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When her husband Albert suddenly announced that he had to spend a couple of days at some kind of business meeting Penelope started to make a lot of noise about not wanting to be left all alone in the house with their son Joey.

Penelope would have been the first to admit that she had always been pretty useless in an emergency. If anything in the house were to break down or if, God forbid, there was a prowler, she would be a basket case. She was very worried about how she would react if something happened and her big, strong husband wasn't there to take care of it.

Though she would never admit it to her husband for fear he would take it the wrong way, she was hoping that her s****r's hunky son would be drafted into coming over to keep an eye on things. He was just such a handsome young man, always very generous with the compliments, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Albert had once told her that the boy was hitting on her but that was just plain ridiculous. She was his both his Aunt and a married woman, after all.

She couldn't help but be a little disappointed when her husband told her who he had talked into staying with her for a few days. "Your mother?!"

Albert's mother, Jasmine, was a tall, distinguished woman with a very f***eful and dominating personality. She had been f***ed to raise her f****y all alone when her husband died suddenly in an accident, so Penelope supposed it was only to be expected that she would develop a sort of take-charge personality, but it was still alien to the innocent, soft-spoken young woman. Understandably, the two women had never been close.

There was no denying that Jasmine could handle any crisis that popped up however, and since she didn't really want to talk about why she was so eager to have it be her nephew she had no choice but to agree to the arrangement.

When Jasmine arrived, Albert met her out in the driveway with a warm hug and a chaste kiss on the lips. "Thanks for agreeing to do this, Mom," he told her while his wife could not overhear them. "The only other person who was available on such short notice would have been that nephew of her's and I swear he's out to get into her pants."

Jasmine laughed. "You don't have a thing to worry about, Albert. I doubt that little mouse of your's would ever have the nerve to cheat. Now go and bring in my bags while I go inside and say hello."

However beautiful Penelope might be, drawing an appreciative look from most every man she passed, Jasmine seriously doubted that she would even recognize that it was possible to sl**p with someone other than her husband, much less actually do it. Penelope had always seemed meek and impossibly innocent to Jasmine. The girl had endured such a sheltered upbringing that it was probably understandable, but Jasmine could readily see that the girl really would be useless when something unexpected happened.

Jasmine and Penelope greeted each other with a friendly hug. Even though they didn't seem to have very much in common, they had always been able to maintain a cordial relationship. When Albert left for the airport an hour or so later he was confident that he had left his wife and son in the very best of hands.

When Penelope helped her mother-in-law unpack and get settled into the guest room, she couldn't help but notice that Jasmine quickly stashed one small bag in the closet without opening it. It almost seemed like she was trying to hide it from Penelope, but the girl resisted asking about it since she didn't want to seem nosey.

It was past noon by then and Jasmine had just spent the last couple of hours in her car, so she wanted to go take a quick shower and asked her daughter-in-law to fix her a small lunch. "Just a salad would be fine," she said as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Standing naked under the spray of hot water, surrounded by billowing clouds of steam, Jasmine felt her pussy stir to life as she slowly caressed the soap into her skin. She was not a woman to deny such a feeling and the fact that she was alone in her son's home with his wife did not stop her from slipping one hand between her legs. Closing her eyes, she fantasized she was back home being worshiped by her latest lover.

When she suddenly lost her husband while her son was still a boy, her neighbor and best friend Janet had spent a lot of time comforting and consoling her. It might have started out innocent as one friend trying to help another through a difficult time, but things soon took a romantic turn and the two women had spent several years screwing each other senseless whenever they could get away from their k**s and Janet's husband. There had been some close calls, but they had managed to keep their affair secret until Janet's husband got transferred and she had to move away.

Jasmine spent the next couple of months missing her lover terribly, but then started to notice how many other beautiful young women lived near her. She seemed to have developed a craving for pussy and so she picked out a neighbor who seemed receptive and set to work seducing her. She was working on her slowly and subtly when she got the surprise of her life. Her target's daughter had come over one morning supposedly on some trivial errand only to make a major pass at Jasmine!

Jasmine had not hesitated for a moment to go to bed with this lovely little teenager and discovered right then and there that she had a real taste for young pussy. Oh, she ended up sl**ping with the girl's mother too, but it was the daughter she kept calling over when she needed to get laid.

And all the while, Albert had never realized that his mother was a certifiable pussy junkie.

At the moment, she had taken possession of a sweet little teen named Candy who couldn't seem to keep her clothes on and her legs closed whenever she was near Jasmine. The sex crazed girl had even stripped nude and dived into Jasmine's pussy one morning while her parents were in the very next room!

Candy might have been just eighteen years old, but she ate pussy like a pro and it was her Jasmine was dreaming of.

Penelope just happened to be coming down the hallway when Jasmine stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hair like a turban and another around her naked body. The young housewife came to a sudden stop and just stared at her mother-in-law.

Though in her fifties now, Jasmine had worked hard to have the body of a woman half her age. A good diet and lots of exercise had kept her from putting on too much extra weight and nothing yet had dared to start sagging or wrinkling. She had been blessed with a set of large breasts and dressed in just a towel she was showing a lot of cleavage and thigh and that was what her daughter-in-law seemed so interested in.

Penelope's eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open as she stared at her. She had never really paid any attention to how well the older woman had kept herself up, never before noticed just how beautiful she actually was, and the young housewife was absolutely dumbstruck.

"Yes?" There was more than a trace of curiosity in Jasmine's voice.

Penelope started, her face flushing hotly as she finally realized that not only was she staring at her mother-in-law, she was standing in the middle of the hall and blocking her way back to the guest room to get dressed. She hastily stepped aside, mumbling an apology as Jasmine swept past her and shut the door.

Jasmine paused and stared at the door with a frown, wondering what that had all been about. Perhaps it was just the lingering effects of her sexual high from masturbating, but she could have sworn she recognized the look she had just seen on Penelope's face. It was the same one Candy always wore when she gazed at her mistress. She could hardly believe she had just seen that look on Penelope's face, though.

While she had certainly never asked her son about it, she had always assumed that the girl was not only a virgin when they married but completely inexperienced in the ways of the flesh. She was always so modest and uptight that she had feared for her son that Penelope might regard sex with her husband as a disagreeable chore. She would never have thought she would ever see such a look of lustful hunger in that woman's eyes, much less that it would be directed at her!

Starting to shiver as goose bumps erupted all over her exposed skin, Jasmine finally remembered that she was standing there wet and half naked under an air conditioner and so she hurried to finish drying and get dressed.

Lunch proved to be a trial for Penelope. All she could think about was how great Jasmine had looked in the hallway and, even though she kept chastising herself for it, her eyes were irresistibly drawn back time after time to how amply her mother-in-law filled out her blouse. She just assumed Jasmine didn't notice when the older woman didn't complain or lecture her for it.

Penelope thoughts returned to her senior year in high school and the incredible night she had spent with the girl who had been her very best friend, Gennifer.

She had been spending the night with her friend and everything had been perfectly innocent until Gennifer started talking about the boys she was dating and debating how well this one or that one kissed. When Gennifer asked Penelope what sorts of experiences she'd had with the boys, Penelope had been f***ed to admit that she had never even kissed a boy. As pretty as she already was then, she was not popular with the boys because she was so repressed that she wouldn't even let them get to first base.

She was so self-conscious that she was even afraid to try kissing the boys for fear she'd do it wrong and embarrass herself. Gennifer had volunteered to help her out with that and teach her how to do it. The idea of kissing another girl, even her best friend in the whole world, seemed a little weird to Penelope, but she did want to learn how to do this correctly and agreed.

That was how two teenaged girls in nightgowns ended up sitting on a bed behind a closed door and kissing each other. One or two innocent, friendly kisses turned into more and more, slowly deepening until their tongues were wrestling enthusiastically. Gennifer's hand had been on her friend's arm, slowly stroking up and down it, when it seemed to gravitate towards one of Penelope's breasts.

The two girls stopped kissing at last when Gennifer suddenly found herself holding one of her best friend's breasts, but then they started kissing each other more passionately and more deeply than ever before! Pushing Penelope down on her back, Gennifer let her hand slowly trail down her belly and slip up under the bottom of Penelope's nightgown.

With her finger's entangled in Gennifer's long hair and her tongue exploring her mouth, Penelope had spread her legs wide instinctively when she felt the other girl's hand on her thigh. Pulling down Penelope's panties none too gently, Gennifer was soon probing her wet cunt with her fingers. When those fingers captured the fat little clitoris, Penelope's hips had surged up off the bed and a deep, hungry moan had been torn from her, muffled only by Gennifer's mouth. She had buried her face in her best friend's neck then as Gennifer masturbated her to a huge climax, her very first.

In the aftermath of this everything seemed to change for the two girls. They both seemed to be more than a little shocked that this had happened, even embarrassed! Neither of them could imagine how something like this might have occurred and they drew away from each other immediately, hurrying to bury the desire they had felt for each other.

They could hardly stand to look at each other and did not want to talk about it, but could not think of anything else to talk about either. The tension became so thick in that bedroom that Penelope was soon getting dressed and going home. Unwilling to face what they had done in Gennifer's bedroom, they were soon unable even to face each other and they quickly drifted apart.

The night had always been Penelope's deepest, darkest secret and now, as she found herself staring at her mother-in-law's breasts, she felt herself being consumed with the same forbidden passion that had cost her that friendship.

Though she chose to keep silent about it while she thought this through, Jasmine certainly had noticed that her daughter-in-law seemed very interested in her tits. Where had this come from? she wondered silently. Was this the same virginal mouse who probably couldn't have even managed to say the word "tits?" She just didn't know what to think.

One thing Jasmine was starting to discover though, was that all the attention was starting to turn her on! She had never been immune to the appeal of any attractive woman, not even the ones her son had dated. While she would have never dreamed of making a play for any of those girls, she had never hesitated to fantasize about sl**ping with them. Though she would have been the first to admit that her daughter-in-law was a beautiful woman, she had never had such dreams about Penelope because she was a little turned off by how repressed she was.

Seeing Penelope's interest now however, she found herself thinking about how nice it would be to help her loosen up a little. She kept reminding herself that this was her son's wife and that she shouldn't be having such thoughts about her, that he had convinced her to stay here with her in part to keep her out of the lecherous hands of her s****r's son. Nothing could possibly happen between the two of them.

Could it?

No, of course not. That would be crazy! What if Albert found out?

"Say, Penelope," Jasmine began, trying to look as if she didn't notice the way the girl jumped guiltily, prying her eyes off those breasts at long last, "I was thinking maybe it was time you and I got to know each other a little better. Why don't we go do something together tomorrow while Joey is in school? We could go shopping, maybe catch a bite to eat at this cozy little place I know of."

She kept telling herself that she wasn't asking her daughter-in-law out on a date, that she really was just trying to get to know her son's wife a little better. She wasn't at all sure that she believed it, but that's what she kept telling herself.

Penelope was just a little surprised by the offer. Jasmine had never before shown too much interest in getting to know her and the girl wondered what might have brought this on. She still assumed that Jasmine had not noticed her staring and so she never once thought that might have prompted it. Deciding it must just be a way to make the days pass more comfortably for them both, Penelope was quick to accept.

"All right, then," she said with a nod. "That sounds like fun."

Joey came home from school only an hour or so later. A typically rambunctious elementary school boy, he came running home to see his grandmother, banging open the door, throwing down his school books, and squealing with delight when she scooped him up into her arms for a hug. Joey adored his grandmother and Jasmine spent the rest of the day playing with him and helping him with his homework. Watching her son work his charms on his grandmother with a doting smile, Penelope busied herself with the housework and later prepared a dinner for them.

That night, finding herself all alone in the big bed she normally shared with her husband, Penelope found herself thinking back to that incident in the hallway and she shocked herself by wishing that the towel had slipped for even a moment to unveil those big breasts. She tried to imagine what they must look like, what they must feel like, what they must taste like ...

A few weeks after that forbidden adventure at her best friend's home, Penelope had been consumed by the memories while in bed one night and became very aroused. She had taught herself to masturbate that night by touching herself in the same way Gennifer had done.

Feeling very naughty now as she daydreamed about her mother-in-law's breasts, Penelope reached down between her legs and started to fantasize that it had been Jasmine, not Gennifer who pushed her down on that bed and stroked her clitoris.

She fingered herself to one of the biggest orgasms of her entire life.

In the guest room, Jasmine was also masturbating, using the big dildo she had brought for the purpose in that bag she'd hidden in the closet. The way the girl had not been able to stop staring at her breasts earlier had kept her cunt wet that whole evening. Knowing she could never do it in real life, she allowed herself to fantasize about what it might be like to actually make love to her son's wife as the plastic cock gave her twat a very professional workout.

She imagined Penelope to be very submissive in bed and enjoyed the fantasy of ordering the younger woman to do whatever she wanted her to do. The image of Penelope on her knees begging to lick her mother-in-law's juicy twat finally did her in and Jasmine had a huge orgasm.

The following day there was no evidence of the women's wicked dreams as they got Joey off to school and then headed into town to spend the day window shopping and getting to know each other. As they strolled down the aisles of one of the big department stores, looking at some of the latest fashions and being shocked by the high prices, the two women slowly began to realize that they had more in common than just Albert. By the time they found themselves going into the lingerie department they were laughing and gossiping about everything under the sun.

Something caught Jasmine's eye and she stopped. Picking up a sheer lace teddy that would have left nothing about the woman wearing it to the imagination, she turned to a mirror and held it up in front of herself, considering her reflection and liking what she saw. If Candy ever saw her in this, Jasmine knew she would never have a moment's peace again.

Looking on, Penelope too got a mental image of what her mother-in-law might look like in that teddy and actually shivered with desire. Why, she wondered desperately, couldn't she stop thinking of her husband's mother like that?! Catching a glimpse of Penelope in the mirror, Jasmine was surprised to see that look on her face again. She got a guilty rush of pleasure from it that would not be cooled even by thoughts of her son. Turning to face the girl while still holding up the teddy, she asked, "This one is beautiful, don't you think?"

"Beautiful," Penelope echoed in a deep, husky voice.

"It's a little small for me, though," Jasmine continued. Though she couldn't imagine why, she held the teddy out in front of Penelope and looked the younger woman up and down slowly and this time it was she who got the wonderful mental image. "Look at that, a perfect fit! Why don't you get it and surprise Albert when he comes home? I know he'd love to see you in something like this."

Penelope blushed and tried to push the lingerie away from herself. "Oh, I couldn't possibly where something as scandalous as that." She didn't own much lingerie simply because she couldn't bring herself to believe that a plain little housewife like her would look good in something that was obviously made for a model. No matter how many times her husband told her she was one of the most beautiful women alive, her modesty would not allow her to believe it.

"A beautiful girl like you?! With a figure like that!? Sure you could!" came Jasmine's reply, making Penelope blush even hotter. "You know, I always wear something sexy under my clothes. It does wonders for the ego and really boosts your self-confidence." Penelope couldn't stop her eyes from drifting downwards again as she wondered what Jasmine had on under her clothes right now.

"I wouldn't want to seem like a whore," she said in a small voice, not willing to meet her mother-in-law's eyes.

A finger under Penelope's chin gently lifted her face to Jasmine's. "You know," the older woman told her with a mischievous smile, "sometimes it's fun to play the whore for a little while."

There followed a long pause as the two women gazed into each other's eyes, lost in their own thoughts. The moment was broken when Penelope looked down at the teddy Jasmine still held. "I still don't think I would look good in something like that," she said, though with slightly less conviction this time.

Jasmine was shocked to hear herself say, "Well, there's only one way to settle this once and for all. Take it back into the fitting room, try it on, and we'll see exactly how you look in it."

"We? I couldn't come out here dressed in nothing but that to show you. They'll arrest me for indecent exposure!"

That's how Jasmine ended up standing just outside the fitting room, separated from Penelope by nothing but a curtain as the younger woman stripped herself nude and put on the lingerie. "Okay," came the soft, hesitant voice from behind the curtain at last. "You can come in now, Jasmine." Burning with the need to see her son's wife dressed in something scandalous, Jasmine slipped into the dressing room quickly. The demure, submissive pose of the young housewife with her head down and her hands clasped behind her back was in sharp contrast to the outfit she wore. Her breasts were small and perky, tipped with erect nipples that were clearly visible through the sheer lace. The teddy had a snap closure down between her legs to offer quick access to her twat and her neatly trimmed bush was plainly visible.

Jasmine's eyes were wide and her jaw was scrapping the floor as she stared at the girl, suddenly short of breath as her heart pounded away furiously in her chest. This young woman was a wet dream come true!

"Well?" Penelope asked in a soft, almost inaudible voice, staring at the ground nervously. "How do I look?"

It took several long moments and some coughing and clearing of her throat, but finally Jasmine remembered how to talk. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Penelope," she told her sincerely, raising a hand to touch her hair. "Albert was very lucky to have won your heart."

Feeling overwhelmed by all the praise, Penelope's full lips curved in a small smile. "Thank you."

Jasmine decided then and there that she was going to spice up her daughter-in-law's wardrobe a little and, commanding her to wait for her there in the fitting room, dashed back out onto the sales floor to pick out a few more pieces of lingerie that she thought would look perfect on Penelope. Carrying an armful of items, she returned to the fitting room to find her waiting right where she had left her. "Here. I want you to try these on, too."

Jasmine made no move to leave the fitting room and Penelope didn't ask her to. With her mother-in-law standing very close to her in the cramped confines of the fitting room, watching everything very closely, Penelope slowly and carefully removed the teddy to reveal her nude body in all it's glory.

The first thing she picked up to try on was a tiny little g-string and, at least partially because she was so self-conscious about being watched by the older woman, Penelope put it on wrong and pulled the string right up into her wet pussy. Jasmine couldn't stop herself from groaning loudly as she watched the girl slide a finger up into herself to retrieve it.

When Penelope pulled her hand away from her crotch, Jasmine seized it and raised it to her lips. Now that finger that had entered the girl's depths was taken into the older woman's mouth to be sucked and licked clean of her juices. A deep whimper escaped Penelope as she watched, enjoying the sensual caress of her mother-in-law's tongue.

Their eyes met again and they shared a long, intense look as Jasmine then took the girl's hand and pressed it to one of her larger breasts. The two women slowly leaned towards each other, their lips parting in anticipation of a long, deep kiss, but then they were distracted from each other by a voice from the other side of the curtain. "Hello? Is everything okay in there?" It was the saleswoman, concerned over all the moans and groans or perhaps wondering what could be taking them so long in there.

The spell was broken and they took a step back from each other with a nervous little laugh. "Um, yeah, everything is just fine," Jasmine answered, "we'll be out in just a moment." They heard the saleswoman's footsteps retreat then, but all they were really aware of at that moment was just how close they had come to doing something Albert would never be able to forgive them for.

Jasmine suddenly realized that she was standing very close to her son's wife, who was dressed in nothing but a tiny little g-string, and that this wasn't proper. Penelope was just standing still, her eyes downcast again as she waited to see what her mother-in-law wanted her to do now. Bending to gather up all the pieces of lingerie she'd brought to the fitting room, Jasmine said, "You'd better take that g-string back off."

Penelope did so and handed it to her mother-in-law, who looked up to find herself face to face with the girl's very wet pussy. It was incredibly tempting to just lean in and start eating and Penelope certainly wasn't making it any easier by just standing there and not getting dressed. It took all of Jasmine's will power to back away, getting back to her feet with her arm load of lingerie.

"You'd better get dressed now, Penelope," Jasmine said, beating a hasty retreat from the fitting room. "I'll wait for you out here."

Penelope didn't move until her mother-in-law was gone, heaving a shuddering sigh and hugging herself as she tried desperately to bury the feelings that had been stirred up in her. Turning to grab her clothes, she hurried to get into them so that she wouldn't keep Jasmine waiting. When she stepped out of the fitting room, she spotted the other woman at one of the cash registers paying for the lingerie.

"This is for you," Jasmine told her, pushing the shopping bag into her hands. "Try a few of these out on Albert and I'm sure you'll love the results." That's right, I'm just doing this to help out my son and his wife, Jasmine said to herself over and over, lying to herself as much as to Penelope.

Penelope couldn't resist opening the bag and looking in at all the lacy outfits, some romantic and some slutty, and knew that she would never be able to wear any of them without fantasizing that she was doing so for Jasmine. Looking up into her eyes, she murmured a thank you.

A few minutes later found them in that cozy little restaurant, having a delicious lunch and trying desperately to avoid the subject of what had happened in that fitting room. Their conversation was friendly and pleasant enough, but it was pretty obvious that this conversation was not what they were thinking about.

Finally, it was Penelope who broached the subject. "I'd like to apologize for my behavior in that fitting room, Jasmine," she began softly and hesitantly. Her mother-in-law might have interrupted and pointed out that she had been the aggressor in that fitting room, but Penelope didn't give her the chance. For the first time in her life, Penelope told someone else about that night she had spent with Gennifer, but telling the story with such shame for leading her best friend astray and ruining their friendship that tears filled her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Jasmine," she sobbed. "Please don't hate me like Gennifer did. Please don't tell Albert and make him hate me, too."

Jasmine quickly gathered the girl up in her arms and held her tight as she tried to comfort her. She told her that she didn't have anything to be sorry for either today or for Gennifer. If a couple of teenage girls start fooling around like that then things are bound to happen, she told her. She was convinced that Gennifer hadn't hated her but had been so unsettled by what had happened between them that she hadn't known how to deal with it. It was sad that their friendship had ended over this, but what had happened in that bedroom had been only natural.

With regard to the fitting room, however, Jasmine accepted all the blame. She confessed to this girl all of her lesbian lovers, including her current one. "Ever since my husband died, I've been a slave to my passion for other women." It was her idea that, without Candy there to satisfy her insatiable need for pussy, she had f***ed Penelope into doing something against her will and she begged the girl to forgive her.

"No," Penelope said quickly, her arms going around her mother-in-law as she raised her head to meet the older woman's eyes. "You didn't f***e me to do anything, Jasmine." She started to realize just how tightly they were holding each other and how good it felt and admitted, "I did it because I wanted to."

Their tears were drying and the temperature between them rising, but Jasmine pulled away. Albert was her son and she was not going to betray him by having an affair with his wife! Penelope understood and did not try to change her mind, reminding herself just how much she had to lose if Albert discovered her desire for his mother.

With both of them now determined to forget any of this ever happened, they turned the conversation to other topics and were able to smile and laugh together again.

They got home only an hour before Joey came home and with the playful boy constantly underfoot there simply was no opportunity for anything else to happen between the two women. Even so, thoughts of that illicit adventure in the department store's fitting room never left their minds and several long and meaningful looks and secret smiles between the two of them went entirely unnoticed by Joey.

When bedtime finally arrived, Penelope did not wear a nightgown to bed as she normally did. With thoughts of Jasmine playing over and over in her head, she stripped naked and slid into bed feeling very naughty, one hand going straight between her legs. In the guest room meanwhile, Jasmine had taken out her dildo again and was pumping it in and out of her cunt faster and harder than she ever had before.

sl**p was a long time coming and did not last for long as Joey's cries woke them both up and brought them running to his room. Jasmine was already sitting on the edge of the bed in a nightgown trying to comfort the boy when his mother arrived, holding her robe closed with one hand.

"It's okay," Jasmine said to her hovering daughter-in-law as the boy settled down and started to go back to sl**p. Standing up, Jasmine smiled, "It was just a bad dream. He should be all right now."

Penelope's relief was palpable and she heaved a relieved sigh. Inadvertently, her grip on the front of her robe loosened and it feel open to reveal the nude body within. Joey was already drifting off to sl**p and didn't notice as his mother accidently flashed his grandmother. Jasmine just stood there and stared and, seeing the lust and desire on the older woman's face, Penelope didn't close the robe. As of that moment, just as in the fitting room before, neither woman would spare a single thought for Albert.

Finally, Jasmine was able to look up into the girl's eyes and she saw something there that stole her breath away. Penelope glanced down at her son, pulling her robe closed at last as she purred, "We should let him sl**p." As her mother-in-law stood frozen in place, Penelope turned and walked to the door, pausing there for just a moment to look back at Jasmine and smile softly.

Only when she had disappeared from view was Jasmine able to make her body obey her commands. Glancing down herself to make sure her grandson really was falling back to sl**p, she tiptoed out of the room and closed the door. Her eyes turned to the door to Penelope's bedroom and there was her daughter-in-law, still holding her robe closed and still smiling.

Penelope said nothing, but turned and walked into her bedroom leaving the door open behind her. As if hypnotized, Jasmine was unable to keep herself from walking over to the open door and looking inside, to find the young woman standing near the window as moonlight streamed in and softly played across her lovely face.

Penelope's voice was soft. "Come in and shut the door."

Even before she knew she was doing it, Jasmine had walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. As she watched, Penelope slowly slipped her robe back over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground behind her. Now completely nude, she went to the bed, sat down on the edge of it, and looked up at Jasmine.

Coming across the room to her very slowly and deliberately, Jasmine stood in front of her and ever so slowly pulled her nightgown up her long legs until her twat was visible. She paused there for a long moment, smiling to herself as her daughter-in-law looked it over and licked her lips, then raised the nightgown to her chest so that her breasts were visible too. Penelope's eyes followed it up and stopped on her mother-in-law's heavy breasts. The young woman's eyes stayed there as Jasmine took the nightgown completely off at last and let it fall to the floor.

Raising her eyes to meet Jasmine's, Penelope lay back on her elbows and spread her legs wide. The older woman didn't need an engraved invitation and sank to her knees with a smile, her hands on Penelope's thighs and pushing them even farther apart. Lowering her head, inhaled deeply the heady aroma of her twat. "Please ..." Penelope panted, strongly affected by the sight of this strong and beautiful woman between her legs. "Please take me, Jasmine."

With a devilish smirk, Jasmine's fingers and mouth went to work on her daughter-in-law, quickly driving her out of her mind with ecstacy. When a loud groan escaped Penelope, Jasmine raised her head for a moment to chastise her. "Hush now, dear, or you'll wake Joey up." Penelope gasped out an apology, but Jasmine's head had already dipped back down to her cunt.

The young housewife would have loved to have this last forever and tried valiantly to hold off her climax for as long as possible, but she was just too excited for it to last for any length of time. At the last moment, Penelope grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it as a shriek of pure pleasure was torn from her.

Rising, Jasmine stretched out the full length of her body atop Penelope's and kissed her long and hard full on the mouth. Penelope was able to taste herself in the kiss and it made her kiss her back all the more passionately. Throwing her arms around her mother-in-law, Penelope crushed their bodies together, wanting to feel every inch of her.

"Please let me lick your ... pussy." Penelope had never used such vulgar words before and she was a little embarrassed to be using them even now.

That sounded like a great idea to Jasmine, who moved so that she was kneeling over the girl's head. Taking Penelope's head in both hands, she shoved her face firmly into her cunt. Penelope had never done this before but proved to be a quick learner and her mother-in-law was so pleased with her work that she demanded an encore performance. Penelope's face was soon gleaming in the moonlight with the other woman's juices.

That was just the beginning of their late night romp. Jasmine taught her eager young pupil all about how to make love to another woman and found her efforts rewarded tenfold. That brief incident with Gennifer notwithstanding, Penelope had only made love to one other person her entire life, Albert. She was amazed by how much more intense and pleasurable it was with his mother but didn't care to stop then and try to analyze it.

It was very late into the next morning before the bright rays of the sun were able to wake the exhausted young wife. Stretching languidly and indulging in a long yawn, she sat up and turned to look at the alarm clock. She started to panic when she realized how late it was, thinking that she had to get Joey breakfast and get him off to school, but then Jasmine appeared in the doorway wearing an apron and a smile but nothing else and carrying a tray of food.

"Well, it's about time you got up," Jasmine teased. Seeing the worried look on her lover's face, she was able to guess the reason behind it. "Don't worry about Joey, dear. I got him something to eat and put him on the school bus so you could sl**p in this morning. Ready for breakfast?" Without waiting for an answer, she set the tray down on the bed across Penelope's lap.

Looking up at her mother-in-law, Penelope offered a heartfelt, "Thank you." "It's just some scrambled eggs and sausages ..."

"No, I mean for last night," Penelope interrupted quickly, reaching out a hand to her.

Taking the hand and giving it a squeeze, Jasmine said, "As I recall, that was your idea, but you're welcome. Now eat up, dear. You're going to need your strength to survive what I have planned for you today."

There was quite a bit of truth in that statement. Albert was due to return the next day and Jasmine was determined to fit an entire lifetime of love-making into that morning before Joey came home. Knowing that they would only be able to get together like this very rarely since she lived a couple of hours away, Jasmine felt the need to get as much of her son's wife as she could now.

She even elected to introduce Penelope to her dildo. Lying the girl on her back, bent in half with her arms wrapped around her thighs and her knees pressed into her breasts, Jasmine had knelt to mercilessly pound the plastic cock into her cunt and then her ass, clearly not interested in having a slow romantic morning of sex.

Penelope seemed to agree with the sentiment and the two women had worn each other down to a frazzle by the time Joey got back. They had a chance to rest and catch their breath then, but when Joey went to bed the lovers reached for each other again.

There was nothing left around the house to betray their secret when Albert turned up and, although they had spent the majority of the morning necking and petting, their appearances were impeccable. Albert did notice a few things had changed however.

When he'd left his mother and wife had been polite enough to each other but had kept their distance. Now they seemed like best friends who had grown up together. When he'd left, his mother had referred to his wife behind her back as a timid mouse. Now she was always calling her dear. At the same time, his wife seemed to have picked up a little more confidence and self-assurance.

As far as Albert was concerned, the few days the two women had spent together had obviously been a good thing for them both and he was delighted that they had become such good friends.

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