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Great Sex

There is a difference between sex and great sex. Sex is just doing it and getting it done. Great sex is enjoying it and making it last maybe even for days. Undressing each other and marveling each body. I love to undress the man and kiss the bare skin as I uncover it. I want him to do the same to me. Lick amd suck each others nipples. I really love everything underneath a mans pants. That nice thick cock, the full balls and of course the sexy ass. Ass is my favorite. Kiss and lick those ass cheeks then spread them and find that nice bud. Lick all around it and kiss it and surprise him when I insert my tongue or really give it a strong sucking.

But lets not forget the cock. I love to suck cock. I love the tip and the slit. Love the precum. Must lick up and down each side then lick the tip. Run my tongue over the slit. I love sucking the tip before I take the cock into my mouth. I want to take him deep and suck him hard. Every girl should deepthroat her man. As she sucks cup his balls and move to the ass and insert a finger. I know he will love that. Finger his ass as you suck his balls deep. Wait for the cum and swallow every drop and lick him clean. Suck him a little longer to get him rock hard again.

Lay on your back and spread your legs. Show off that pussy that he is wanting so badly. Spread your pussy lips and be proud of showing off that snatch. Pull his face down to your pussy and push his mouth to you. As he licks and sucks the clit lift your hips and hump his mouth. As he feels you cum he will move to the magic fuck hole. He will kiss and lick before his tongue goes in. When you feel the tongue lift the hips more and enjoy as he eats you. Let him lick all the cum you can give him. He will eat pussy for a long time as you cum multi times.

As he eats that pussy his fingers walk to your ass. Yes, finger fuck is the best! His tongue in your cunt and a finger in your ass as you are screaming for more. As he sucks hard on your cunt another finger is added. Soon he will have three in your and fucking and sucking you ignoring your screams. I love a three finger ass fuck.

Now his cock is rock hard and he gets between your legs and begins to push in. I hope you are lucky and that cock is 7 to 10 inches and thick and firm. Don't lay there. Wrap those legs around him and raise that cunt so he an get in balls deep and fuck you like you have never been fucked. He has cum in yor mouth so now he has some time to fuck you and each thrust gets harder and harder. His balls are slapping against your ass and your tits are pressed into his chest. I can fuck as long as he can pound me. I do like it hard and rough.

After the fucking it is time to play. This is so fun. Get out the toys. I love a man that likes my strap on. But I like a good ass fucking too. It is anything goes now. What ever you enjoy. Be tied up, handcuffs, gagged, blindfolded, dildos, vibrators, tit fuck, spanking, tit sucking, the kinkier the more fucking you will do. I love to fuck day and night. And fuck in every room of the house and outside or in a park, at the beach, at the mall parking lot, a public bathroom.

I hope you all enjoy fucking as much as I do. Remember once a day is never enough.


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