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Redheaded Step Daughter..Part 3

"Hi Mom".... All of the sudden as I was just getting ready to shoot my load into her little ass as looked up and there she was standing in the doorway of the bedroom with a look on her face I'd never seen before, Andrea was trying to talk to her mother but couldn't get out a sentence because I had my cock all the way in her tiny ass, every time she tried to talk she would moan, I was so into shock it never occurred to to me I should probably pull out of her. I stared at Melissa trying to think of something to say but I was all out of ideas it was pretty cut and dry, My girlfriend just walked into her bedroom and saw her boyfriend balls deep in her daughters ass. Andrea smiled and said "Mom it's not what it looks like" Melissa face instantly turned red and she said " Not what it looks like? It looks like my boyfriend is fucking daughter in the ass!!"

Melissa looked at me and said "Do you have anything to say? All I could come up with is I'm sorry it just kinda happened. She scoffed at me and went back to Andrea, " Exactly how many of my boyfriends are you planning to fuck!?". At that instant I was stunned she had obviously done this before, This little tiny bodied, shy redhead with anything but innocent. She looked at her mom and said " I only had sex with with your ex once, but Ive had sex with him twice" as she looked at me "I love him she said" Her mom's face got red and she took a step towards the bed and said "Well I guess my little girls a slut than huh?". Andrea smiled and said "Well I guess I am".

Melissa smiled at her daughter and said " Well I guess If you wanna be a slut I'm going to have to treat you like a slut". Melissa started taking her cloths off as I thought to myself what the fuck is going on? Melissa was standing naked at the foot of the bed where Andrea was still bent over on the bed with me behind her only now I had my cock out of her ass. Melissa got her face close to hers and said in a soft voice " Do you want mommy to treat you like a slut" I heard Andrea let out a little giggle and say "Yeah". All I could think to myself was Melissa had just snapped. She looked at me and said " Lay on the bed" I wasn't going to argue at this point so I laid down as Melissa looked at Andrea and said "Do you wanna suck his cock?" yes she replied as Melissa pushed her down towards me and grabbed her head and shoved it on my cock, I watched as Melissa had one hand on the back of her head and one hand on her pussy rubbing it as she slammed her daughters head on my cock hard and all the way down till she started gagging, She would look at her and yell "Stop gagging, take that cock like a big girl" as she started slamming her head on my cock again.

After awhile she grabbed the back of Andrea's head pulled it back and said "Do you wanna taste mommy?" Yes she said, she shoved Andrea to the side and climbed onto my cock, she let out a moan as she started rocking back and fourth on my cock while Andrea watched and was rubbing her pussy. Melissa looked at Her and said "I'm going to cum on his big cock", Andrea smiled and started rubbing her moms clit as she arched her back and let out a scream as I felt her wet pussy cum all over my cock, Right away she got off me and grabbed Andrea's head and said "I want you to suck all of mommy's cum off him" She slammed her head back down on my dripping wet cock and was forcing her head up and down while whispering in her ear "Does mommy taste good?" She let out a "Uh Huh" as she was f***ed to take all my cock.

She pulled her head back up and laid down at the head of the bed where I was laying and told Andrea to eat her pussy, Andrea bent over on the bed and started moving her head to her moms dripping wet cunt as she grabbed Andrea's head she slammed her face into her pussy, Andrea was sucking on her moms pussy lips and sliding her tung into her as she moaned and said "Good girl". Melissa looked at me and said "I want you to pound her fucking ass till I tell you to stop" I got behind her and slid my cock into her still gaping ass as she tried to pick her head up to let out a scream her mom shoved her face back into her pussy and her screams were muffled as I slid my cock in and out of her tiny ass. Melissa looked at me and said "I bet that little ass is tight isn't it?" Yeah I said as I kept pounding her, She looked at me and said "Grab her hair" I grabbed each of her pig tails and pulled her head back as far as I could as I pounded her hard, Her mom looked at her as she screamed and said "Ohh look at the tears, does it hurt??" Yes!!! she said as she was still screaming.

Melissa looked at me and said "Pull it out I wanna see" I pulled my cock out as Melissa looked at her daughters ass and said "Wow he's got you all opened up", Melissa grabbed her ass cheeks and was rubbing them as she spit in her daughters ass, she than shoved four of her fingers deep in her gaping ass and was rubbing the inside of her as she let out a scream. She looked at me and smiled and said " I want you to fuck my ass", She told Andrea to lay down and she bent over and started eating her daughters pussy as I positioned myself behind her and slid the head of my cock in her tight ass, she let out a scream as she ate her pussy out, I was pounding Melissa ass when all of the sudden Andrea now grabbed her moms head and said " Look at those tears mom, does it hurt?" Yes!! she screamed as I fucked her deeper and deeper until I felt myself getting ready to cum. I told them I was going to cum and Melissa said "Cum in her tiny little mouth!" I pulled out of her stood up in the bed as Melissa shoved Andrea's tiny little head on my cock and pushed it all the way down my dick and held it there, I let out a loud grunt and felt Andrea try to pull her head back as she gagged as I felt her mouth fill up with my cum. Melissa smiled and pulled her head off my cock and started kissing Andrea as all of my cum started dripping out of both of there mouths and onto there tits. I sat back as Melissa licked all the cum off her lips and looked at me and Andrea and said

"Now both of you get the fuck out of my house!!"

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