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Emma's First Time with a Black Dick

Emma had been married to her husband for almost 5 years and had always been a dutiful wife. She often got compliments for her good looks especially about her ass which was round but firm, very unusual for a white woman. Her best friend Naomi had been living with them the past year. Naomi was a free spirit artist type who wandered from job to job and was very outgoing for someone of a Japanese heritage.
Naomi had suggested a girl’s get away at a cabin she had been to before, but Emma did not know what Naomi truly had planned for her gal pal.
Emma entered the cabin house after a long drive to reach this retreat. Naomi suggested they go relax on the balcony and lay out to get some sun.

“ I’ll meet you upstairs on the balcony. I need to lay out and recharge the batteries. Join me when you are ready” Naomi said with a cheery smile.
Emma who had been driving the whole way thought it was a good idea and went to her bedroom to change into her bikini. When she entered the balcony she was surprised to notice that Naomi was sunbathing in the nude. Before Emma could say anything Naomi calmly replied

‘The sun feels a thousand times better on all of your skin. There is no one around. You should try it.”
Emma who was raised in the conservative South thought twice, but with no one around she thought why not. Emma slipped out of her bikini and lay on the balcony chair next to Naomi. Little did Emma know that she was falling right into her Japanese friend’s plan.

After ten minutes, Emma turned over onto her stomach and Naomi stepped out to make a phone call. With Emma’s face down, she did not notice Naomi taking Emma’s clothes and hiding them inside the house. Naomi returned with some wine coolers that had been enhanced with additional alcohol. As Emma sat up to take her drink and she noticed a black spade tattoo right near Naomi’s crotch.

“I never knew you had a tattoo Naomi, when did you get that?” Emma asked as she drank heavily from her bottle.

“Oh, I got this about a year ago, right before I moved in with you and your hubby.” Naomi replied as she handed Emma another drink.

“Does it mean anything?” Emma inquired as she drank steadily from her second bottle.

“Well, promise not to judge me? It means black dicks only.” Naomi proudly stated.
Emma was taken aback, by such a statement from her small Asian friend.

“I had no idea Naomi. I have never seen you with a black guy. I am honestly shocked. I could never imagine letting one of them kiss me or put their tongue in my mouth.” Emma stated in slight disgust.

“Oh believe me, after your first time you will let them put more than their tongue in your mouth” Naomi replied. Both girls giggled at this thought and Emma started to realized the alcohol had been taking an affect on her.

“ I never bring any of my lovers to the house out of respect to you and Eric. You both let me live with you rent free and I have heard some of the stories Eric tells. I know he does not like blacks at all.” Naomi explained.

“I know Eric is kind of a racist, but I am not. I just don’t care for black people and I certainly never thought about letting a black man have his way with me.” Emma replied.
“Oh but it is so true what they say, once you go black, you never go back. They are amazing lovers and can make woman orgasm 12 times in one night. Emma, I am your friend and living with you this past year has been great, but I can hear you crying yourself to sl**p at night. Eric let’s you down in the bedroom doesn’t he?” Naomi inquired.

“I did not know you could hear that. Eric is busy working all the time and when he wants to have sex, he is in and out and then off to sl**p. I haven’t had an orgasm in years” Emma stated with a certain sadness in her voice.

“I thought so, that is why, as your friend, I had this weekend all planned out just for you.” Naomi said with a smile. “I just ask that you keep an open mind. You can watch, join in, or whatever you feel like”
Emma felt a nervousness develop in her stomach as she wondered what Naomi meant. Before Emma could ask any questions she heard a noise inside the cabin.

“Oh don’t worry, those are some friends that I called to come over. Just promise to keep an open mind” Naomi said as suddenly the screen door to the balcony opened and out came three black men who were completely naked. Emma could not help but notice the size of their cocks. They dangled onto their legs and were not even erect yet. Emma was mesmerized as she watched her tiny Japanese friend rise up and greet them each with a big hug. Suddenly, Emma realized she was naked and began looking for her clothes which Naomi had cleverly hidden them in the house. Things seemed to move in slow motion for Emma as she watched Naomi dropping to her knees and began servicing the three black guys. Naomi’s small mouth had a big smile as she bobbed her head and mouth taking turns with each black dick making sure she caressed their balls to increase their pleasure and make them more erect. Naomi glanced back and saw that Emma was staring intently with disbelief. As Naomi continued to suck on one man another came up behind her and began to guide his cock deep into her pussy. Naomi’s small frame always had difficulty taking such a large object even after all this time with black men. Emma could hear Naomi let out a gentle grunt as he penetrated her. Naomi whispered into the third black man’s ear and he began to move over to Emma.

Emma was like a deer caught in the headlights. She watched as the black man prowled closer and closer to her, never taking her eyes off his enormous dick as it swayed side to side as he walked. Before she knew it, his dick was right in front of her face as she had not moved from her seat.

“You ever try the dark chocolate?” he asked.

“No.” Emma stammered as she felt that nervousness grow in her stomach, but she also could not help but notice her pussy getting wet.

“Why don’t you give it a little kiss? Come on, just a kiss” he persuaded. Emma leaned forward gave a quick peck to the head of his cock. Emma noticed as she did this, his entire dick jumped up.

“Oh come on, give it a better kiss than that.” he demanded. Emma reluctantly leaned in again to kiss it, but this time as her lips met his cock, his dick jumped forward again with more f***e. She could feel the head of his dick penetrating her lips. She struggled but then surprisingly her mouth surrendered and she could feel his shaft move into her mouth. Emma thought to herself in absolute amazement “Oh my God, I am sucking a nigger dick.” Her stomach fluttered at the thought. Emma almost gagged as the black man pushed his dick deep into her throat. Emma could feel his strong hands on the back of her head firmly guiding her back and forth. Emma practically fell out of her seat and ended up on her knees, bowing before this black stranger.

“That’s it baby, you found the rhythm. Now take it!” He confidently proclaimed as he continued to dominate her mouth. Emma could feel her mouth being stretched by the size of his manhood. Every now and again, Emma would have to repress the feeling to gag as his head would reach the back of her throat. The black man noticed Emma’s discomfort and smiled.

“What’s the matter baby, this poor nigger too much for you? Well let me just say nothing makes me hard than watching a repressed white woman on her knees sucking some big black dick.” With that statement Emma could actually feel his cock seem to grow larger. He certainly became more aggressive and grabbed the back of her head hard as he began to f***e his engorged dick into her throat. Emma let out a choking noise, but it was no use as his strong hands held her head firm. Emma soon accepted this treatment and her throat opened as if she was chugging a beer. She could feel his dick slide almost all the way down and then back up again. Emma throat became raw and her jaw was becoming sore from the sheer size. After what seemed like an eternity he bent down and whispered in her ear.

“Damn girl, you give some good head. Let’s you and me go upstairs and fuck.” The bluntness of this statement caught Emma off guard. He pulled his cock from her mouth and took her by the hand to help her up. Emma slowly rose to her feet and noticed Naomi had disappeared.

“Look, I don’t know if I can do this. I am married you know. I mean a blow job is one thing, but to let you go inside of me. I mean, where I come from black men do not do this to white women. No offense.” Emma stammered.

“Well where I come from, that is all we do.” He stated as he suddenly scooped Emma off the ground and threw her over his broad shoulders. Emma was impressed by his strength and size and she could feel her racist resolve fade. Emma could smell his scent and feel her legs get wetter from her anxious awaiting vagina. As he carried her into the house Emma lifted her head at hearing the sound of Naomi moaning in pleasure. As Emma looked up she could she Naomi being well fucked by the two black men and as Emma looked close she thought to herself “Oh my God, is he fucking her in the ass?”

Emma did not have the time to wonder as her black man took her immediately upstairs and threw her on the bed.

“Well bitch, why don’t you spread those long legs of your and get ready for the ultimate thrill ride.” He demanded.

“Please at least put on a condom, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and I am on fertility pills” Emma begged.

“Damn girl, I can’t feel shit with those on” he replied. Emma was desperate and reached into her bag to pull out a condom and lunged at Master D trying to quickly put it on.

He laughed saying “If you can get it on, then I will wear it” Emma stretched and pulled before the condom barely covered his enormous dick. Emma sat back and admired her handy work when the realization struck her.

“Oh my God, a nigger is going to fuck me” Emma pondered out loud as the thought overwhelmed her.

“Damn right this nigger is going to fuck you. I love turning out you racist white girls. Now roll over so I can see that fine white ass” he commanded.

“I don’t even know your name” Emma stuttered and she slowly got on all fours on the bed and presented her exposed ass.

“You can call me Master D” he stated as he approached her on the bed and proceeded to slap down his cock on top of her ass and back. Emma was amazed at the size and weight of his dick. She began to feel like she was having an out of body experience as she felt his hand slide over her vagina.

“Damn girl, you sure are wet. Taste this shit” he said as he slid his hand around her pussy, gathering her moisture and then shoved his fingers into her mouth. Emma was both disgusted and turned on at being treated like some common slut. With Master D’s other hand, he began to guide his cock into Emma’s quivering open pussy.

As he began to enter her, the size and girth stretched her pussy lips beyond Emma’s known limit. Emma yelped in pleasure and shock. Her instinct had her trying to crawl away but Master D’s strong hands grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back, impaling her onto his black cock. Emma felt as if she was being split in half as he slowly and steadily invaded her vaginal canal. When he finally completed penetrating her, Emma could feel the condom tip practically entering her cervix.

“Oh my God, you are so fucking big. You are ripping me open!” Emma screamed

“You ain’t felt shit yet. Let me dig for some gold.” Master D proclaimed as he began ride Emma doggy style. As Master D built up his momentum, Emma’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Repression from years of never having an orgasm from her husband’s small white dick, began to reach a climax. Master D grabbed her by the hair and continued to thrust into her.

“Take it bitch, tell me you love it!” he shouted.

“I love that nigger dick!!” Emma shouted back. She was surprised at the loudness of her voice, but she did not care.

“Beg for it. Tell me you are fucking white whore!” he demanded.

“Please don’t stop fucking me. I am your whore! I am your white slut whore!” she screamed back as she began to feel herself cum. Master D sped up his rhythm just a fraction and all of Emma’s sexual repression began to fade away as she started cumming like she never came before. Emma’s hands gripped the sheets and she could feel her pussy contract and climax. After what was a blissful eternity, Emma collapsed forward in exhaustion and Master D’s cock slipped out.

“I have never cum so hard in my life” Emma proclaimed as she lay face down on the bed. She could still smell the burning rubber from the condom and her lower body was mostly numb. Before Emma could say another word she felt her pussy slip out a large and long queef from being stretched so much so quickly.

“Damn bitch, you nasty.” Master D stated. Emma was embarrassed and quickly turned over to change the subject. As she looked up she could see that Master D was still fully erect.

“You didn’t cum?” Emma asked.

“Hell no girl, I can’t feel shit with this blanket on my dick” Master D replied.

Emma was in such blissful shock from her first black dick encounter, she could not help but think what it would be like to take one bareback. Emma thought twice and then timidly moved her small white hands to Master D’s condom covered dick and slowly pulled the condom off.

“You can fuck me bare if you want” Emma timidly spoke.

“Now we talking girl. Get ready to feel every inch of this bad mother. I am going to turn you inside out” Master D stated as he spread Emma’s legs apart and lifted them up. Emma was now face to face with her black conqueror and what was once a looked down up race, became a beautiful site. His dark skin and muscles covered in sweat made Emma fall in love with the entire black race. She became willing to do anything to please them. Emma sat up to kiss her new master. Master D bent forward to return the kiss and slide his now bare cock into her fertile womb. As he once again penetrated Emma, she threw herself back in pleasure as she could feel a difference with being fucked bareback. Every inch could be felt inside of her.

“Oh my fucking God! You own me. You own me!” Emma declared. Master D only smiled as he knew he converted yet another white girl. With that mission accomplished, he felt he could now enjoy himself and he began to climax. Master D leaned forward on top of Emma, making sure her legs were now pinned with her feet almost touching her own ears. Master D began to huff and grunt and started to drilled faster and faster in Emma. She once again rolled her eyes into the back of her head and grabbed onto Master D’s strong shoulders.

“ Oh shit! Here I cum, I am cumming you fucking slut…..bitch…..whore….here it is” Master D cursed as he was reaching his climax. Emma’s brain was scared again at the thought of a black man cumming inside of her especially since she was on fertility medicine, but her heart was changed and she made sure to leave her legs spread and loose to receive his semen.

Master D began ejaculating pump after pump. After what must have been twelve times, he withdrew his cock and once again Emma’s pussy queefed a farting noise this time with cum oozing out of her.

“Shit girl, I stretched you out good” Master D stated a he looked over his handy work. Emma’s legs were still spread open and she could almost feel a breeze entering her once tight vagina.

“Now you are one of ours” Master D said as he smiled and walked away from a shocked and awed Emma. As she lay on the bed with cum drooling down her leg, she replayed the events in her head. The consequences of divorce, pregnancy, even disease did not make her want to change what happened. For the first time in a long time she was satisfied.

Naomi entered the room also looking freshly fucked.

“So, how was it? Are you a convert now?” Naomi inquired. As Emma sat up with a smile she noticed Naomi was still naked and also had cum leaking from her cunt.

“I have never cum so hard or been fucked so good” Emma replied. “I have to keep doing this.”

“I heard you two finish and had to come up and see how it was for you. No need for us to be bashful. We are black cock whores now and they love to see us pimped out” Naomi stated with a smile.

“But what about Eric, my marriage….” Emma feared.

“Don’t worry, I can make it so you stay married and keep getting owned by the black dick. Now rest up, this is only the first day. Now that I know you are into it, I can let the real party begin” Naomi spoke as she walked away. Emma watched her amazing friend exit her bedroom and noticed the cum trail coming from both Naomi’s ass and pussy. She thought to herself she must be a whore now as that site no longer bothers her.

Emma took a long bath and fell asl**p on the bed. She was so exhausted she did not even bother to change the cum stained sheets.

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