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Xdresser Roxxi's black cock obsession Part 1

This is only a fantasy of mine at the moment however I hope one day it comes true .For a long time now I have been going to hotels and dressing up spending the night wearing various sexy outfits .Taking pictures of myself fantasizing about being a girl and what type of guys I would like and what I want them to do to me .After years of doing this I have worked out what really turns me on and off, this story is my fav fantasy .I'm very submissive when I dress up as a girl ,i want to be man handled ,to feel a mans smooth muscles ,the strength of a large black man .He would be over six foot tall very sexy and very dominant .He likes me wearing very sexy outfits ,platform heels basically looking slutty but sexy and very fuckable .I don't know what it is about black cock but I'm obsessed with but that's all I think about when I'm walking around my room how it would feel to be fucked by a monster black cock .So any way my fantasy starts when I'm shopping for a sexy new outfit in my favourite dress shop ,I love getting dressed casual and going shopping for new outfits ,so I'm in the shop and there was this hot black guy with his girlfriend ,as I'm looking through the racks of clothes I catch him a few times checking me out so I started flirting with him .I was making sure he could see me when I bent over .Doing this got me so horny I have never been so horny ever.I was getting closer to him making sure I was pretending to look at dressers near him but to be honest I could care less about the dressers my mind was undressing this hunk ,that's when the assistant came over to help me with a dress just as his girlfriend went into the change room I picked the shortest sexiest skirt and held it up ,I looked directly into his eyes and asked what he thought .What do I think he says well babe you know I havnt stopped checking you out and I think that you would look very very fuckable in that dress .I thanked him for the nice comment as his girlfriend came out of the change room looking smoking hot in the outfit she tried on .To my suprise she comes over to me and asked how she looked ,fucking hot baby I think she was shocked at my response .That's when the best night of my life begins ,she grabs my hand takes me into the change room to help me get dressed ,as I took my pants off cloe got on her knees and pulled out my tranny cock and started giving me the best BJ I've had I was in shock it all happen so quick I didnt have time to worry about anything as I came I her mouth she swallowed every drop ..,stood up and asked me would I like to come home with them as her boyfriend has always wanted to fuck a sexy Xdresser and she knew he was perving at me .I was in total shock at what was going on because I always fantasized about this happening and it was ,Yes I would love to but I have a request ,send your boyfriend out for a bit we will go home and I want you to dress me up ,do my make up and get me ready for your man when he comes home ,Ok she said but I have a request ,I want to video you getting fucked by my man like a dirty little slut and put it on xHamster for the world to see .Just as I tried on my dress and sexy heels Tyrone pops his head over the change room .Very nice girls ,thanks babe cloe says Hun would you like to fuck this sexy xdresser slut .Oh yeah you know I have wanted to try it and she is pretty hot .Ok go out Im taking her home to get her ready for you I'll call you when she is ready for your big black cock .I could help myself it just came out ,get in here i want to see your cock NOW ,What the fuck he pulls out the biggest cock I've ever seen .Cloe tells me to get down and suck it ,well how the fuck is that going to get in my mouth ,that's it no more till later ,I tell cloe I want to wear this outfit home .Ok why not lets both wear them walking through the shops showing off like a couple dirty sluts .Man did we get some stares as we walked to the car .As soon as we got home cloe told me tyrone only wanted to get his dick sucked and to fuck me he won't suck my cock or let me fuck him .That's fine I like the same thing I'm a sub-missive xdresser .But Id like to fuck you cloe my cock is rock hard for you ,c'mon then Roxxi come fuck me with your hard tranny cock .Roxxi Im fucking loving being fucked by you Its my first time with a xdresser ,I havnt been this wet before wow that's it fuck me hard yes yes fuck yes ohhh you are so fucking good for a guy that like to dress up as a girl .I'm going to call Tyrone I want him to watch this ,it will make his cock nice and hard for you
To be continued

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