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Funny blowjob in a nerd's car

Hello everyone, this is my first story here... This is a real one, i haven't many of them to tell so in the future i could switch to fantasy. I'm also not english so tell me about my writing :-p
By now: here the facts. I was 23 and i broke up with my boyfriend after almost 1 year, i was very sad, angry and, must admit, cock-hungry.
That night a good friend of mine held a birthday party in a nightclub, we danced and had a very good time, drinking much. Aware of me being a good drinker, my friend drove me to the party. There, however, she found a very handsome man to go home with, and asked me if I could find someone else to give me a lift.
It was 3:30am, i was pretty d***k and asked around for a lift to her friends. First offer was by a famous nerd, 21 and teetotal, studying maths, who i knew from high school. I accepted because I knew he used to have a crush on me, and ironically i didn't want to go home with someone that would have tried to fuck me. I'll call him Matt from now on.
After a last toast it came the time to go home. I could barely walk, and Matt gently helped me. I remember i took off my heels and busted him staring my feet. He clearly was uncomfortable and i started to tease him while driving, laughing a lot.
I wore a short white dress, and i slowly lifted the skirt, touching my legs and acting as d***ker than i was. When i started to get explicit, he asked me to stop behave that way. "which way?" "so bitchy!" he answered. I was only playing, i replied, and he lied saying he didn't like that game.
We arrived in front of my house, in a very silent country road. I asked him if he still liked me, as he did in high school. He answered he had a girlfriend, i know he hadn't.
"Is she jealous?" "She is!" "who is she? Maybe i know her" "you don't!" "...of course..."
There was a silence moment i use to stretch a little, maybe uncovering some part of me because i saw him turning his head and drumming fast on the wheel with fingers.
"Are you nervous?" He watched me in the eyes, muster up courage and said "i am. Don't fool me, shut up amd go home. I know you don't give a fuck about me, so go sl**p and fuck you. You're a d***k slut." (or something like this)
"do you have a boner?" i asked him laughing, given the fact he clearly had one.
"this is my car, get off!!" he looked very angry, so i decided to shock him: "how about a blowjob?"
"a what?" "you got it, now don't you fool me" and i slapped one of his legs, scarying him.
"come on, i bet you girlfriend never suck you" he was completely blocked "JUST don't tell anybody! Ok? Or i tell around you have a little cock amd you tried to f***e me. Clear? I just need some cock..."
He couldn't react, so i take initiative "i think this mean yes, let's see" and i started open his pants. I immediately noticed the cock under was bigger than i expected. "could you help me?" i asked, and he removed his pants at the speed of light. "if this is a joke..." he said, and i smiled to him, uncovering his cock. It was very, very nice. maybe wine and hunger made it better then it actually was. I touched it and it bounced a little, it was already pulsing, waiting for my mouth.
"you have a nice cock!! You should have told me in high school!"
"i...don't know what to say..." he looked very cute being so shy.
i started licking his cock slow, and he already went crazy. I removed his underpants too, and began sucking slow and strongly while grabbing his balls. After about one minute i thought he was near to come already, so i stopped and get more comfortable, in a pose that permitted to stare at his face.
"if you watch me that way it's not going to last much time" he said, and i: "oh sure, you now want a LONG blowjob too? Already claiming?"
He actually was right, i liked that big cock in my hands so i started to play a little, slapping my face, singing holding it like a microphone or teasing its top with nails.
He was starting to relax, so i thought it was time to make him come: "now grab my head, like this" and toke his hand to my hair "and fuck my face until you come"
"what? Really? What if i hurt you?"
"oh come on, you're such a pussy!"
"if i come i'll make a mess in the car" he said, then i toke his cock in my hands and said, caressing it and making a sexy/funny voice "not a single drop will fall, i swear" and started to suck it hard again, massaging inside my mouth with tongue
He seemed to react well, and after some hesitation he toke my head and pull me against him, making me deepthroath every centimeter.
I was getting dripping wet, and began moaning as he toke me with both hands and hard fuck my face. After some minutes i heard him moaning and lighten his hold on my head, so i toke his cock with an hand, caressed his body under clothes with the other and asked him to come, to fill me up. I toke his cock's tip in my mouth and jerked it hard, until he screamed and came like a hot river inside my mouth. Was one of the most abundant orgasm i ever swallowed. I kept his cock in my mouth well after he finish coming, and i remember being impressed how the cock still staged hard.
I licked clean his cock for some time, checking his face to ensure he was still alive, then kisses him on a cheek saying "goodnight" and walk home, leaving him in his car without undepants.

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