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My "Last Time" with an Ex-Girlfriend

She had asked to meet for dinner one last time, since her longtime boyfriend had suddenly popped the question and she'd surprised herself by saying yes to him. The way things worked out, we had to meet after her work hours and shortly before she headed home to him, so we agreed on fast food (Wendy's) since it was quick and near her job.

She was dressed casually, since it was Friday and her job allowed jeans and t shirts. I admired the way her breasts pushed out firmly against the shirt as I swung the car into the parking lot and stopped to let her get in. She greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek as she fastened her seatbelt and I pulled away, headed for the burger joint. She was looking me over as well now, obviously admiring my work outfit (I'd left to come directly here, and my bosses weren't as nice as hers about casual Friday).

We went inside the restaurant, idly chatting about her new beau, and proceeded to have what could be called dinner. I made sure to compliment her several times on her happiness and how beautiful she looked now that she was taken, and she glowed with each comment. She grew more comfortable as time passed, and she felt intimate enough to confess.

"I am going to miss what we have together; there's something about the way we are together sometimes..." She giggled slightly, looking embarrassed.

"Oh?" I felt terribly clever after that slipped out, but tried looking cool and playing it off as a sarcastic question. She smiled and I knew it had worked.

"You know that though," she said, "I just had to say it and get it off my chest."

"So what happens now with us is goodbye."

She looked uncomfortable as she nodded. I looked her in the eye and asked, "You still want me though?"

She nodded again, silent now. I took a moment to study her, the dark hair, full lips and her chest moving slightly as her breath became shallower and slightly (but noticeably) faster.

"I've know you for five years now, and I think I understand you pretty well. You want to be a good fiancée, and eventually a good wife, but you're still physically attracted to me. There's also the bad girl side you've shown me a few times, which makes me wonder..."

She didn't raise her eyes to meet mine as she asked, "Wonder what?"

"If you wouldn't like something to keep on happening between us."

She looked me square in the eye now. "I can't agree to that; my feelings are that I would never betray my husband by sl**ping with someone else."

I thought that over a moment and replied, "I hear a but somewhere in there. Unspoken, perhaps, but there."

She blushed now, looking down at her hands. They were tightly gripping each other, as though cuffed together. She remained that way for long moments, then nodded. When she spoke I could barely hear her.

"If I weren't allowed the opportunity to say no, then it wouldn't be cheating, would it?"

In a rush of realization, I knew I'd been set up. We'd played a few games before, and she had loved them each time. I also had been asked to give her a ride to the Wendy's, when she had her car with her and it would have been easier (and better) for her to drive, especially if this was meant to be a platonic goodbye. I couldn't help but smile inside; I decided to take a stern approach for her benefit.

"No, you wouldn't. I think we need to be going now; you need to get home."

She looked somewhat surprised at my suddenly abrupt manner, but she meekly followed me to my car outside and got in. We started back to her workplace, but I took a slightly different route. Having worked and lived a few miles from here for years now, I knew the shortcuts very well.

She looked at me with some apprehension. "Are you mad at me?"

Turning to look at her, I slowed the car slightly and replied. "No. In fact, I couldn't wait to show you how well I know this neighborhood." I saw her start as she realized we were in one of the office areas, that shut down after five. It was now much later than that, and there were no cars or people to be seen.

"Uhm... you're making me nervous. Please stop," she said. I saw her breathing quicken and her tongue u*********sly darted out to wet her lips.

Now I slowed and turned into a small cul-de-sac, a strip mall style office area with high bushes shielding it from the main road, perhaps 100 feet away. It was lit, but dark enough to hide us, if we were adventurous. As I stopped the car, she looked at me and said, "Please take me back now; I need to get home to my fiancée."

"Ah, but I wanted you to see how easy it would be for you to end up in trouble with someone. See how quiet it is here? How lonely we are even this short distance from the road, my pet?" I turned off the car and undid my seatbelt as I spoke, my eyes now fixed on her. She refused to meet my gaze as she replied.

"You're scaring me now; please stop." Her breath came even faster now; she was visibly shaking with some emotion, which I half hoped was desire. The situation felt crazy to me. I was nearly ready to start shaking myself.

"And if I say no? If I say you'll have to pay more for this ride home than you thought it would cost you?"

"Then I'll walk. We're not far now." She quickly undid her seatbelt, opened the door and slid out. Rather than try stopping her, I exited on my side and strode quickly after her. She was walking, but not fast, and was headed away from the road. I grabbed her arm and spun her around, then used my strength to frog march her back to the car with me. I stopped by the trunk with her.

"You don't leave until I let you, bitch. Do you understand me?"

" Yes I understand, sir. You have all the power, and I'm nothing." Tears sprang into her eyes as she said this, and she began to struggle. I applied my strength and she quickly subsided, laying quietly as I pressed against her and pinned her between me and the car. My hadron was pressing my Dockers out like a tent, painful as it strained, like a leashed dog.

I began caressing her now, pressing one arm behind her back and controlling her with it while I stroked her face and neck, which I knew she liked. "You're my bitch now. I use my bitches when and where I want them."

"I'm engaged to someone, I can't!" came her plaintive cry.

"I don't care about that. You may be his woman but you're my bitch. And I want to fuck my bitch now." With that, she began to struggle again. I tweaked her arm and she cried out slightly in pain, then ceased moving. Her head hung low, she quietly nodded and said, "I can't stop you from taking what you want."

With that as my permission I flipped her around and pressed her face down on the car's trunk, with her ass projecting out from the edge. I held one arm behind her and used my free hand to quickly unzip her pants and drop them around her ankles. I found she had no panties on underneath, and so I quickly undid my pants and took her.

As I penetrated, she moaned, "No, you need a condom or I'll get pregnant!"

"Shut up, bitch," was my only reply. For the next several minutes I hammered into her without mercy, and she grew wetter than I'd ever known her to get. She began panting and writhing under me with pleasure. I freed her arm and used both hand to grab her hips for leverage. She used the extra arm to brace herself against my assault for a short while, but then I noticed one hand disappeared under her and was obviously rubbing her clit.

She began panting heavily as she came, and screaming "Oh! Oh!" That finished me as well, and once done I pulled out, then grabbed her by the hair. She cried out as I used the hair to bring her off the car and around, then f***ed her onto her bare knees in the parking lot.

"Clean it with your mouth, bitch."

She complied, whimpering and carefully tonguing away the remains of our mixed juices. Once she finished I helped her stand, then smacked her ass for her before stepping away to watch her dress herself. She never looked me in the eye as she did so, and barely met my gaze as she seated herself back in the car.

We were silent the rest of the trip back to her work. She got out of the car and didn't say goodbye, just walked away quietly. I drove off, wondering about the incident and what would happen now. I got home and my phone buzzed, letting me know I had a new text. I opened the message. It was only three words long.

"Dinner again tomorrow?"

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