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Stranger at a hotel

this is very true,few years back my mother passed away,left me a bunch of money,afterward,i now had money,but no f****y,so i was wild,parting,having alot of,hot man sex,by the way,im a chubby,very fem. tan, smooth,i look, act,an love to be treated,like a girl,an love it when a well hung horny man is turned on by me..i was at a riverboat casino,staying at a very nice hotel..i always,had plenty of very sexy,outfits an loved to dress up an leave the curtains,half open (pretending i didnt realize it)an just like a worm on a fish hook,sure enough someone would walk by an see me as i was,walkin around in a towel,panties,doing my hair,or some other,activity.i would just get trashed d***k,(an do other mind bending d**gs)i even went as far as ordering a pizza,just to anwser the door,in a silky sky blue nitey,all made up,an dark as a coconut,count out the money,bent over the desk,with my big,titties hanging out,knowing the guy was looking,an i would look up at him,an smile...i know that pizza guy,walked passed my window,for at least,half hour,head striaght down the hallway,but his eyes,lookin into my room...god i was sooo,horny!!...well the more intoxicated i would get,the braver,i would get wondering out from my room,in that nitey,i would pretend to run to my car,or ice machine,an when i passed,anyone i acted,embarrassed an buzzed,so seemed like i always,got a smile or a dame girl!! get in trouble runnin round like that,...the whole time knowing those guys,all knew what room i was in..the room just two doors down is where he was, it was about 2am,him an couple other guys,were outside there door drinking budwiser,when i had forgot my lil gym bag from my car(not really but you know)..i came out,an was lookin good ,silk an big tits,with lil hard nipples ,no horny drinkin man,will pass that up.head down holding room an car keys,i walked passed them,i could feel there eyes all over me an three steps passed them,i hear "your ol man let you walk around like that?"with a lil smile i turned an in a pitafull voice siad"he left me a month ago,im all alone now,so i can if i wanta"...i got to my car,my heart was pounding,knowin i had to walk back passed them,an they all knew i was buzzed,an single,an at that hotel,alone..on the way back,he was out of his room by himself,he said"sorry bout the olman comment,are you going to stay up for a few?"..smiling i said i am now!...he winked an siad "i gotta lil something to keep us both awake,i will be there in 10 mins."well as he promised ten mins. or so he came knockin on my hotel room door,wearin black nylon shorts an a tshirt,carring a 6pk of beer,an about an 8ball of crack cocaine...i know it was an hour went by,that we didnt say 5 words,just passed this crack pipe back an forth,back an fortheverytime i would look at him he was stearing right though me,he would just grin an shack his head he loaded that pipe,with a BUNCH of crack,an being a good soldier i took a hit that made me fall completely outta my seat,on to the floor,i climbed back up,an was stearing right in2 his crotch,when i realized,that his leg had a 14 inch pipe all the way to his knee..well my 40d cup titties were hanging swing like a windchime,he said "fuckit babe,no reason to put off what i already know your going to do,that crack comes with payback"an he pulled those shorts off,an withoutta douth,the longest,thickest hardest cock,i ever saw,was mine,all mine!
i rapped both hands around that monster,an started sucking an lickin,an moaning,an praising his cock,til his leg was trembling,an he had a handful of my hair an said"motherfuck,you can suck a dick!!"it was bigger around then a pop can an longer then a ruler..after about hafh hour of some major cock,kissing he siad"that pussy wet??...i know its fucking bald,aint it?"i realized he had know idea,i was a true shemale (with no pussy)i told him in so many words that i wasnt a girl,omg! pissed,i should have told him,but was way too fucked up,an once that cock was out,i just forgot too...he sat up in his chair,callin me a faget,fake punk ass pussybo,i mean,he was mad.he was looking down at his throbing cock,with a blank look an he looked up at me an said"pull that nitey up an bend over bitch,your payin for this!"i really didnt know what to do,so already on the floor,i just took doggie position an held mercy,every inch of that rod all at one time went completely up my smooth bald asshole..i had handfulls of that carpet 4,or 5 hard deep thrusts,an my ass opened up an i was takin that cock like a real pro,i swear,like 15 mins,this man pounded my ass,that crack cocaine makes men wanta fuck an he took alotta anger out on my ass,but after about 15mins,he started complementing me tellin me how fuckin hot my ass was,an was better,then a with 3,or 4 slaps on my ass an a grawl like an ol bear,he shot about a pint of hot thick cum,up my ass,i know it took ,5mins on that cock to go soft the whole time he has it crambed up in my ass,in my mind i was completely fucked,streached out,an hoping he wasnt goin to beat,me up..i lay on the floor,outta breathe,an i heard him behind me clearing his throat,i was trin to see what he was doing,when i heard the door open an close,real quick...that was 10yrs ago,an still by a long shot the very best sex i ever had,plus i got like a gram an a half of some killer crack rock,lol...i know that man still thinks about me when his bedroom is quite,an no one is around..couse i took every inch of that cock,an never,shed a tear!!!,bring it on!!!!..thank you for readin this,i hope you kinda got an idea,of how fucking hot that night was,

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