not giving me a chance to say anything she slips down my body taking my cock in her mouth. Quickly making my cock rock hard. She strokes my cock telling me to trust her. 
Never steering me wrong before, I laid back and waited to see what was next. 
She takes my cock again and quickly gets me worked up and ready to explode. And explode I did, she kept pushing my hand away, works her magic and has me filling her mouth with my cum. Sliding up quickly we kiss again as she shares my cum with her. 
Soon she is rolling me over and onto my chest, where she lays on top of me, nestling her cock between my legs, under my balls. Lightly pumping her cock between my legs I could feel her precum coating my cock and the head of her cock sliding over my balls and up the shaft. She is kissing and nibbling my neck and back. Kissing down my back, she settle back and straddles my legs as she sits up. Leaning over me she says softly trust me babe and grabs a pillow and tuck it under my hip forcing my ass up. Spreading my legs she sits between them and runs her fingers up and down my ass. She reaches under and pulls my cock back dr****g it over the pillow.  Light teasing my balls her other hand is running a finger around the opening of my ass. 
It felt so good my cock was rock hard. She was dragging her nails up and down my shaft and balls. 
That's when she leaned in and I felt her tongue drag across my ass. Soon her tongue was dancing all around my opening. I was quickly moaning and begging her not to stop. 
Soon after that, I felt the tip of her finger push against my hole. "V" strokes my cock and talks softly telling me to relax, relax babe. As I did more and more of her finger slid in. She would lean in and tongue all around her finger and my ass lubing me up. With a little work "V" is fingering my ass as my ass relaxes. I can feel "V" sitting up and she replaces her finger with her thumb stretching me out more. 
I'm slowly humping the pillow as I feel "V" pour lube on ass. I hold still when I feel the head of "V's" cock at the opening of my ass. 
Pushing forward, I can hear her saying. Relax babe, relax, that's it babe take it. 
I was slowly taking her cock in my ass. She started pumping her hips, working her cock in and out. 
It felt so good. I could feel V's hard nipples on my back everytime she leaned into me. 
I grip the sheets and pushed back forcing her cock deeper in my ass. Her thrust were f***eful I could feel her balls slapping forward with each thrust. 
She held my hips fucking me hard and deep. Her body was slapping off mine as she gripped my hips, fucking me deep. It felt so good, so good I couldn't touch my cock or I would cum. 
Suddenly V slows down to just holding her cock deep and lightly pumping, then stop. 
She slides out and rolls me over and guides me to the edge of the bed. She stand as she holds my legs, re-entering my ass with one steady thrust forward. 
It was hot watching her, here is this hot woman, with a cock fucking me and well. Then she reaches down,  cups my balls and lightly starts caress them. I tell her I'm so close to cumming. She reached down and strokes my cock hard and in tempo with her thrust. 
She talking dirty telling me how tight my ass is around her cock. Telling me she want to see me cum. I reach up and play with her tits and pulling her nipples. She is now moaning. 
I cant take it and grab her forcing her to fuck me harder. She responds by fucking my ass hard and deep, moaning how hot it is fucking my ass and how tight it feel making her wanting to cum too 
I take my cock and start stroking my cock. But it doesn't take much and I'm gripping the base and shooting cum all over my chest and stomach. V is so turn she is moaning she is gonna cum. She starts pulling back to pull out but I grab her hip and pull her to me burying her cock deep. 
She moans out YES, I want to cum in your ass. Her thrust as short and deep. 
Suddenly she pushes deep and moans out here I cum. 
I could feel her cock swell and the head started pulsing 
V moans out as I feel her hot cum filling my ass. 
I get so turned on I beg her to start fucking me hard. And she does pounding me and I quickly moan out I'm gonna cum again. 
V leans into me as we make out as she makes me cum a second time. 

Well V and kept our long distant thing for a while but like all long distant relationship, they tend to fade away. 
But since V, I haven't really met a woman into anal and or a tgirl. So my ass is virgin tight again. I still haven't let a man fuck me but maybe someday. 

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