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What changed your mind?!

(true story)
Last night I was craving to be fucked by my boyfriend. He worked overtime today & was exhausted. When we were all ready for sl**p, I begged for his cock but he shut me down. I even said I would do all the work & even rub his back after..he was just too tired. So we both went to sl**p. Now remember his younger s****r sl**ps above us on the top bunk. I woke up to switch sl**ping positions and i feel him touch my ass. I didn't think anything of it, I though it was accident. Then, he pulls the blanket off of me & pins me down. He locks his lips with mine & I shove my tongue into his mouth. I feel his tongue against mine (its making me wet now)
"baby.." I whisper
"sssh.." he replies
"what changed your-"
"just shut up & let me fuck the shit out of you!"
So I shut up. I wanted to suck his cock, but he shoved it in my tight, little pussy & fucked me like a little whore. I kept moaning but as quiet as I could. It felt so good to have his cock pounding inside me. He made so wet, talking dirty to me & sucking my nipples. Finally, with one final thrust he came all over inside me. I felt his cum oozing out, it made me cum so good.
"Thank you" I whisper & he giggles & we clean up & go to bed <3

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